How to keep hamsters warm during winter?

How to keep hamsters warm during winter?

This is the winter season, and you have to make sure that your hamsters stay warm. You don’t want your hamster to go into shock or hibernation. If you don’t properly care about your hamster in the winter season, he will become unresponsive. The cold temperature can cause several problems for your hamster.

How to keep hamsters warm during winter? You can keep your hamster warm during the winter by placing a heater near the cage, using a heating pad, and by covering the cage with a blanket.

Temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit will make your hamster very lazy. If the temperature falls below fifty degrees Fahrenheit, then your hamster could go into a fatal hibernation.

How to keep hamsters warm during winter?

In this article, we have explained the 12 best DIY methods to protect your pet hamster during the winter. Extreme cold temperatures are fatal for the hamsters and even result in their death.

You should follow these steps:

Lots of Bedding

If you want your hamster to remain happy, healthy, and warm in winter, then this bedding is the best option. You must make sure that you have enough bedding to last throughout the winter. You will need a big bedding stock for the winter season.

If you are using any bedding and you go out of stock, then you have to find an alternative, you cannot risk the health of your hamster. The meaning of lots of bedding is that your hamster can burrow up in deep. It also means that your hamster can hide inside the bedding. The fish bedding and a large number of tissues will work very well.

In other words, fish bedding and a large number of tissues will be beneficial for your hamster, and it will not be costly for you. Fitch bedding is also a great option. Fitch is very soft and cozy, and it is also the best bedding for the hamsters.

Fitch is thick, and it is very soft, so If your hamster likes to hide, then this is such gentle bedding to burrow their heads in. I will recommend you to go for this bedding; I am completely sure that your hamster will love it.

You can also go for cotton and snowflakes paper bedding. Snowflakes paper is very soft and cozy, and it will keep your hamster warm. You can also add tissue paper to this. Just put all these inside the cage, he will make his bedding himself.

Most hamsters do not like to live inside the cotton, and some hamsters will not sleep on the cotton bedding. So all you have to is make a little house and fill it with cotton. Leave a little space so that your hamster will sleep there comfortably.

Feed your hamster a little extra

When hamsters are trying to keep themselves warm, they are burning extra energy. All you have to do is on the cold days you have to feed them a little extra. You need to keep supplying your hamster with a nice amount of food. Adding eggplant in the hamster food is beneficial.

You need to feed your hamsters extra just to make sure that he is nice and warm because they are using lots of energy to stay warm. If you have a dwarf hamster and you are a bit worried about feeding lots of fatty food, then a pellet is also a great option and a great way to keep them nice and warm. Your hamster can have a nice munch on this, and it will give them the energy that they need.

You can feed pellets because they are really low in sugar. This will give more energy to your hamster, and it will help your hamster to stay warm.

Your hamster will appreciate you if you give him a little extra food. In the cold days, you have to make sure that your hamster does not go without food. You can feed your hamster powder of almonds; this powder will give him more energy to keep himself warm.

Give only two tablespoons of almond powder and also make sure that he completely eats it. You can also feed boiled and scrambled eggs. Boiled eggs will work great for your hamster. Just boil an egg and make little pieces and feed it your hamster.

Give your hamster a boiled egg every day on cold days. If you have a Syrian hamster, then make a mash with little bit of honey, oats, flaxseed, and crashed pallets. This will be like a warm bowl of oatmeal. This warm bowl will provide extra energy to your hamster. You can add this to the diet routine of your hamster.

Cover hamster cage with a blanket

Covering the cage of hamsters with the blanket is a perfect solution. This is the best and effective way to protect your hamster from cold weather.

This will help your hamster to stay warm. A blanket will isolate your hamster, and it will trap heat inside the cage. You can also place a blanket inside the cage of your hamster.

If your hamster does not like the bedding stuff, then placing a blanket inside the cage is the best option. You can easily buy the pet blankets from the pet store or a market.

As a hamster owner, you must know that hamsters are very careless; they came out from the bedding in the night, and then they get sick.

All you have to do is that clean the cage of your hamster, take out all the plates and water cups from the cage. Place a clean blanket in the cage and leave your hamster there.

Now take a blanket and cover the cage. It is recommended to not put water or any other food item in the cage when your hamster is in the blanket.

Leave a little a hole for the fresh air. Put the cage near you and check them after every two hours. If the temperature is very low, then place the cage in a warm place. Also, add one tablespoon almond powder to the dinner.

If the electricity ever goes for a long time during the winter and the temperature of your home plunges, then move your hamster to a top floor. Rub your hamster, and try to keep your hamster warm. Don’t rub him quickly, your hamster will be frightened, or he will not feel comfortable.

Place blanket inside the cage of your hamster and outside the cage. Also, many people use a heating pad to keep their hamster warm. Don’t use a heating pad, or your hamster will face several health issues like pain and suffering when hamster dies.

Outdoor and Physical activities

Outdoor or physical activities in the winter season are essential for the hamsters. Leave your hamster in an open place like under the sun and let him play. Outdoor or physical activities will help your hamster to stay warm.

Physical activities will increase the blood pressure of your hamster. High blood circulation will warm the internal body of your hamster. In the winter season, physical activities are vital for the hamsters, so that they can remain warm and healthy.

Many hamster owners make the mistake that they keep their hamsters in the cage in the winter, and they don’t let them play outside, or they don’t let them do any physical activity outside. This is a huge mistake they do. If you are one of them, then don’t make this mistake.

This mistake can take the life of your hamster. If hamsters don’t play outside or they don’t do any physical activity, their blood pressure will not remain normal, and they will not be able to keep themselves warm. Sweating is essential for a hamster to stay healthy.

Hamsters have few sweat glands, and they sweat from these glands. They will be able to sweat in the cold days when they will play outside under the sun for a minimum of 3 hours. Give your hamster a treat after his playing session.

I will recommend you to give a mixed oats treat. Mixed oats will be an energetic treat, and your hamster will get all the essential ingredients. It will be much better to feed him a boiled egg. You can feed him anything, which is high I protein and vitamins. Don’t feed him juice or smoothie after the physical session.

Take your hamster into the sunlight

Sunlight is the best source of heat. In winter, everyone needs sunlight. Sunlight is an excellent source for all living things to keep themselves warm. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin d, and it has other health benefits also. Sunlight has many health benefits for the hamsters.

Sunlight is the best way to keep your hamster warm. Like humans, hamsters also need vitamin d, and the sunlight is the best source for your hamster to get vitamin d. Hamsters love to play in the sunlight. So as a hamster owner, it is your responsibility to take your hamster into the sunlight in the winter season.

You just have to do is leave your hamster under the sunlight and let him play. You can place your hamster’s cage in the sunlight.

Placing the hamster’s cage in the sunlight is an excellent idea, and then you will not have to worry that he will run away. Put the cage of the hamster in the sunlight for only one hour.

Leaving your hamster in the sunlight or placing his cage in the sunlight can create several problems for your hamster. Your hamster can face dehydration if you left him in the sunlight for a long time.

It can also cause heatstroke. Make sure that your hamster’s cage is not near the window or the gate when it’s too cold.

Use a glass cage

Glass cage is an excellent source to protect your hamster from the cold weather. Never use a wire cage or bar cage on cold days. Use only a glass cage because this is the best cage to protect your hamster from the cold winds. You can also use a plastic cage or aquarium cage because these cages have zero ventilation.

If you have an aquarium or glass cage, then you don’t have to worry about the cold days. You just have to close their roof when it is too cold. And the best thing about these cages is that you don’t need to cover them with a blanket. Only bedding will be enough for your hamster.

A beautiful and fully bedded glass or aquarium cage will save your hamster from several issues. A glass cage is best for your hamster as it helps to increase the temperature when it is full of bedding.

It will also your hamster to use to of your hamster. If your hamster is afraid of you, you can use this cage to get rid of your hamster’s fear.

Also, you will not need to place this cage in a warm place or in a room where you put the heater. Never put the glass cage near the heater, because the cage will get warm after one or two hours. You can put a water cup and food in this cage and then you will not have to worry about feeding food to your hamster.

Give Tea to your hamster

Tea is the best drink to stay warm in the winter. Many people think that hamsters cannot drink tea or tea is poison for the hamsters. It is an entirely wrong myth. The digestive system of humans and hamsters are the same. Hamsters can eat anything that humans eat.

The difference is that hamsters can eat human food in tiny amounts. Tea is safe for your hamster until it is given in a low amount. Tea is also the best drink for the hamsters to stay warm on cold days. Tea contains antioxidants, and hamsters always need antioxidants to fight diseases.

It is also scientifically proved that tea helps to protect the bones, or it makes the bones strong. 6/10 hamsters always have heart issues, and it is proven that tea helps to reduce heart diseases.

So if your hamster has one of these issues, then the tea is going to work like magic to your is recommended to give only five millimeters of tea to your hamster only in the cold days.

You can give tea to your only one time in a day. Give the tea to your hamster when he is around you, or when he is in your hands.

Use a heating pad

Hamsters belong to dry places like Greece and Syria, so they are used to live warm and comfortable. Your hamster will get several health issues. Your hamster can lead to death if you don’t correctly care about him in the cold weather. As a hamster owner, you should do everything to keep your hamster warm and comfortable.

The heating pad is also the best option to keep your hamster warm in cold days. You should invest in a heating lamp or heating pad.

This will work well for your hamster. I will recommend you not to buy those heating pads which are specially advertised for humans.

Buy only those heating pads which are used for the reptile tanks. These heating pads will be perfect for your hamster. These heating pads will work well for the hamster’s cage.

You can easily buy these heating pads online or from any market. It is recommended to attach these heating pads on one side of the cage so that he will move to another side if he feels warm.

Use a heat mat

Hamsters always need proper care in cold days. The heat mat is one of the best to keep your hamster warm during the winter season. This is affordable for everyone, and anyone can easily use this. You can buy this online or from a supermarket.

Heat mat will ensure that your hamster will stay warm on cold days and cold nights. The heat mat maintains a suitable temperature for your hamster, and at this temperature, your hamster will not feel cold or warm.

You can use a heat mat in a glass cage, plastic cage, and aquarium cage. The heat mat is perfect for modern cages. You just have to position the mat under the cage, and it will start working.

Mostly hamster’s owners don’t use a mat of good quality so that cage becomes cold after a while. Buy a mat of good quality and set up the heat mat in the right position. Heating mats are made only for the hamsters and rats.

For good performance, you need to set up the mat in the right position. After the setup, maintain a good temperature.

Always keep an eye on the mat; keep checking the mat after every two hours. The heating map will work well only when you will maintain the temperature at a standard temperature.

Setup a Wheel

In the cold winter, you need to increase the physical activities of your hamster. Setup a wheel for your pet, this is not an ideal solution, but it will work best for your hamster. A wheel will increase the temperature of the body of your hamster. It will also increase the blood circulation in the body of your hamster.

Your hamster will feel warm like you feel when you run outside of your house in the winter. This is not sustainable, but it will work for your hamster until the temperature is improved. If your hamster is gaining weight, then this wheel will play a double role. Your hamster will get warm, and also he will lose weight.

Place a heater in the room

Place a portable heater in the room where your hamster’s cage is. Never place the heater in front of your hamster’s cage. A heater warms up the full room, and your hamster’s cage will be indirectly warmed. A downside of the heater is that you cannot leave it in the room when you are not in the house.

So placing a portable heater is only a situational situation. Place the heater in the room of your hamster only at night or when you are around him.

In the day feed your hamster extra food, your hamster will gain more energy, and he will easily keep himself warm in the day. However, this will increase the average cost of owning the hamster.

What if your hamster gets too cold?

Your hamster can go into shock if he gets too cold. If you are not paying attention to your hamster or you are not trying to keep him warm in the cold days, then your hamster can go into hibernation. This situation will weaken your hamster’s immune system, and your cute hamster will die.

If you see that your hamster is too much cold or he is hibernating, then rub him slowly and take him to a warm place. Give him hot coffee to drink and cover him with a blanket. After when he is normal, take him to the vet. The vet will deeply guide you on what to do and follow his instruction strictly.