Average Cost of Buying and Owning a Hamster

Average Cost of Buying and Owning a Hamster

The average Cost of Buying and Owning a Hamster is approximately $50 to $300 per month. Hamsters are usually inexpensive. These are one of the cheapest pet you can ever have. Depending on the size and species, hamsters vary in their rates.

Before buying a hamster, make sure that you have enough budgets to not only buy a hamster but also to own it.

Average Cost of Buying and Owning a Hamster

The cost of a hamster is minimal as compared to owing it. Moreover, the cost is an onetime investment and paying money. Owing to a hamster cost monthly and sometimes daily.

As a pet keeper, you need to understand the pros and cons of keeping it. Owing a hamster makes the simple routine of a pet hamster challenging. Nobody can estimate that when can a hamster get ill or it needs a vaccine. All of these things lead to spending money. Sudden expense sometimes makes the pet keeper frustrated.

Cost of buying

Buying a hamster is extremely cheap; it is the process of carrying a hamster, which is usually expensive. The cost of buying a hamster depends on the species and types of hamsters. All the hamsters are costly, but the rate varies from hamster to hamster. As a buyer of a hamster, you need to focus on all the essentials of keeping a hamster.

From cage to the chew toys, everything can give a check on the expense. The expense of buying a hamster also depends on the pampering of the hamster. If the hamster is so tiny cute and pampered as well, then the cost would be according to these features.

Hamsters cost very little, and the money ranges from five dollars to thirty dollars approximately. The cost of the hamster can increase due to the breed of the hamster. The color of the hamster also plays a vital role in increasing its rate. Colored hamsters are rare and more attractive to the buyers.

Depending on the condition of the hamster, if right after buying the hamster need veterinary help, then the Vet bill is also included in the cost.

Types of hamster and their cost

The buying cost of a hamster depends on its type. The rate varies from type to type.

The cost also depends on the type of place from which you are buying the hamster. The breeders have their specific rates of selling their hamster. If you are purchasing a hamster from a pet shop, it can vary in price.

Type of hamsters The average cost


The average cost


Syrian hamster(golden hamster) Ten dollars Twenty dollars
Chinese hamsters Ten dollars Twenty dollars
Dwarf hamsters Five dollars Fifteen dollars

The average cost of buying a Syrian hamster

Syrian hamsters are also known as golden hamsters. These hamsters are one of the most demanded hamsters by the buyers.

An adult Syrian hamster is approximately six inches in its size. The shape of the Syrian hamsters is beautiful for the buyer. They are available in various colors.

A variety of colors makes these hamsters more attractive and a bit expensive as compared to other types of hamsters. A Syrian hamster ranges from $5 to $25 for each hamster. A healthy adult Syrian hamster is five dollars, but if the hamsters have different attractive colors, then the rate varies. The maximum cost of a Syrian hamster is twenty dollars. The cost of a Syrian hamster also depends that either it is with a cage of without a cage.

Cost of buying a Chinese hamster

The cost of Chinese hamsters depends that either the hamster is allowed to export in a certain country. Chinese hamsters are very friendly, and that is why people prefer to buy Chinese hamsters and keep them as a pet.

Chinese hamsters can live with other hamsters and in groups as well. The living quality of Chinese hamsters living in a herd makes them different from the Syrian hamster. People buy Chinese hamsters for these qualities. The average price of a chines hamster ranges between five to fifteen dollars.

The cost also depends on the breeds of the hamsters. Some chines hamsters are between the costs of ten to twenty dollars. If you want to keep two Chinese hamsters together, then you have to buy two cages in case both hamsters fight with each other. The cost of the cage is included in the cost of the hamster.

Real Price of a dwarf hamster

People prefer to buy dwarf hamsters due to their low maintenance. Dwarf hamsters are so tiny and sweet. These hamsters keep themselves isolated. Many people like these hamsters due to these qualities.

The average cost of buying a dwarf hamster starts from five dollars. The maximum cost of purchasing a dwarf hamster is fifteen dollars. They can get familiar to you if you have a treat in your hand; otherwise, they love to keep their selves isolated.

Campbell or Roborovski hamster

Roborovski hamsters are like small cousins of dwarf hamsters. These hamsters are so small and cute that they attract people. These hamsters are the cheapest type of hamsters. People attract these hamsters due to their size and cuteness. With the cage, these hamsters cost less than thirteen dollars.

Campbell hamsters are very cheap kind of hamsters. These hamsters are human friendly, but people do not prefer to keep them as pets. The price of Campbell hamsters ranges from five dollars to ten dollars approximately.

The average cost of buying a hamster from a breeder

There are various clubs, groups, and breeders, which not only take care of hamsters but also sell them. The breeder takes care and breeds the hamsters in a very ethical way, and that is why people prefer to buy the hamsters from a breeder.

Although all breeders are not the same but mostly there are ethical ways to breed the hamsters. The proper take care and excellent breeding results in cute and rare breeds of hamsters. The cost of hamster varies breeder to breeder.

If you buy a hamster from a professional breeder, then you can get a healthier and happier hamster. The licensed breeder can guide you about the take care and needs of the hamster.

It is all up to you that kind of hamster you want to buy. The costs of hamsters which are under the take care of breeder are expensive. The average price of a hamster that you can buy from a breeder can lead to twenty-five dollars.

Here is a list of costs according to various breeders. This cost is an estimation with which you can buy a hamster from a breeder.

Names of breeders Average cost
Holmden hill heaven in Cleveland Twenty dollars for Syrian and dwarf hamsters
Nantucket in Huntley Twenty-five dollars
Critter cabana in Newberg and Wilsonville Twenty-three dollars-twenty four dollars for teddy bear hamsters.

The average cost of buying a hamster from a pet

If you are planning to buy a hamster from a pet mart, then you will pay in a minimal amount. The pet marts not only have the hamsters in the store. YOu can buy a hamster from the pet shop at $15.

The cost at a pet mart depends on the size and color of the hamster. The shape of the hamster also plays a vital role in the cost of a hamster. Pet marts have all types and breeds of hamsters.

It varies with the species and breeds of the hamster. Syrian hamsters are a bit costly at the pet mart. Dwarf hamsters, Chinese hamsters, long-haired, short-haired, and teddy hamsters are cheaper in rates as compared to golden hamsters.

The prices of hamsters move between fifteen dollars to sixteen dollars at a pet shop. The most expensive hamster at a pet shop is a long-haired Syrian hamster. This hamster is popular among people. A large community of pet holder prefers to buy a Syrian hamster which is hairy.

This hairy feature makes the hamster cute and appealing. According to the physical appearance and features, this hairy Syrian hamster is costly as compared to all other hamsters in the store. The hairy Syrian hamster may cost you twenty-three dollars approximately.

Petco is one of the most popular pet shop having almost all breeds and types of hamsters. The hamsters here in this store are not costly. The prices move from fifteen dollars to twenty-three dollars. There is no hamster which is expensive than twenty-three dollars in the pet store.

The average cost of owning a hamster

Owing a hamster is a much expensive process as compared to buying a hamster. A hamster cannot be purchased without the essentials of its life. Before buying a hamster, make sure that you can afford a hamster too.

There are many essentials that you have to buy when you buy a hamster. There is an expense on the take care of the hamster. All of these things need money. The essentials of a hamster’s life are an essential cage, bedding of the hamster, entertainment accessories like toys to play, an exercise wheel inside the cage of the hamster, food which is supplementary, and hideouts. You can feed small pieces of eggplant to your hamster.

As a pet keeper, you have to take care of your hamster. The care also includes the vaccination and initial treatment of the hamster before bringing it home.

Cost of the cage

If you buy a hamster, then you have to buy a cage as well. Cages are one of the essential components of the life of hamsters. Some breeders and hamster sellers sell their hamsters with cages. These cages are of different types. The cost of the cages varies from the size and shape of the cage.

The bigger the cage, the more will be the rate of the cage. There are single tank cages, double tank cages, cages made of wires and glass cages as well. There are two-story cages available for the hamsters as well. These cages vary from the cheapest cages to the most expensive cages.

If you will buy the most inexpensive cage for your hamster, which is a normal block and tank covered with an enclosure, then it is very cheap. The most affordable of the cage will cost you approximately forty-five dollars.

These cages are at extreme risk of danger. The cheaper the cage, the more vulnerable it can be for the hamster. After the cheaper cages, there are some costly cages. These expensive cages are long-lasting and are usually a double story. These cages are worth three hundred and fifty dollars.

When you are buying a cage, take it as a lifetime investment. Do not buy a cheaper cage; otherwise, you have to buy three to four cages in a year. If you want to buy an onetime cost cage for your hamster, then there is a wide range of these cages. The cages can range from seventy dollars to three hundred and fifty dollars. You can choose a cage from this wide range that should be safe and appropriate enough for a lifetime of a hamster.

Cost of bedding for a hamster

Some pets can live in a simple cage without any bedding or comfortable placement. Hamsters cannot live without bedding. You just cannot put the hamster in an empty cage without bedding. For some days, the hamster can live in an empty cage without bedding, but they cannot survive without bedding. Like the cage, bedding is also an essential part of the life of hamsters.

The hamsters need the soft nest and grass bed for sleeping and the making of waste. Bedding for hamsters is available in the market in the form of a liter. The size varies, and the cost of the bedding also varies with it.

You can buy bedding according to the size of the hamster’s cage. There are beddings which are cheaper in rate, and some of the bedding is extremely expensive. You can buy a bedding of thirty litters in approximately eleven dollars.

Sixty litter bedding can cost you twenty dollars. The prices are approximately the same for all retailers. The beddings in the cage of hamsters are changeable. As a hamster keeper, you have to change everything in the hamster’s cage.

The changes include the change of bedding as well. You can also buy a litter box for your hamster. These litter boxes are available online. The boxes are much cheaper than the bedding. The litter box may cost you from seven dollars to ten dollars. These are much convenient and economical for you like a hamster keeper.

If your hamster does not like the litter boxes, you have to buy the bedding. You can place the sixty litters bedding half in the cage so that you can clean it every week. In one week you can keep one direction of bedding in the cage and next week the other side.

The monthly cost of bedding Eleven dollars to twenty dollars
The annual cost of bedding One hundred and thirty two-two hundred and forty dollars

(if you buy a new pack every two months)

You can estimate the monthly and yearly cost according to this table.

Cost of a water bottle and food dishes

When it comes to giving food to hamsters, you cannot just place the food inside the cage. There are ceramics available in the market for the hamsters. You can invest in suitable ceramics for a lifetime.

If you buy cheap food dishes and water bottles for your hamster, it will cost you more on a monthly and yearly basis. The ceramics for the hamsters must be so good in quality that the hamsters cannot chew or break them.

There is a vast range of qualities and colors of these ceramics. The bowls which you can use to give food to your hamster are in various sizes and colors. The rates move from the cheapest to the highest. One of the most affordable bowls which you can get for your hamsters is approximately six dollars and some cents.

The maximum cost of a bowl is almost seventeen dollars. The range of the bowls varies between six dollars to seventeen dollars. There are some bowls which can cost you eight dollars. You can choose the bowl according to the size of the cage.

These bowls are considered as the food dishes of hamsters. If you want to give water to the hamster, you need to buy a water bottle; simple hamster water bottles may cost you nine to ten dollars almost.

Some other water bottles are more costly than normal, hamster water bottles. Some bottles are worth ten dollars, and some are of eleven dollars approximately. You can choose the size of the bottle according to the size of your hamster.

The water bottles and food dishes might include in all the costs like food and pellets of the hamsters. The average price for water bottles is almost fifty dollars.

Cost of toys, playing ball, and exercise wheel

The hamsters can get bore without toys. There are many chewable and other toys that help the hamster to remain calm and playful. These toys can chew toys, wheels on which the hamster swirls. Moreover, the toys may include the balls which the hamster uses to play. There are some tube mazes which keeps the hamsters entertained.

For the entertainment and exercise of your hamster, you need to buy these toys and playing balls and exercise wheels. The first preference, according to the exercise of the hamsters, must be an exercise wheel. You can make diapers for your hamster at home.

You should buy an exercise wheel that should be placed inside the cage. There are different wheels available in the market with different rates.

These wheels keep the hamsters active and safe inside the cage. The wheels are of various costs. Some wheels are approximately 12 dollars. These wheels are of light plastic materials, and that is why these are cheaper than other wheels.

Some wheels are expensive, but they are long-lasting. If you want to make a one-time investment, then you should buy a costly wheel. The cost of an expensive wheel can lead to almost twenty-nine dollars. Tube mazes for the hamsters may cost you between sixteen to twenty dollars. These tube mazes are different from the toys of the hamster.

When it comes to chewable toys, there is a variety of these toys which are available in the market. The toys may vary from six dollars to thirteen dollars. It is all up to you that kind of a toy you want to buy for your hamster. The average cost of these chewable toys can be ten to thirty dollars every month.

Name of things Average cost
Pevor pack of five chewable toys Thirteen dollars and some cents
Kaytee chew and treat toys Six dollars approximately
Kaytee critter trail Sixteen dollars and some cents
Sun coast sugar glider Twenty-nine dollars and some cents
The average monthly cost is almost $15 to $45.

Cost of food

Hamsters are omnivores, and hence they can eat vegetables and fruits. You can also supplement your hamsters with seeds and grains. All of these food items cost monthly, and eventually every year. The food items are not so expensive for the hamsters, but they require the pet holder.

There are some food supplements and their average cost mentioned in the table.

Name of food items Average cost
Peaches 0.64 dollars per pound
Strawberries 1 dollar approximately per pound
Cauliflowers 1 dollar approximately for one pound
Broccoli 0.75 dollars crown of broccoli
Cantaloupe 1 dollar approximately per fruit

Hamsters do not depend on the same food all the time. If you buy a cantaloupe for your hamster, the hamster will not eat it at once. You can store the remaining fruit for next time. Hamsters get bored due to one kind of food; that is why you need to buy different food items for your hamster. The cost of the food is not much for you as a hamster keeper. Hamsters eat lesser food as compared to other pets.

If you will buy the food mentioned above items for your hamster for a whole year, than the average cost will be approximately two hundred and fifty-five dollars approximately. The yearly average cost of the food can remain the same if the prices of all these vegetables and fruits do not rise.

If the prices are different as compared to the chart when you are buying a hamster, calculate the average cost according to this estimation. The food for hamsters will cost you less if it is the season of the mentioned food. The prices will be high in the offseason. The average cost will also increase monthly and eventually yearly.

This is a monthly rate chart of food treats, bedding, toys, and additional supplies. You can estimate the annual average cost by these mentioned amounts.

Name of things Cost frequency Average cost
Food and treats Monthly Five dollars
Bedding Monthly Ten dollars
Toys Occasional Five dollars
Additional supplies Occasional Five dollars

Cost of veterinary care

In terms of budget, veterinary care is a big expense. The veterinary care has no discounts, and it does not change with the size. The opposite strategy implemented on the hamsters regarding the size. The more the hamster is small more care is required for it. There are certain conditions in which the hamsters need veterinary care.

The conditions like wet tails in hamsters can cost you approximately ten dollars to twenty dollars. The treatment of wet tails requires antibiotics, and medicines for hamsters cost much more than other treatments. The surgeries of hamsters can cost up to seventy-five dollars at once. The cost may increase according to the severity of the surgery and treatment required.

The cost of surgery and treatment can increase up to two hundred dollars to three hundred dollars in hamsters. Some of the veterinary doctors do a biopsy of hamsters in one hundred and fifty dollars. Sudden checkups of hamsters can cost up to seventy dollars.

The cost can depend on the diseases and the frequency of their occurrence in hamsters. The expense of medicines and injections can cost up to one hundred dollars at once. If you take your hamster to the emergency care, the cost of the treatment can lead to one hundred and seventeen dollars to two hundred dollars. Sticky eyes in hamsters is another condition that will need your attention.

The average cost of veterinary care in hamsters can lead to one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars. This estimate is a yearly estimate of the hamster’s treatment.

This estimate is a yearly estimate of the hamster’s treatment.

Owing to a hamster Average annual cost
Purchasing/ Adopting Five dollars to twenty dollars
Cage and set up Ninety-five dollars to one hundred and eighty-five dollars(without surgery)
Annual veterinary cost Thirty-five dollars (examination only)
Monthly food and supplies Twenty-five dollars

The average cost of hideouts

Some hamsters like to play in the cages, but some hamsters need hideouts. The hideouts keep the hamsters more energetic than before. There is a wide variety of these hideouts which are available in the market. Some hideouts are available online. These hideouts are like small houses for the hamsters. If you want to buy a hideout for your hamster, then you must make a one-time investment.

The hideout must be of good quality. It must be colorful and attractive for the hamsters. The price of a shelter for your hamster can be between twelve dollars to twenty-five dollars.

The shape and color of the shelter make it more appealing for the buyer. There are some playhouses which are more than twenty-five dollars. The maximum price of a hideout can reach up to thirty dollars. These hideouts are approximately at the same rates on all the retailers.

This chart is about the average cost and structure of the hideouts. These playhouses are available online. You can estimate the average cost online before going to the shop to buy one of them.

Name and structure of hideout Average cost
Kathson pet small animal hideout hamster house Fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.
PINVBY hamster hideout Twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents
Kathson hamster hideout with a funny climbing ladder Fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents.
Hamsters house DIY wooden gerbil hideout Twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents

These are some new and long-lasting hideouts that are available online. You can buy these for your hamster and can keep your hamster energetic and healthy.

The average cost of a carrier for the hamster

A carrier for a hamster might not be essential, but it is good for you to buy a carrier for the hamster. The carrier can help you just keeping your hamster in it and to bring it anywhere, wherever you want to go. In this carrier, you can keep the hamster and place it at your workplace.

The carrier helps in keeping the hamster with you, and it makes taking care easier. The carriers for hamsters are available in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a carrier according to the size of your hamster. You can take the hamster to the veterinary doctor in this carrier.

The average cost of this carrier is almost from ten dollars to twelve dollars. There are some expensive carriers then twelve dollars. The carriers for hamsters can reach a rate of thirty dollars approximately.

Mostly the average cost range moves between ten dollars to twenty-nine dollars. It depends on you which carrier you will buy for your hamster. There are some discounts on these carriers when you buy them from a pet shop. You can get the best carrier, which is durable and long-lasting simultaneously..

Type of carrier for hamster Average cost Availability
DETOP pet carrier bag, hamster portable breathable outgoing bag Ten dollars Check
Hamster carrier cage portable transport unit Sixteen dollars Check
KANTOR hamster carrier bag for small hamsters Twenty-one dollars(without discount) Check

Buying a carrier for your hamster is a lifetime investment. Make sure that your hamster does not chew the carrier otherwise; you have to buy another carrier. If you want to buy a new carrier after six months then you can estimate the average yearly cost by this table.

Care cost of hamsters in terms of vaccination

When you bring a hamster home for your kids or yourself, make sure the hamster is free from any allergy or disease. Some breeder does not take care of the hamster in a proper manner. As a result of negligence, the hamsters can get allergic. Mites can occur in the hair of hamsters. The allergy and presence of mites can affect your children and you as a hamster holder.

You should take the hamster to the veterinary doctor for proper examination before taking the hamster to your home. You should vaccinate your hamster before getting in touch with it. The veterinary doctor can guide you about the vaccination of your hamster. The vaccination process may cost you thirty-five dollars to fifty dollars. The hamster can get immune to all types of diseases through vaccines.

If you want your hamster to be sprayed, then it can cost you one hundred dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars. The average cost of vaccination can cost you between ninety-five dollars to one hundred and eighty-five dollars.

Type of cost Average cost (minimum) Average cost (maximum)
Initial cost/vaccination Thirty-five dollars Fifty dollars
Spray/neuter cost Hundred dollars Two hundred and fifty dollars

This chart is an overall explanation of monthly expenses on all the expenses of the hamster. With the help of these monthly expenses, you can calculate the average cost every year. All of these things are essential components of keeping a hamster.

Per month cost chart

Per month cost chart
Things Cost per month
Cage, water bottle Twenty dollars-200 dollars(depending on the size of the cage and water bottle)
Bedding Four dollars- eight dollars
Toys for hamster Ten dollars- thirty dollars
Food for hamster Five dollars-ten dollars
Treats for hamster Two dollars-five dollars
Chew toys Two dollars-five dollars
Vitamin supplements Five dollars approximately
Other treatment expenses Fifty dollars-Hundred dollars