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My name is Dr. Mustafa. I completed my graduation in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 and then M.phil in 2016. I just love hamsters, these little creatures took my attention during my MPhil research. In 2015, I was working on research and I wanted to record some data, so I decided to buy a pair of Hamsters. My kids just loved them.

Dr. Mustafa
Dr. Mustafa

Pet Hamsters are just awesome and they made me realized that I was missing all the fun. It took a few days to build their home. By 2019, I started my own Pet clinic.

At my clinic, I see multiple Hamsters on a daily basis and I just love it. These are cute little animals and they will bring joy and happiness to your life. It is always fun and joy for me to examine Hamsters at my clinic. 

This idea of staring a website about Hamsters was given by a patient owner. He showed me a Facebook group where he was sharing my tips about taking care of pets and people were just loving it.

Hamstersauthority.com is a dedicated online platform for pet Hamsters and their owners. I have answered hundreds of questions that people ask me on a daily basis. With this website, you will be able to take good care of your pet hamsters.

I am starting with 4 main categories,

Hamster Facts – It has all the amazing facts about your pet.

Hamster Food – A dedicated section filled with articles related to the food of your pet hamster.

How To – A section filled with all the common questions and answers.

Hamster Care – Learn the best methods to take care of your pet.

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