How are Hamsters different from Rats?

How are Hamsters different from Rats?

Here are 6 main differences between hamsters and rats. Both of these are tiny animals and many people like to have them as pets. We have added a comparison chart that explains the features of both of these.

How are Hamsters different from Rats? There are many differences between hamsters and rats. They differ in their size, characteristics, appearance, weight, behavior, eating habits, and geographical locations.

Comparison Chart for Hamsters Vs. Rats

Hamsters Rats
They have a Short Tail. They have a long and thick tail.
They have a size of about Three to Five Inches. They have a size of about Six to Eight Inches.
They usually live for around Two to Three Years. They also live about Two to Three Years and sometimes to even Five Years as well.
They are Native to Europe and Asia. They are found everywhere in the World.
They have a Sharp sense of Hearing but Low Eyesight. They are able even to swim Underwater as well.
They have Huge and Cheeky Face. They have Small Face.

How are Hamsters different from Rats?

People love to keep rodents inside their homes as a pet. Now there is a total number of estimated fifteen hundred rodent species worldwide, and people only keep a few of these species as pets.

Both are also pet rodents that you can find in a house playing with kids. All of them are from family, so it is hard for any to differentiate between them.

Difference in Appearance

Now first thing comes first, and that is the difference in appearance for both Rat and Hamster. Rats have various sizes and colors, but they are usually large. 

Now there is something that most people do not like about this animal, and that is the long naked tail hanging on its back. Even though your pet rat’s color is fantastic, but that thick, hairless tail takes it away in the form of looks.

After keeping a rat, you get to understand that this long tail gives strength to your pet for climbing or jumping. You can even see your rat climbing on the top of the cage with the help of its tail. Hamster’s fur changes color in winter and it’s their unique ability.

Next comes the hamster, which seems to be a small fluffy and cute ball of fun. They have a soft layer of furs, which gives them a charming look, they have red eyes. Even though its actual size is tiny, those long hairs give them a more oversized look.

Difference in size

Most people consider rats to be one of the big rodents, and this misconception is all because of his tail because that long and thick naked tail gives him a more oversized look, but in fact, the body of a rat does not grow more than 8 Inches.

Then there is a hamster, which is a small ball of furs, and if you measure the real body inside those furs, then the size of an average hamster is just 5 inches to the max, and they are domesticated.

Personality Change in Rats & Hamsters

As far as personality change is concerned, then Hamster owners are really at a flaw over here because you have no idea that it can get aggressive. They like to play dead and do different activities.

It would happen all of a sudden even before you recognize the situation completely. They can bite you anytime, and when there are kids around, then obviously, a hamster bite is harmful.

On the other hand, Rats may seem dangerous due to their large teeth, but they are calm natured animal.

Never try to poke your rat from the cage because everything that comes inside his cage is his food, and his bite is not going to be a normal one.

Hamster vs.Rats Which One is Intelligent?

When it comes to intelligence, then, without any doubt, rats are far more intelligent rodents than Hamsters.

Rats are the only species of the rodent family that can live out in the wild and the city perfectly, so that means they are brilliant to make their survival against all odds against them. 

Similarly, when you keep them as pets, they can learn different tricks real soon, even if they can recognize their owners. It will be best if you own two rats at once so that your pet has a companion as well.

On the other hand, Hamsters are not as great as intelligence, and there is no way to survive in the wild for a single day. Besides, they are not even interested in those expensive toys; they need a wheel or ball to play with.

When you compare their lifestyle, the Rats are playful, and they get along with anyone when they are out of their cage. They will usually jump around the things around, and even on you as well.

Whereas Hamsters as nocturnal, and they will spend their whole day just sleeping around. When you are about to sleep, they like to come out of their cage to play.

Here the option for you is to wake them up during the evening, and then you can lock them up back in their cage when you are ready to go to bed.

Characteristics of Rats and Hamster

When it comes to Companionship, then usually Rats are more socialized than a hamster, they quickly get along with other rats and humans.

Still, when it comes to a Hamster, then except Roborovski Hamster, all other species do not bear any other companion inside their cage.

Usually, they kill each other, and even there are a few cases when hamsters will even eat their dead partner. As far as humans are concerned, once they get aggressive, they will even bite you.

Now coming to the Characteristics of both rodents, this is the part where you will quickly understand both of them’ main and visible differences. Hamsters are furry and cheeky, and due to their small size, they are tough to handle while they are out of the cage.

When they go inside little corners of your house, it would be tough to get them out there. They are lovely in looks due to their eye-catching colors, whereas rats are limited to dull colors, and usually, people keep white rats as pets.

Can Hamsters and Rats Breed Together?

Researchers are trying to create more and more hybrids from different animal species of the same family, but when it comes to breeding between Rats and Hamsters, the straight answer would be NO.

First of all, you must understand that both of these rodents are entirely different from looks to nature. Hamsters are possessive about their space, and they never allow any other pet to share the same cage.

This will result in a fight. Usually, both of them do not like each other, and obviously, the hamster is at a disadvantage over here due to their small size and dumbness.

You should remember that it will eat anything, and if they find something alive and smaller than his size, then the first thing he will do is kill it and eat it.

The same will be the case over here; even though rats do not tend to attack at first, they can defend themselves, especially against such a tiny creature.

Besides, the number of Chromosomes in both of these rodents is not the same because they can’t breed together. Finally, they are born enemies, which means they will surely kill each other rather than mate.

If you are new, you would need this guide to completely understand both rodents’ characteristics, size, behavior, intelligence, and lifestyle.

It does not matter that which one of these you want to pet, but if you want one of them, it is essential to provide them with everything they require, including your care and love.