Can Hamsters Eat Dried Pineapple?

Can Hamsters Eat Dried Pineapple?

Hamsters love to eat dried pineapples. Dried pineapples are heavily loaded with antioxidants that eliminate all the free radicals from the body. These have anti-inflammatory properties. Various minerals and vitamins present in pineapples help boost the immune system of hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Dried Pineapple? Yes, hamsters can eat dried pineapples by mixing with bread, oats, yogurt, salad, and juice. Pineapples help the hamsters to stay healthy and you should daily serve a small piece of pineapple to your pet daily.

It can be served to a hamster in various forms. You can serve it directly in its raw form, or different delicious treats can be prepared for hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Dried Pineapple?

Feeding Dried pineapples to hamsters is very common. They can be sundried air died or can be dried in an oven. It contains a minute quantity of water left in them. The dried pineapples are somehow sticky chewy and firm.

Raw dried pineapple

Raw dried pineapples are available in the market in packaged form. You can buy the pineapple tin from any pet store. This tin contains slices or rings of a household pet.

These slices are devoid of pineapple skin and seeds. You just have to cut the slice according to the requirement of the hamster. Try cutting 2 to 3 small pieces of half an inch. You can wash these pieces to remove any preservative present on the surface. Then put these slices in a serving bowl. Place this bowl in a hamster cage.

Firstly take a fresh pineapple and peel off the skin of the pineapple. Then remove all the seeds from pineapple. After this, cut it into small pieces. You can dry these pieces in sunlight. You can place it in an oven for drying all the waters from pineapple slices. After it is completely dry, you can serve it to the hamster.

It can be served in crushed or mashed form to hamsters. You can mash the pieces of dried pineapple manually or in a blender. It should be no bigger than 2 inches. Then mash it in pestle and mortar, or you can use a spoon to mash the piece. You can add a few drops of water to mash it properly. Then serve half a tablespoon of mashed pineapple to the hamster.

Just put the small slices of dried pineapple and a little water in it. Blend both of them thoroughly. A puree will form and then serve this puree to your hamster. You should give only a small amount of dried pineapple puree.

Pineapple drink

Dried pineapple drink is a refreshing drink for your hamster. You can prepare it in simple steps. First, take fresh, dried pineapple tin. Then take a few small slices of pineapples. Put all these pieces in a blender. Then add a half cup of water min it. Add a few crystals of sugar if necessary.

Then blend both these ingredients well. Place this drink in the fridge to let it cool for some time. After this, serve this drink to the hamster. This drink is not only a source of nutrition but also refreshes the mood of the hamster.

Serve only one tablespoon of this drink to hamster once weekly. Keep observing the hamster for any abnormality if you accidentally give a double amount of this drink to the hamster. This is a must otherwise you will need diapers for your hamster.

Dried Pineapple dessert

Pineapple dessert is one of the most delicious treats for your hamster. Making pineapple dessert is very simple. Just a few ingredients are required. The ingredients required are Milk custard powder sugar and pineapple chunks. This recipe won’t take you much time. The total time required for the preparation is 15 minutes.

First, take a pan and put some milk in it. Then warm the milk and add some custard powder to it. Mix both these ingredients well. Add some sugar if necessary. Then take a slice of dried pineapple and wash it with water. Then cut it into small chunks.

Put these chunks in the mixture, cook all of them for 5 minutes. Then pour this mixture in a separate bowl. Let it cool down before serving. When it is cooled, put a half tablespoon of this dessert in a serving bowl. Place this serving bowl in a hamster cage so that he can enjoy this treat. You can add a few pieces of eggplant.

Pineapple salad

This salad can be prepared by combining it with various fruits and vegetables. This dried pineapple salad is not only delicious, but it also provides all the necessary nutrients to your hamster. You can prepare this salad easily.

You just collect all the necessary vegetables and fruits. The choice of fruits requires your special attention. Choose fruits with less sugar content. Apple and peaches are suitable for salad. In vegetables, cucumber and cabbage are perfect in such type of salad. Take 1 to 2-inch slices of all the veggies and fruits. Then wash them with water.

Then cut these pieces into small chunks. Then mix all the vegetables and fruits altogether. Add a few chunks of pineapple also. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on it. You can add half a teaspoon of olive oil in it. This will give an excellent flavor to the salad. Hamsters love to eat the dried banana, you can add a few pieces for your pet.

Now the salad is prepared, and its time to serve the salad to the hamster. Serve only one tablespoon of dried pineapple salad to hamsters. Feeding more than that will damage the health of the hamster. Serve this salad only once in a month because it contains other fruits and vegetables also.

Pineapple cake

This cake is a sweet brunch for your hamster. This cake is full of taste, and cakes are hamsters’ favorite food. To prepare this mouthwatering cake, you need the following ingredients. Flour sugar dried pineapple chunks and baking powder and egg. The total preparation time is 20 minutes.

First of all, take a bowl and add one tablespoon of egg in it. Beat it well. Then add half teaspoon of oil in it. Mix both of these ingredients and then add flour in it. Add some crystal of sugar also.

Then add a pinch of baking powder in it. After mixing all these ingredients, pour the batter in a mold. Bake it in the oven for 10 minutes. When the cake is fully baked, draw the mold out from the oven. Let it cool for some time. Then cut this cake into slices. Serve a slice of 2 to 3 inches to your hamster. This will be enough for a single serving. You can store this cake for future use also.

Pineapple pie

To make this pie take a tablespoon of cereals water and dried pineapple. Pour a tablespoon of cereals into a bowl. Then crush it with the help of a fork. You can add some water to moisten the cereals.

Then fill this hole with mashed pineapples. Bake it for 2 to 3 minutes. After baking, let it cool for some time. Then cut it into small slices and serve it to your pet. Serve dried pineapple pie to hamster only once a week. You can serve this pie at lunchtime to hamsters.

Mix pineapple with oats

Oats are the most common grains hamster eats. Hamsters can eat both whole oat grains or can have the oat porridge. You can use oats porridge to feed the dried pineapple to hamsters. You can make this treat within no time.

The following ingredients are required. Oat, porridge, pineapple chunks, and milk. First, take half a cup of milk in a pan. Boil the water and then add oats in it. After the porridge is adequately cooked, add pineapple chunks.

Then cook it on low flame for 2 minutes. You can add a few crystals of sugar. In this, if necessary. Then put it in a serving bowl. This pineapple and oats can be a good breakfast for your hamster.

Hamster also feeds on seeds, and you can add few seeds in it. This can serve as a grain salad for hamsters.

Pineapple puree with bread

It can be used as a puree with bread to serve to your hamsters. Dried pineapple puree is a portion of very sweet and delicious food for hamsters.

Mash the slices in a blender with few drops of water. Add some sugar to it. When the pieces are blended, spread the pineapple puree on bread. The loaf of bread should be 2 inches long. Spread a thin layer of pineapple puree on it. This food is an excellent alternative to any boring breakfast for hamsters. You can add a few pieces of kiwi fruit for your hamster.

Mix with yogurt

It can also be served with yogurt to the hamster. This can be served in two ways. One way is that take slices of dried pineapples. Cut this slice into small chunks and mix it with yogurt. Then put a tablespoon of this mixture in a serving bowl. Serve this food to a hamster at lunch.

Another way is that you can make a simple drink from yogurt. Take a few ml of milk. Put some dried pineapple chunks in it. Then add half tablespoon of yogurt. Mix all these ingredients well. This serves as a nutritious and refreshing drink for a hamster. You can mix avocado for your hamster.

Which hamsters can eat dried pineapples?

Dried pineapples lack water because the water from pineapples is artificially removed or dried. Dried pineapples contain a high content of sugar and citric acid. Both of these nutrients are harmful to hamsters when given in large quantities.

So feeding dried pineapples to hamsters should be in appropriate proportions. Hamsters can eat dried pineapples, but not all breeds can eat dried pineapples. 

Serving dried pineapples to large hamsters is appropriate. Syrian and Roborvoski are among those who can eat dried pineapples. Feeding dried pineapples to dwarf hamsters should be avoided. These hamsters can suffer from obesity and other health problems. Other hamster breeds can also eat dried pineapples but with some precautions.

When you are buying pineapples for a hamster, never buys it from any ordinary grocery store. Dried pineapples for hamsters are available at the pet store. These dried pineapples contain a lesser amount of preservatives. Pineapple available at the human grocery store is heavily loaded with preservatives. These preservatives can be dangerous for the health of hamsters.

How much to serve?

Hamsters can eat dried pineapple but in small quantities. Because of its high sugar content, dried pineapple in large amounts is harmful to hamsters. To feed the dried pineapple to the hamster, first, you should take into consideration the age of the hamster. If your hamster is a baby hamster or a newborn hamster, then serving dried pineapple is not feasible.

Adult hamsters can eat dried pineapple, and it should be 1inch to 2 inches of the slice. Serving more than that will do more damage than good. You should feed the dried pineapple gradually. First of all, your hamster should be used to eating other fruits. This will help their body in accepting this high sugar content item.

After this, serve just half-inch of the slice to the hamster. Then observe your hamster for any digestion problem. If the hamster can easily digest this small slice, then you can feed them up to a 2-inch slice of dried pineapple.

How often a hamster can eat dried pineapple?

Hamsters can eat dried pineapples only once a week. This depends upon the digestive system of your hamster. If the digestive system is working well, then serve them dried pineapple once weekly. If you see any issues like bloating diarrhea and abdominal cramps, then feed them dried pineapple once in 14 days.

The day when you serve the pineapple, then avid serving any other sweet fruit. Dried pineapple and other sweet foods should be given on alternate days. One more thing feeding time of dried pineapple should be at night. At night hamsters are physically active, and this helps in easy digestion of dried pineapples.


Water is also present in large amounts in dried pineapples. The one gram of dried pineapple contains 360 kcal of energy.0.1 G of protein is present in 1g of dried pineapple.8.5 g of carbohydrates are present. Sweet sugar is also part of this carbohydrate content.

Vitamins including vitamin A vitamin c vitamin B6 Vitamin B 12 are also present in dried pineapple. Small quantities of fats, including both saturated and unsaturated fats, are present in dried pineapple. Minerals like manganese magnesium iron and copper are also part of the pineapple.

Feeding dried pineapples to hamster give them multiple benefits. It helps in the proper functioning of various body functions. All these vitamins and minerals are required for the growth of hamsters.

It contains a compound called bromelain, which helps make the digestion process faster. It increases digestive motility and helps prevent digestion problems like diarrhea, constipation, and nausea.

Is pineapple harmful to hamsters?

It can affect the health of your hamster in many ways. Your hamster can suffer from multiple problems if he accidentally eats an excess of dried pineapple.

Too much sugar is dangerous for hamsters. Hamsters are prone to obesity. Too much sugary food can make a hamster obese. Obese hamsters can suffer from multiple diseases, like sugar and cardiac problems. Diabetes is a high blood sugar level in the body, which furtherer becomes a cause of other diseases.

Dried pineapples can also cause digestive problems in hamsters. Dried pineapple is rich in acid and sugars. Foods high in sugar are difficult to digest. Both these components disturb the healthy digestive system of the hamster. Hamsters have a sensitive digestive system, and acid can cause bloating diarrhea and even peptic ulcers.

Another problem that dried pineapple can cause is the tooth decay of hamsters. Dried pineapple and many other citrus fruits are rich in acidic content. This acid damage the enamel of teeth of the hamster. Tooth cavities start, and ultimately teeth decay is the final result. Dried pineapple due to its sticky nature gets stuck in spaces between teeth. This also leads to tooth decay.