Can Hamsters Wear Diapers?

Can Hamsters Wear Diapers?

Hamsters can wear diapers. A diaper is necessary when you have to take them out of the house or for an outing. They need to wear diapers when someone or a guest is coming to your house.

Can Hamsters Wear Diapers? Yes, hamsters can wear diapers. You can make diapers for your hamster at home by using a soft cloth, scissors, a sticking machine, tissue papers, and gloves.

Hamsters are cute pets, and everyone likes to hold them. So they must wear diapers when you are going to tame or handle them. But some people seem worried about what type of diapers are suitable for the hamster and we can make it at home or can buy from superstores.

Can Hamsters Wear Diapers?

Your hamster should wear diapers to prevent embarrassment when he poops on other clothes. You should wear their diapers when you are playing with them. And it is also essential to wear diapers when they eat food. Because it gets a ride from spreading germs and smell that coming from his poop, diapers may help the hamster to gain freedom and helps to save from unwanted accidents.

Types of diapers

There are many types of diapers and different kinds of clothes that can be used as a diaper for hamsters.

Diapers made with cloths: The most beautiful thing about cloth diapers is that they, reusable, and washable. It gives you the convenience to made diapers according to your hamster’s size and needs. You may use soft and beautiful bright-colored cloth for making diapers.

You should use cute painting clothes that help to hamster to refresh and active. Washable diapers can be used for the long term. These are designed to keep your hamster dry for a few hours because they are water-resistant or waterproof.

Disposable diapers: Disposable is a good option for wearing a hamster. Because after one use you have to waste it and you change the new diaper. You can not wash or clean disposable diapers for again use. This type of diapers save your hamster from germs and give him protection.

Before selecting disposable diapers, make sure that it is comfortable and adjustable. Disposable diapers are made with elastic that fit tightly. This elastic helps the hamster to save from leaking.

Preemie diapers: Preemie diapers are those available in the number of sizes. These preemie diapers are mostly used for too small or too large pets. Though hamsters are small pets and these diapers are best suits for them. You can buy these from the hospital or with the help of pharmacists from drugstores. These are just like disposable diapers. But if you do no find too small diaper for your hamster, then buy a preemie diaper is a good option.

Made diaper with socks: Though hamsters are tiny in size and they need small diapers. Most drug stores sometimes do not have micro diapers. But you should stay calm because you can be made a diaper with the baby sock.

You required only three things scissors, a sanitary pad, and socks to make a diaper for the hamster. Take a sock and make two holes for the legs. Stitch a pad inside the socks for absorbency or save it from leaking. This is not expensive and it will not add much to the average cost of owning a hamster.

Diapers also help the hamster to manage stools or bowel incontinence. It is not the best choice to diaper hamster all the time. You can diaper him when it is needed or necessary.

How to make homemade diapers for hamsters?

It is easy to make diapers for your hamster at home. It is best to make diapers at home instead of buying it because you can make a diaper according to the size and need of your pet. Making diapers at home is also cheaper than purchasing. Hamsters are tiny pets, and it is difficult to find suitable diapers from stores. So you should make homemade diapers.

  • Soft cloth
  • Scissor for cutting
  • Pad to put inside
  • Pen for designing
  • Colors to draw painting
  • Gloves
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Wash your hands: Before making diapers, make sure that your hand-washed with medicated soap. And your hands-free from dust or germs. Dry your hands with the towel. Try to wear gloves before making a diaper.

Diaper size: Before cutting or choosing the cloth, it is most important to measure the right size of the hamster. Because if you make a diaper that is large or small, then hamster’s body. It would be wasted. Large diapers cause a leak and can not provide the benefit of wearing a diaper.

It also causes to spread of smell all around. And small diapers that are not adequately fit the hamster and are too tight. These little diapers cause skin problems. In this condition, you may need a vet for your hamster.

Take a small piece of cloth: Take cloth for making diaper and measure according to the size of your hamster’s length and weight.

Cut the cloth with scissors: After choosing the best cloth for making diapers and start cutting with the help of scissors. Half the cloth in L shape when you open it should be in T shape. Make small two holes for the hamster’s legs. And make a large hole to wear it. Make sure that the cloth is soft and does not cause irritation.

You can also use tissue paper instead of fabric. With tissue paper, you can make a disposable diaper that can not use after wash. But if you have a low budget and can not afford diapers, then you can make cloth diapers because cloth diapers are washable.

Use sanitary pad: After cutting the cloth, you should place the pad inside the fabric. This pad helps to absorb urine. It also helps the hamster to keep dry from wet and clean. It also helps to save the skin from irritation or rashes.

Stitch diaper on the sewing machine: Take a sewing machine and thread for diaper stitching. After placing the pad or cutting cloth, stitch this diaper on a machine. This makes the diaper more useful and prevents leaking. You can use the diaper for a long time when you sew it on a machine.

There is another good option for you. You can also sew diapers with the help of needle and thread instead of using the machine. But it is good to sew on the machine.

Draw painting on diaper: Draw beautiful painting or flower on the hamster’s pet. You only need a pencil or pen to draw painting. This interacts with the little pet hamster to wear it happily.

Color the painting: Coloring with beautiful shades make this drawing more beautiful. Hamster feels happy to wear this cute colored diaper. They prevent the hamster from the resistance of wearing a diaper.


Try to wear gloves before diaper your hamster. It helps to prevent your hands from urine or feces. Make sure that you wash your hands with mild soap and water after finished it.

Frequently change the diaper of your hamster. Like human babies, hamsters also feel uncomfortable with a wet or dirty diaper. Dirty or wet diapers cause skin irritation or rashes, which lead to skin inflammation, skin burning, bacterial infections, and itching. If your hamster is aggressive, you can feed him dried banana as a treat.

Make sure that the cloth is soft and should be comfortable with the skin. Try to use that diaper, which is correctly fit to the hamster and has the best level of absorption.

You should clean your hamster carefully before diapering him.

Make sure that all supplies materials are non-toxic, which you are using to make a diaper for your little pet hamster.

When you are wearing a diaper to the hamster, take care of not to attach tape on the skin or fur. It may cause pain while removing it. It also causes skin rashes or skin irritation.

Supervision of training is necessary when your hamster wears a diaper for the first time. It might be awkward or odd for the hamster to wear a diaper. He may be showing hesitation or resistance when he is wearing it.

Before making a diaper for your hamster, it is necessary to measure the cloth carefully before cutting because a tight diaper cause uncomfortable to the hamster. It can also cause skin problems. The diaper should have enough space between the diaper and the hamster’s body.

If you are buying the diaper from the store, then you should buy only the good type of diaper. Keep things in your mind while buying the diaper, such as your hamster’s need, your budget, absorbency requirements of your hamster, and your budget is most important.

Always read and follow instructions and find the best fit and right size of your hamster’s diaper.

You should notice your hamster, and if you see skin rashness, itching, inflammation, redness, and scratching, take the hamster to the vet and follow the instructions and recommendations of the vet.

Why do hamsters need to wear diapers?

There are multiple reasons why they need diapers. We will discuss all the reasons one by one below.

For cleanliness purposes: You diaper your pet to save it from dust. Hamster’s cleanliness is most important than other things. Because people like clean pets and they want to play with that hamster. It helps the hamster to free from smell and dirt.

For training purposes: Diapers can be used for house training purposes. You can diaper your hamster when you want to teach the hamster where to pee and poop. This training is essential for your hamster when you have to take him for a long time. It helps to clean the cage and your house also.

For holding hamster: Diapers, your hamster is needed when you hold them. It is suitable for the diaper when you tame your hamster. Because hamsters are animals, and they do not know where to poop. You can give pineapple to your hamster when he is doing training.

They do not know that they should not poop when someone holds them. They can learn manners or where to poop after regular training.

Incontinence condition: You should diaper your hamster in the condition of poop or urinary incontinence. It is a medical reason that can be due to weakened sphincter muscle, urinary tract infection, bladder problems, and diabetes.

If you notice that your hamster’s incontinence is due to physical condition, then take him to the vet. But if you consider your hamster’s incontinence is due to behavioral issues, then diaper your pet is a good option.