Why do Hamsters Have Red Eyes?

Why do Hamsters Have Red Eyes?

Hamsters look cute with their red eyes. Here are 8 real facts that explain the red color of their eyes. 

Why do Hamsters Have Red Eyes? Hamsters have red eyes because of dust allergy, blindness, genetics, sensitivity, inflammation, and lack of melanin.

If your hamster has red eyes since birth, you should not worry about it; rather, praise its beauty.

Why do Hamsters Have Red Eyes?

There are different causes of this problem in hamsters. We have to minimize the causes that will help them to live a healthy life. 

Blindness in Hamsters

Red eyes are the disease in the hamsters in which their eyes get red, and they are unable to see. Blindness is one of the top reasons that lead to the cause of its eyes red.

We have to look for the problem and start treating it. If the blindness causes any problem in its eyes, it can cause it to make it red. It looks odd and disturbs the beauty of the eye.

It is difficult to check that it is blind or not at the time of birth. There are different exercises that the owners perform at the time of birth to note their health.

There are no chances of recovery of that disease, but the redness can be removed using different treatment methods. We have to open the vessels so that the blood may pass.

You should clean the eyes properly that will help you to stay away from all the diseases. You have to save it from any severe injury so that it may not cause blindness to it.


Dust is one of the essential factors that cause the problem for the eyes of all living beings. Owners need to save their eyes from the dust by adding the nets to the cage and other playing areas.

It should be a priority to keep them away from the dust. You can also try to keep them in a higher place to provide a safer place for them.

Cleaning the eyes regularly while giving a bath to it can save it from this problem. If the exposure cannot prevent then cleaning practice is the easy way to do it.

You can make a water solution with any chemical that can absorb the dust particle and take it away from the eyes. Potassium permanganate is one of the standard solutions that we use in everyday life to deal with dust. It can also use for washing their eyes.

You should create a weak solution because they are sensitive and fragile. Any chemical may react to their eyes that may cause blindness to them.

You can take ten percent of potassium permanganate in one liter of water. The amount of chemicals should not exceed this because it can damage it rather than benefit it.

Lack of melanin results in red eyes

Melanin is a mixture of many pigmentations that saves living beings’ organs from a lot of problems. You have to look for all the things that may increase its amount to the eyes.

It protects the organs from dangerous radiation like ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. If the amount of melanin starts to decrease, this shield against diseases will also begin to reduce in their body.

The amount of melanin in the body is an essential factor because an excessive amount will also cause skin cancer.

There are various medicines available to manage them in the body. You will see red eyes due to the inflammation caused by the lacking of this pigment.

Excess of this is too bad for its fragile body. While giving medicines to it, you will start noting the amount of this pigment regularly because it can damage its body if it increases. It will difficult to recover from the excess amount of this pigment. 

Skin pigmentation

Pigmentation means that the colors of the eyes do not remain the same at all. We have to manage the number of pigments in exact numbers. It will make the color of the eye dull, this is the main difference between hamsters and rats.

It is a genetic disease in hamsters. It can prevent by reproducing only those breeds that are free from these problems. We have to look for these issues by testing its body regularly.

This problem arises when it reaches the age of maturity. It will keep all these problems away from its body even before attacking it.

Sensitive eyes

Sensitive eyes are another major problem that will lead to this issue. We have to deal with this issue with great interest, like adding those diets in the diet chart that makes the eyes better.

Carrot is one of the best examples that makes the eyes powerful in hamsters. Eyesight will be better after its continuous use. You have to change the diet plan that is decreasing the number of vitamins in the body.

Owners need to plan a diet that is full of vitamins. We can manage through a diet chart to fulfill the number of minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers, and other essential constraints.

We have to look for all these things by consulting the vet and fellow owners with more experience than us. The deficiency of vitamins and minerals makes the eyes sensitive that we cannot fulfill by medicines.

If we start feeding medicine, it may begin creating side effects on its body that are difficult to manage. We must try to minimize the problems with a simple solution rather than investing more time and money on useless things. Many websites sell and accept pets, you can also put your hamster for adoption.

Swelling of eye

There are many chances that the eyes’ swelling leads to the redness of the eyes. If swelling around eyelids occurs after an injury, you must try to treat it as soon as possible because it will increase.

When the infection starts to penetrate the inner side, it will start causing the inner eye to red. We may note that the products that we are using should be helpful to manage this problem.

If the eye’s redness is not getting better, you should treat the eye infections. These both problems are interlinked with each other.

We can easily manage the eyes by creating simple heating that will make the eyelid soft and easy to cure. You should add germicide in the medicine to kill the bacteria and viruses before penetrating the eyes.

Sticky eyelids

Sticky eyelids will not allow the air to enter into the eyes. Opening of the eyes will decrease to a minimum level. It will not be able to see things.

You can try heating the eyelid with a warm cloth for some time and start placing ointment on it. It will help you to manage the stickiness as early as possible. 

You should not start treating the same ointment to fellow pets because the disease’s nature will vary. Follow this guide to treat sticky eyes in hamsters.

Watery eye discharge

If you notice that the water is coming out of its eyes, it is suffering from some severe infection that cannot treat simple treatment.

It will make its eyes unable to see clearly. Blurring of the image in its eye will cause after some time. 

The major causes of the watery eyes in hamsters are the abnormal temperature in the atmosphere.