Do Hamsters Suffer When They Die?

Do Hamsters Suffer When They Die?

Hamsters suffer a lot when they die. Hamsters show various symptoms through which you can find out that your hamster is suffering. These symptoms can be temporary or permanent. Sometimes the hamster shows apparent signs, and you can easily determine that the hamster is not feeling well. Hamsters can die after 2 years.

Do Hamsters Suffer When They Die? Hamsters suffer when they die and show various signs and symptoms like tiredness and lethargy, more sleep, irregular diet, irritation, circling, losing fur, stop moving, runny nose, and teary eyes.

Being a hamster owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your hamster properly. There are many reasons and diseases due to which the hamsters suffer a lot. Sometimes you can find the reasons for the appearance and abnormal movements of the hamsters. Some of the problems are hidden. These hidden issues are so scary that they lead to the death of the hamster.

Do Hamsters Suffer When They Die?

Some hamsters can fight and survive these issues and diseases. Some hamsters suffer silently, and few can show their problem through some signs. As a hamster keeper, you need to find out the problem. You should take your hamster to the veterinary doctor immediately in case of any issue; otherwise, your hamster can die.

Dull behavior

Dullness in hamsters is a clear sign that the hamster is not fine. This dullness in hamsters leads to suffering. as a hamster holder, it is your responsibility to find out the reason behind the dullness of your hamster. Hamsters not only feel dull due to tiredness.

There can be any other issue like a disease in the hamster, which leads to dullness. The hamster becomes so dull and exhausted that it remains in the same state throughout. You should take notice if your hamster is looking dull for more than three days.

Tired and lethargic

Tiredness is an indication that the hamster is not good. The suffering of the hamster can be due to lethargy, which it feels. The reason behind this lethargic and tired activity can be due to any disease or other problems.

When you feel that your hamster is constantly tired and lethargic, that means your hamster is suffering. Lethargic behavior is a clear sign for the pet holder that something is going on inside the body of the hamster. This can also occur because of rectal prolapse in hamsters.

More sleep

If your hamster is sleeping too much or more than normal, that means your hamster has got a problem. The hamster does not sleep a lot. There is a clear pattern for their sleeping routine.

Irregular diet

A hamster depends on seeds and grains as their food. There is a proper schedule according to which hamsters eat food. If your hamster is not eating properly, that means your hamster is suffering silently. Irregular eating habits in hamsters are a clear indication that hamster is not doing right.


If your hamster I getting irritated by everything you are trying to please him, that means your hamster is suffering. The constant irritation and inappropriate behavior of your hamster is an indication that your hamster is suffering.

The irritation in hamsters can be due to some external factors. Hamster feels irritated due to various diseases and internal problems.


Hamsters like circling, and they do this for pleasure and entertainment. If your hamster is circling too much or more than normal, that is a sign of suffering in your hamster. During the phase of suffering and an uncomfortable state, the hamsters increase their movements.

Losing fur

Furs are an essential component of the hamster’s body. The hamster gets maximum attention and human appeal due to his furs. If all of a sudden, the hamster starts losing his fur, that means there is a problem with the hamster.

There is a possibility of some disease of allergy with which the hamster goes through and eventually loses his furs. This state of hamster must be taken seriously.

Limited movement

When the hamsters abandon movements, it is a clear indication of suffering. Movements in hamsters are a sign of a healthy life. When the hamster gets affected by an apparent environmental factor or a disease, he stops moving.

The restriction of movements makes the hamster so ill that he starts suffering. You should take the hamster to the vet if the hamster is not moving despite your efforts.

Runny nose

In hamsters, a runny nose means that the hamster is suffering from flu and cold. This state does not happen in normal conditions. When the cold and running of the nose increases from the normal limit, then it is something serious. You must take it as a sign of hamsters’ suffering when their nose starts running mucous.

Teary eyes

The eye of hamsters remains dry in normal conditions. When the eyes of your hamster start getting wet, or you notice one to two tears, which means the hamster is suffering from one problem. As a hamster holder, you must consider this state as a clear sign of your hamster’s suffering.

Apparent wounds

When the hamster gets injured and gets some wounds, this state is a vital sign of a hamster’s suffering. It is your responsibility to take proper care of the wound. The hamster can die if you will leave the hamster in suffering alone.

Why do hamsters die after 2 years?

Hamsters die after 2 years of age. There are various serious conditions due to which the hamster suffers so much before dying. These conditions can be so severe that ultimately the hamster can die. Some of these factors which can lead to the death of a hamster after 2 years include:

Due to age, Due to tumors, Cough and Cold, Infections, cuts and scrapes, Injuries, Textiles, Breathing issues, Bars of the cage, Dry ear, Dry eyes, Water loss.

Old hamsters die

Hamsters die due to old age, and it is a medical condition. The old hamster passes by because they cannot survive the present conditions of the body and environment. Mostly, an old hamster suffers due to their bodies.

The body stops functioning properly in old hamsters and gets sick. In cases of illness, they cannot improve their health by recovery. Hamsters are old at the age of two years, and in this age, their suffering starts due to improper diet and irregular activities of their body. Chinese hamsters get old even before two years of age.

Hamsters in their old age suffer due to weak legs, lean body, and malfunctioning of other organs of their body. On average hamsters only live for 2 years.

Along with the age factor, there are many health problems in hamsters. In old hamsters, problems like wet tails and other infections can occur. In old age, hamsters do not groom themselves, and that is why they get the infections at a much higher rate as compared to young hamsters. One of the main reasons is diabetes and you should know the signs of this disease, diabetes in hamsters must be treated.

Stress increases in old hamsters and they suffer due to stress. A hamster who is old and gets a wet tail, he has the least chances of survival. The hamsters die due to wet tail in less than a week.

The immune system of hamsters becomes so weak in old ages, and survival from the disease and recovery becomes extremely difficult for the hamster.

The old age of hamsters leads to other factors like weak bones, which are easily breakable, sores, and maximum chances of injury. A hamster suffers due to these conditions of old age and dies eventually.

Due to Injuries

Injuries in hamsters are related to their movement. If a hamster breaks his spine by falling from the exercise wheel or circling, it can be extremely deadly. The process of falling in hamsters results so harmfully that they can lose their life.

If a hamster falls from a table, a dresser, or even from the hands of the owner, this is deadly for the hamster. Hamster can get injured due to these fallings. The rupturing of hamsters’ skull and internal bleeding leads to extreme suffering and eventually, death in hamsters.

Due to tumors

Tumors are extremely deadly in hamsters. Due to the small size of the hamster, it has the very least capacity to survive the surgery. Some tumors appear outside the body of hamsters. The outside hamsters are easy to remove by cutting them. Some tumors occur inside the bodies of hamsters.

These internal tumors cannot be removed without sentencing the hamster to surgery and operation. It is tough for the hamster to bear and survive anesthesia. Chemotherapy is a risky method to remove tumors, and hamsters can lose their lives. The hamsters suffer a lot during tumors and surgeries. Hamsters cannot survive the process, and eventually, they die.

Death due to infections

Hamsters can die due to certain infections. Some of the infections are extremely dangerous, like urinary tract infections. In urinary infections, the hamster releases blood in the urine.

There would be the least chances of survival in hamsters if they caught urinary tract infections. During the process of treatment, the hamsters suffer a lot but eventually dies.

Cuts and scraps

Hamsters can get serious cuts and scrapes by sharp things. These cuts can be typical that they can be cured by removing the stains of blood and bandaging these. Some cuts get deep down the skin of the hamster. These cuts and scrapes are so dangerous for the hamsters that they do not stop bleeding.

Due to excessive blood loss, the survival of the hamster becomes difficult. Injuries associated with scrapes can be so deadly that hamsters can die at the spot.


As a hamster holder, you must be extremely careful while purchasing a textile or bedding for your hamster. The big fluffy and soft textiles are warm towards the hamsters, but they are dangerous. The hamsters have the habits of chewing, and they can chew and take these puffy fibers inside their cheeks.

The threads of the bedding can be so deadly for the hamster that the hamster can tie them around his neck and can suffocate himself to death. You must buy and put a fiber-free blanket instead of a fluffy, puffy fibers cloth for your hamster.

The hamster can suffer a lot due to this small negligence of its owner. The fibers and puffs of the bedding and textiles are not good for the health and life of your hamster. The hamster can die due to these deadly textiles.

Breathing issues

Hamsters are too tiny and sensitive that they cannot bear the small scary movements by the owner. It is your responsibility to keep the hamster away from any dangerous noise. The hamsters can get scared due to small bark even, and they get issues of breathing.

The problem can be so severe that the hamster gets shocked and stops breathing. Due to excessive oxygen, the hamster feels suffocation, and he can die. Avoid any kind of scary thing or noise near your hamster; otherwise, you will lose him forever. You should keep your hamster warm during the winter to prevent this.

Bars of the cage

Cage of the hamster must be a safe place for him. The bars must be properly fixed, and there must be no sharp edges in the bars.

These can harm the hamster drastically. The injury through these bars can be so severe that the hamster suffers immensely. You should take your hamster to the vet; otherwise, he can die due to this injury.

Dry ear

If you find out that your hamster is scratching his ears constantly, then tries to cure him. In the case of typical dryness, you can apply some ointment, but sometimes the dryness increases from the normal limit.

Due to excessive dryness, the hamster can suffer a lot. The debris can accumulate in the ears of the hamster, and this can lead to severe issues like deafness. A deaf hamster cannot survive for a longer period because he cannot detect his danger, and ultimately he dies.

Eye problems

Many problems can occur in hamsters, and these problems are associated with the eyes. Some hamsters scratch their eyelids, and some put their nails inside the eyes. The dryness of the eyes is another problem that can lead to the permanent blinding of a hamster. You should treat sticky eyes in hamsters to prevent this.

Water loss

Dehydration is one of the major problems in hamsters. The hamster suffers on an extreme level due to an insufficient quantity of water inside the water. Due to a lack of water availability, the organs of hamsters stop working properly. Some of the organs fail to work, and hamsters can die.

How to tell if a hamster is dying?

There are a few signs and methods by which you can observe if your hamster is dying. These methods are Check behavior, Spend time with the hamster, Check eating schedules, keeping an eye on the hamster’s activities, and appearance.

Check behavior

If you have your pet hamster, you must be aware of his behavior. There must be a proper routine for the hamster. If the hamster is not acting in the routine, then there must be any problem. The hamster misbehaves due to suffering from a disease or a question. By checking the abnormal behaviors of your hamster, you can take him to the veterinary doctor for treatment.

Spending time with your hamster can tell you about his habits and normal activities. If you feel that there is something wrong with your hamster, then spend more time with him. By spending time, you can put more effort into finding out the cause of your hamster’s sufferings.

You can check the normal and abnormal habits of your hamster. If your hamster sleeps well in the night time and now you feel that he is restless, there must be a cause of it. You can consult with the veterinary doctor in such situations.

Check the eating routine

Hamsters are very tiny, but they eat a lot. Mostly, the hamsters sleep for a while, and then they get up to eat their food. If you want to know that your hamster is suffering from a problem, check his eating has bits.

If the hamster is not eating properly or eating less as compared to the normal routine, that means the hamster is not well. Sometimes due to some sufferings, the hamsters start eating more than average. This is also a sign of a hamster’s suffering.

Decreased activity

According to the nature of hamsters, they are very playful and active. The hamsters remain active not only in the day but also at night. If you notice any change in the normal activities of the hamster, that means the hamster is suffering from a problem. Due to sickness, the hamsters become dull and tired.

A hamster gets extremely sleepy during his suffering phase. Whenever you notice a change in the normal schedules and activities of the hamsters, take him to the veterinary doctor.

Check appearance

If you want to find out that either your hamster is suffering from something, check his physical appearance. If there are some red itchy flakes or spots that occur on the skin of the hamster, that means he is suffering from some disease or allergy.

Losing furs in hamsters is a vital sign of suffering. If you notice that the hamster is losing his fur or there are some spots on his skin, take him to the veterinary doctor.