How to Treat Diabetes in Hamsters?

How to Treat Diabetes in Hamsters?

Diabetes in hamsters must be treated according to the methods mentioned here. Diabetes is a widespread disease that affects hamsters very severely. In this disease, the level of glucose is at a much higher level due to which the level of insulin is at a much lower level.

How to Treat Diabetes in Hamsters? You can treat diabetes in hamsters by increasing the level of insulin, adding zero sugar in food and juices, decreasing the level of carbohydrates, increase intake of proteins and fibers, increasing walk, and healthy exercise time, and medicines.

These treatment plans are necessary to follow; otherwise, if this disease enhances, it can easily affect and damage the other major organs of the body. The improved level of glucose is dangerous for the hamsters in so many ways. So as you come to know about it, immediately start treatment and follow a special care plan that can help your hamster to fight with it.

How to Treat Diabetes in Hamsters?

Diabetes occurs due to the improper functioning of the pancreases. It occurs most commonly in the obese and lazy hamster. Obese hamster has layers of fat deposition due to which the functioning of pancreas remains completely disturbed.

Pancreas starts abnormal production of insulin due to which, after a specific time, the level of insulin fallen completely, and glucose level rises. From that time, the level of glucose remains enhanced, and hamsters become diabetic.

Increase the level of insulin

The level of glucose remains increased in diabetes. As the level of the glucose enhances, the insulin will decrease, and as a result, the hamster becomes diabetic.

To maintain the insulin, you need to take your hamster on a long walk. Your hamster must do some healthy walk in which he feels sweat. Because this sweat helps B-cells to enhance the production of insulin, for this, the minimum time of exercise for a young hamster is almost 15 to 20 minutes.

If your hamster is suffering from a severe lack of insulin, you can inject insulin subcutaneously in his body to level the required quantity of insulin in his body. As the amount of insulin in the body become level, it automatically reduces the elevated glucose from the body.

Add zero sugar food to the diet

Food contents that have sugar or sugar substitutes are hazardous for diabetic hamsters. The intake of sugar for a diabetic hamster is considered as an intake of poison. Sugar food enhances the level of glucose that is already enhanced in the diabetic hamster. Thus this so much enhanced level of glucose becomes the cause of damage to other body parts of the hamster.

Therefore in the diet of the hamster, always add zero sugar food because this sugar-free food gives energy and keeps the glucose level maintained. Zero sugar food also has very fewer calories due to which also helps to support the weight of the hamster.

So if your hamster is diabetic for his nourishment, give him that diet that has no sugar. Zero sugar foods include yogurt without sugar, sugar-free biscuits, and cakes; fruits enrich in vitamin C, and other foods which has no sugar content. In this way, you can fulfill the health demands of your hamster and keep him safe from sugar intake.

Use low sugar liquids

Along with food, you also need to control the level of sugar from drinks and juices. Hamster, which suffers from diabetes, has much desire more desire for water than other hamsters. He feels very much thirsty, so he wants to drink more and water.

Sometimes to keep him energetic, you also give him some juices, but the hamster who is suffering from hamsters must not entertain with sweet liquids. You need to serve some bitter juice that fulfills their desire of thirst and also activate B-cells to enhance the formation of insulin.

Bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd is a fantastic vegetable that is very good. You can serve this vegetable to your hamster in which form you want.

In this way, the more benefit he can get by taking more quantity of bitter gods. But this vegetable is very bitter; it is confirmed that your hamster does not like it if you serve him like it. The best way to serve it is by masking its appearance and by hiding its taste by adding some flavoring agent or colorant that has no adverse impact on the health of the hamster.

To mask its taste, you can add the juice of an orange in it that makes the taste better and also has a very impressive effect on the look of the juice. If your hamster does not like juice, make juice and store it in refrigerator sprinkle it three to four tablespoon over every food. In this way, he can easily take the juice. You can store juice just for three days in an air-tight container so that its efficacy can sustain like fresh juice. This is also helpful to treat tumors in hamsters.

Grapefruit juice

The juice of grapefruit is also a very healthy diet for hamsters. It is the best juice for the hamsters to keep them safe from the harmful attack of diabetes. As its nature is also bitter, but you can serve it to your hamster by mixing the juice of apple in it.

The best to serve it is in the form of ice cubes. Extract its juice freeze it in the form of cubes, and then when you are giving him fresh water, add one or two ice cubes having grapefruit juice in it. As he drinks water, he gets the nutrition of grapefruit juice also.

As the hamster is sensitive, it is tough for him to drink such type of bitter juices. So it is necessary to take it. Hence if they don’t like them, you need to serve it by using some of these wise tricks; he can get benefit from it without being panic. It is also helpful to get rid of the bad smell of male hamsters.

Reduce the intake of carbohydrates

If your hamster is diabetic, you need to reduce the one-third level of carbohydrate from his food. Otherwise, his glucose level keeps enhancing day by day, and it is challenging to control it.

The level of carbohydrates reduces by enhancing the other food supplements in its place. If you serve him wheat bread in breakfast, start giving him yogurt and use bran bread so that his glucose level can remain maintained. Start giving him sugar-free porridge in lunch with some properly boil vegetables of his choice.

Increased use of proteins and fibers

Proteins and fibers are essential, so as you reduce the level of carbohydrates, similarly enhance the level of other food supplements so that he can get proper nourishment.

To enhance the level of proteins, you need to add few lentils in the daily meal also add half egg white in breakfast. Egg white is the best to fulfill the protein need that is required for one single day.

When boiled an egg and separate its yolk, then cut the white in two equal parts and serve it one by one to your hamsters in two days. If your hamster is healthy and active, you can serve full egg white in a single day.

For fiber, you need to serve him half small fruit once a day that helps your hamster to perform well and remain active. To enhance the level, add a little amount husk in daily diet so that the quantity of its fiber intake could fulfill quickly and adequately.

Add Vitamin C enriched foods and vegetables

Vitamin C enriched foods and vegetables are the primary source of strength and energy. Because it is not good for him to take glucose and carbohydrates for energy, but they feel much more weakness and laziness. So to fight this laziness and weakness, they need some energy vitamins, and all types of vegetables are the best way to give them energy.

You can serve vegetables simply by boiling them and also in raw form. But make sure that plants must be the main and essential part of the everyday diet. This is a must otherwise hamster can suffer a lot if he dies from this disease.

Use alfalfa hay

Alfalfa hay is the best for the diabetic hamster; it is challenging for him to eat hay, so serve them in the form of cake or sandwich. The best way to serve him alfalfa is with some vegetables or lentils.

If you boil vegetables for your hamster, add a small quantity of alfalfa in it. When you boil alfalfa, it also becomes soft and easily mixes with vegetables. As it gets to mix with vegetables, its appearance also hides so you can serve it to your hamster efficiently, and he gets fantastic benefits from it.

Increase exercise time

Along with diet, you also need to take your hamster for some healthy activity so that he can become an active pet. Walking, running, jumping, climbing all are very healthy for hamster, and if your hamster is diabetic, it is necessary for him.

Thus, fix some time for him and take him to some park or zoo where he can see and observe his other partners and intimate them. Regular walk effects very positively on lowering the level of glucose. Exercise makes his muscles and bones strong that become weak due to diabetic neuropathy, so make it habit to go on a walk and exercise regularly. This also helps to prevent rectal prolapse in hamsters.

Use Medicines

Along with exercise and diet for proper care, you also need to follow a complete prescription. To control the diabetes of your hamster, you need to visit the hamster Vet regularly and give your hamster complete medicine according to the advice of the vet.

Sign and symptom of a diabetic hamster

These are the initial sign of diabetic hamsters Diabetic hamster suffers from neuropathy and retinopathy. If your hamster is diabetic he always remains thirsty. He drinks much more water as compared to other hamster and he also peeps more his bladder always remain full and he does frequent urination. His urine has a fruity smell and the color of urine has orange-yellow color.

If he feels hesitant to move out at night and he gets hurt from the nearby object it means his vision is not clear that is also one of the clear signs of diabetes. The weight of the hamster also reduces although he eats well, his body continuously shed weight fast.

If the cut or wound heals late and the infection in them remains enhanced continuously it is also the obvious sign of diabetes. In the diabetic hamster, the small wound or cut after inflammation becomes huge and painful. In a few cases, the severity of inflammation enhances so much that the wounded part of the body has to cut. This occurs especially if the wound is at leg or feet.

The skin becomes dry and itchy and he gets too much infection often even after slight exposure to some harmful attack. It can suffer severe pain in muscles due to which he always feel exhausted and tired even after slight physical activity. Due to tiredness, he becomes lazy and inactive.


If your hamster is diabetic, you need to take proper care of his diet and exercise. Keep sugar and sweet foods away from him. Take him to the veterinarian for a regular checkup and monitor his blood glucose level daily.

If you pay great attention to your hamster and his daily activities, he could survive healthily with this disease, and his blood glucose level always remains ideal.