Why is my hamster acting drunk?

Why is my hamster acting drunk?

Pet hamsters need proper care. If you have just bought a new hamster, you may notice that he is acting like he is drunk. In some conditions this can be normal, however, it is recommended to consult a Vet for proper investigation.

Why is my hamster acting drunk? Your hamster can be acting drunk because of certain reasons like old age, brain injury, dislike environment, sudden mood swings, underdevelopment of brain, fear, and by drinking alcohol. So note all parameters try to treat them as soon as possible.

The mental condition of the hamster is also very sensitive if any unfavorable act happened he behave abnormal and get panic very soon. So you have to provide the proper environment in which he feels comfortable and relax.

The hamster acts like they are drunk due to many reasons. You should notice these reasons carefully and should note them properly. Then you have to avoid these situations. So that your hamster could feel better.

The hamster is at a very sensitive and crucial stage if does not feel well. The hamster acting like drunk due to any issue that irritates him constantly. Maybe for you, this issue could be normal but for the hamster, it could be very dangerous.

When the hamster acts like the drunk he could behave dangerously. Before checking him you need to take proper precautions so that you can remain safe from his anger. Because in this situation he could be wild and can bite you. So in this situation, he immediately needs proper treatment.

If you feel that your hamster acting drunk so need to immediately resolve the issue of the hamster. Otherwise, it could prove fatal for your hamster. This behavior of the hamster can be the reaction to any action that is not so important for you. So we need to notice all the activities of the hamster carefully.

Why is my hamster acting drunk?

The hamster acting drunk is the change in the behavioral activity of the hamster. This change in behavioral activity is mainly due to the issue of the nervous system of the hamster. If he is behaving so it means he is not feeling well and his brain functioning is also not normal.

The change in his behavior is mainly due to the improper function of neurons these neurons keep him disturbing make him panic. Here the question is why neurons do so?

The answer is quite simple in normal hamsters these neurons perform in a good manner. But due to any reason from the following described one the activity of these neurons gets upset and they spark and supply incorrect messages due to which they behave like a drunk. So if your hamster behaves this way you need to visit a professional neurologist who can treat him well.

A hamster could hurt from small acts and behave abnormally that reason could be very small or large. It is just the mindset of the hamster that he feels a lot and what he takes light. So there are so many reasons according to my research and observation that could make the hamster panic and he feels disturbed and acts like a drunk.

Old age

This could be one of the major factors. Someone should need to keep it in mind when noticing this type of behavioral change in the hamster. The hamsters are amazing tiny pocket pets that grow fast because they are active enough.

If the hamster enters the age that could count the old age for that hamster that time is can be very crucial and critical for the hamster. By birth the immune system of the hamster is very weak and if he spends his life healthy and enters old age. Now it is very difficult for him to resist any type of disease and infectious agent.

At this time of age, he needs great attention and care. In this age of life, his nerves also weak due to which he behaves sleepy and lazy. His bones are weak he is not able to perform all the activities so at this age, he acts like a drunk. Age is the main factor behind this behavioral change. So give him full attention and consult a veterinarian on and off for his good health.

Brain injury

Brain injury is the second most common factor in this behavior. This occurs most commonly due to some accident. The injury of the brain acts on the nerves and disturbs the normal functioning of the nerves. Due to which these nerve cells are unable to perform their proper functioning. This can happen because of falling from a height.

Brain injury occurs during the fight between the hamsters. The main cause of brain injury occurs due to the cage during the jumping of the hamster. The roof of the cage is small it hits the head due to which the brain gets injured.

This injury of the brain leads to disturbing the proper functioning of the brain and the hamster not able to perform well due to pain of injury and improper supply of messages so he feels irritated and panic due to which he looks like a drunk. Hamsters can easily adapt to their new environment.

In this situation, you need to visit the veterinarian and need to follow his prescription carefully and properly need to act upon his advice because it is all about the well-being of your sweet beautiful pet.

New environment

The hamster is a very cute and complex pet. He also feels shy and takes some time to adjust. If he adjusts somewhere he starts liking this place and cage and becomes used to it. If you change his place without his will. He starts behaving abnormally. He will never adjust to that environment which he doesn’t like. This happens if you take your hamster with you on an airplane.

If he does not satisfy with this changing environment. He starts acting panic or show his anger by biting. On the other side as he is a decent pet so he shows his hate for that new environment by leave eating and shows a sad attitude towards you.

If this situation persists for so long it could be very dangerous for your hamster. By living in this place he lost his activeness and proper growth. He remains stressed and feels like a prisoner due to this sad attitude of the hamster shows that he is like someone who drunks a lot. You can easily tame a nervous hamster by following these steps.

Underdevelopment of brain

The proper development and the growth of the hamster are very necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The hamster brain plays the main role in all the activities they perform because their brain is highly active. If due to some abnormality by birth or due to some accident the activity and development of the brain stopped. It is not able to perform well.

The underdevelopment of the brain affects very badly on the behavior of the hamster. As he is an active pet he loves to jump and play but if the brain development stops due to any reason the hamster feels lazy and inactive. Due to which everyone says that he acting like a drunk.

Your hamster can act drunk because of fear

Fear has a very important role in every activity of the hamster. If the hamster is happy he is active but if he is in fear he is he will be lazy and psycho. This fear could affect the life of the hamster very badly and can make him wild and dangerous.

The fear could be due to any reason e.g. if he saw the death of any other hamster with his eyes or the slaughter of any other animal with his eyes. These weird scenes could make him panic and disturb him for the whole life. Fear can completely damage his life forever. The blood of the other animal keeps him fearful and nervous.

These both situations will always keep him in fear due to which his growth completely stopped and he feels disturbed and lethargic. So in this situation take him out to make him fresh or follow the advice of the veterinarian that could help you to take him out from fear.

Improper function of GIT

The improper function of the gastrointestinal tract can affect the hamster negatively. Because due to improper function of the GIT the stomach would not able to digest the food properly.

This indigested food makes the gaseous gases create pressure and affect the brain due to which he feels lazy and inactive. So you need to take the proper care of the hamster. Over-eating of hemp seeds can cause this. You should always feed your hamster according to its weight.

Sudden mood swings

The sudden mood swing could make your hamster lazy and lethargic. These mood swings occur due to an uncomfortable environment. These mood swings when due to your busy schedule you are not able to give proper time to your hamster.

If the schedule of the hamster could change and you are not providing his all essentials to him. He will become stupid and upset and can be wild if the situation persists long.

By drink alcohol

This is the main reason due to which your hamster acts like a drunk. All other reasons mentioned above could create the chance in which the hamster act drunk. But in this situation, he not just act like a drunk because he drinks alcohol. So he behaves the same which someone could do after drinking.

If you drunk at home with a careless attitude and left the bottle of alcohol or glass at the place where the hamster could reach and drink from it.

After drinking, the hamster could behave sleepy and lazy but if he drinks a large amount it could be very dangerous for him. So you need to be very careful regarding this matter.


Hamster is a very amazing pet and I am fond of this type of pet. I love to take care of him and it is my hobby to take great care of my hamster. I enjoyed it a lot when I play with him and he also likes to spend time with me. But when I am slightly busy and cannot give him the proper time he behaves like a drunk.

In this situation, he creates great noise and irritate other pets and keep my disturbing until I fulfill his need. In this situation, he stops eating food and create excessive mass in his cage. Lack of attention makes my pocket pet disturb and he feels panic and acts like a drunk.

So you need to give them proper time and care so that your amazing pet could remain safe and enjoyed a lot.

The above-mentioned reason could affect the hamster badly so you need to provide him a better environment and fulfill his all demand. If you are fond of it.

A careless attitude towards could very dangerous for him. If any issue occurs try to solve it on an urgent node and a priority basis. If you cannot tackle it consult a veterinarian for proper treatment and care plans.