How do you treat sticky eyes in hamsters?

How do you treat sticky eyes in hamsters?

Sticky eyes in hamsters is a painful condition. You can treat sticky eyes in your pet with these easy DIY methods.

How do you treat sticky eyes in hamsters? You can treat sticky eyes in your hamster by cleaning regularly, applying antibiotics creams, aloe vera gel, and warm compress.

Eyes of hamsters become sticky due to the infected discharge of water from the eyes. The consistent release makes eye sticky due to the accumulation of infected matter. This contaminated water makes a thick layer of solid mass between the eyelid and eye. This thick, accumulated mass makes an eye sticky and unable to open.

How do you treat sticky eyes in hamsters?

These methods are very effective in treating sticky eyes. This condition occurs due to the bad activity of bacteria in the eye. When the eyes of the hamster get contacted with germs due to any unhygienic condition, it gets an infection, and as a result, it becomes water and sticky.

First, their eyes become red, and itching occurs. The stickiness occurs mainly during the night. Because during the night time the eyes remain closed for a long time. You should know the main causes of red eyes in them.

The discharged matter accumulated in the eye, starting from the corner of the eye, then towards the end. It changes into solid form and fixes the eye and eyelid due to which it becomes unable to open.

Apply used tea bag

The use of an already used tea bag is also the best remedy to treat sticky eyes of the hamsters. Used tea bags have all the essential nutrients that are the best to remove the stickiness. For this, you need to take a used teabag.

After washing, keep it in the refrigerator for 30 to 40 minutes until it cooled down properly. Then carefully grab your hamster and put it over the sticky eye of the hamster. Remove after 1 minute and wait for 30 seconds, then do the same.

Keep doing this until the cooling effect of the tea bag is remaining. After 10 minutes, you can notice that the eye of the hamster starting open because stickiness removed away with the use of the teabag.

Warm compress

Warm compress has impressive results on the eye because warm compress enhances the flow of the blood in the capillaries of the eye. This enhanced flow increases the defensive mechanism under the eyes of the hamster. Due to which the infection reduced because warm compress kills the germs.

For a warm compress, take a neat and clean cotton cloth put it in an oven for 2 to 3 minutes. Then take it out and put it over the eye of the hamster until it cools down and does the same for 3 to 4 times.

You can also perform this method by warming the cloth with the help of iron. This method gives calmness to the hamster and removes his problem of stickiness in a short time as compared to other methods.

Use of antibiotics

All the infections of the eye in the hamster mainly due to the attack of germs, so if you kill them, your hamster can remain safe from their attack. The effect of antibiotic take some time to show its results, but its results are confirmed and amazing.

Antibiotics first stop the growth due to which the stickiness dry and then kill the germs. For this purpose, you can use both oral and topical antibiotics. Oral antibiotics include tablets, syrups, and capsules. You can select it according to the infection of your hamster.

Serve it to your hamster according to the advice of the registered medical practitioner. Follow carefully and adequately, the complete diet chart. Because antibiotics are only effective when you take proper care about their dose. The appropriate course will give you a fantastic effect within 3 to 5 days.

Similarly, the topical antibiotic is also needed the same method to use. Topical antibiotics include eye creams and eye drops. Apply it over the eye of the hamster if it is an eye cream, and if it is an eye drop, pour it in the eye according to the recommendation of the hamster Vet.

The use of antibiotics is perfect for the hamster, but the proper precautionary measure you must need to take. Otherwise, it would be very harmful to your hamster. Hamsters suffer when they die, so you must take proper care of your pet.

Use a clean and soft cloth

You need to use clean and soft cloth for the proper cleansing of your hamster. Because if you use hard or unclean cloth for your hamster, it shows a terrible effect on the hygiene of the hamster.

For better storage, make a small separate cupboard for him near his cage in which you can store all the necessary belongings of hamsters. This cupboard owns a door that stops the entry of dust and germs in it and has a proper place to store all essentials.

The clean and soft cloth is essential for hamster, and this cupboard plays the primary role to provide you with properly clean fabric at just a few steps away from his cage.

Cold compress

Cold compress gives extra relief when applied to an affected area. Cold compress provides relief by reducing the flow of blood. When you use a cold compress, the thickness of blood enhances due to which it remains in the affected area for a long time and gives relief to it.

For this purpose, take a small ice cube roll in a thin layer neat and clean soft cloth. After that, grab your hamster and put this over the eyes. Keep it over the eye for 1 to 2 minutes, then pick it up and do the same again until the whole ice cube is consumed.
This cold compress removes the stickiness from the eyes.

Cold compress makes the blood thick under the eyes due to which the blood able to enhance the defensive mechanism that fights with bacteria. These bacteria are the leading cause of stickiness.

This cold compress treats the root cause of stickiness, and this remedy is very common because it is easy to use, and its necessities are readily available at every home. Thus, if you feel your hamster is suffering from this problem, immediately follow this procedure so that he can feel well.

Apply Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel is considered the most recommended remedy for the treatment of the stickiness problem. It shows its surprising effects very fast. It removes the stickiness just after its first use. But its first use should be at night. Massage of aloe Vera gel enhances the circulation of blood due to which the stickiness removed away.

To remove stickiness, you can apply aloe Vera directly on the eye. For this purpose, you need to use fresh aloe Vera from the plant. Cut a leaf from the plant, leave it erect from with the wall so that all the poison removes, then extract its gel out from it and grind it.

Then apply it over the eyes during the night. You feel that your hamster feels good in the morning. You can also use it by mixing it with coconut oil. Coconut oil gives nourishment and fantastic strength to the muscles of the eyes due to this, the activity of the eyes becomes well, and all the germs removed away.

Instead of coconut oil, you can also use mustard oil and any other oil except those oils that have stinging property. When oil mix with aloe vera, its activity enhanced much more, and its application also becomes easy. You can apply it with the help of a finger or by using a cotton bud. This may be a bit expensive for a few it is recommended to add this in the average cost of buying and owning the hamster.

Use natural honey

Honey also has great importance for the proper and good health of eyes. Honey enhances the vision capacity and removes all the infections because it has incredible anti-infective properties. Honey kills all the germs due to which stickiness also removed away.

For this purpose, you have to apply honey on the eye directly, but you need to use it at night. As you know, the honey is sweet; if you apply it over the eye of the hamster, the flies attract towards it and irritate the hamster. So a better time to apply is it at night and wash eye just after 5 to 6 hours of application. So that flies and other insects can not attack him.

Its application is easy; you just need to take 3 to 4 drops of honey and apply it with the help of a finger or cotton bud over the eye. In this situation, cotton bud is better because it helps the smooth and fine spread of honey over the whole eye. Due to which all the germs die and the hamster feel well because his eye can open easily. You can also feed eggplant to your hamster.

Special massage around the eye

This massage gives relaxation and makes the muscles strong. You can do this massage by using the pointer finger or also by applying any oil, which helps to enhance the flow in the massage.

For massage slowly and gradually rotate finger around the eye. You can do this as a prophylactic treatment to remain safe from the problem. For good results, do massage for 5 to 6 minutes twice a day. This is the best remedy that shows fantastic results when you have no alternative to remove stickiness.

Maintain hygiene

To maintain hygiene, you need to give a sandbath and wear neat and properly washed clothes to a hamster daily. You also need to clean his cage and surroundings and disinfect it with some good quality disinfected agents.

As you care more about hygiene, it is better for your hamster. So to remain safe from further issues and diseases, you need to take proper care and follow all the hygienic conditions consciously.