Can a hamster die from falling?

Can a hamster die from falling?

Hamsters like to jump and play around, however, they can get injured from falling. They love to wander around, to do their incredible tricks, and melting our hearts. But there is one thing that you need to consider much.

Can a hamster die from falling? Yes, Hamsters can die from falling. They can get hurt by falling. Hamsters have a weak bone structure. Their bones are fragile, and they can easily break down if the impact is significant. Now the injury can be avoided to take some precautionary measures.

We all know that hamsters are small animals; they are fragile too. Their bones are not as strong as other bigger pets, and they can break if we do not handle them with care.

A lot of hamster owners have sent us their queries regarding this matter. Many of them had emergency conditions because their hamsters fell on the floor from a reasonable distance. Some were curious in knowing how to handle a hamster and protect it from falling.

Can a hamster die from falling?

Hamsters are tiny. Do not be hard on them. If you want to touch them or hold them in your hands, always be gentle to handle. Do not stand while keeping them in your hands as they can easily slip through and fall to their death.

Look after your kids when they are playing with the hamsters as kids can hurt the little pet unknowingly. If the children are holding the Hamster too tightly, then its bones are at risk of being crushed.

But let us have a view at some of the symptoms that can happen to your Hamster if he falls. The signs will determine if your pet’s life is in danger or not.

Injured hamster may stop eating

If your Hamster has fallen from your hands or a height to the floor, then it might get injured. If your Hamster is okay, then it would eat its food without any hesitation.

But if your Hamster gives up eating or you see a loss in its appetite, then it is an alarming situation. Your Hamster might die due to injuries and starvation. Take it to the vet at once.

Injury can lead to bleeding

Injuries lead to bleeding. If the floor is severe and not carpeted, then the impact can break the bones and make your little hamster bleed.

If the bleeding is excessive, then you might say your last goodbyes to the Hamster and ask the vet to euthanize it. But if the bleeding is minor, then it can be treated. If your pet hamster becomes unconscious because of blood loss, you choose to euthanize your hamster.

Crying in pain

If your Hamster has had a fall, then you are most likely to hear squeaking cries from your pet. It is a sign to show that they are not okay, and the pain is unbearable.

Take it to the vet at once. Your vet will know what would be best to do in such conditions.

Fast breathing

Another symptom of your Hamster getting wounded is that it would breathe hard. The breathing would look like a difficult one.

You can easily distinguish between a normal breath and a labored breath. Try to calm it down at first, if you think it is just due to the shock of falling. If it still does not breathe normally, then it is an emergency. Take it to the nearest vet immediately.


Swelling can happen to a hamster that has gotten injuries due to falling. Although hamsters are fluffy animals and it is difficult to tell if they are swelled or not, but if you feel it has swelling, then treat the Hamster properly.

Your Hamster might get a limp:

Any pet, especially hamsters, can get a limp in their body parts. It is an alarming situation for the pets as the pain is too much to handle for little pets.

The most helpful thing to do is to release the pain from the Hamster and euthanize it with the vet’s assistance. But if the condition can be treated, then you should go for it.

Hamsters can get scared after falling

Hamsters have a weak heart. They do not cope well with such incidents. You might not be able to interact with your Hamster as it will be too frightened of everything around him-including you.

The Hamster might bury itself in the bedding or conceal himself into a hideous place in its cage. Try to make the animal calm and do the best you can.

Get aggressive

Just like any other pet, your Hamster can show signs of aggression and anger after falling in the ground. It can even bite you harshly if you try to provoke its rage.

If the Hamster is angry, try to talk to it calmly and gift him a new toy so that he might calm down. Anger or mood swings can slow the healing process inside hamsters.

Increased sleep time and dizziness

If you see signs of fatigue and dizziness in your Hamster, then it is most likely a message that your Hamster needs medical attention.

Do not think much and take it to the vet before it is too late. It is also recommended not to disturb the Hamster in its sleep.

How to save the injured hamster?

Now you know the signs of an injured hamster. The next step is to take all the necessary steps and make sure that your Hamster gets the proper medical care. Also, following some necessary precautions would reduce any risks of incidents in the future.

Here is what you need to do to an injured Hamster:

Give your Hamster some warmth

When your Hamster falls, it goes into a state of shock. It is necessary to take your Hamster out of that state; otherwise, he might shiver badly. You might feel your Hamster being colder than usual. That is due to his low blood circulation. The shock lowers the flow of blood in hamsters resulting in sleep, shivering, heavy breathing, and, eventually, death.

Take your Hamster in your hands. Gently rub the back of its body. The rubbing will help it get some warmth and improve the flow of blood inside its body. If your Hamster is showing signs of aggression, then you should wear some protective gloves to avoid any bites.

Be careful in rubbing the Hamster. Harsh rubbing can make it uncomfortable or even hurt the pet. You will feel the body temperature of your Hamster going up as you massage him.

Give your hamster peace of mind

Injuries are bad. They not only mess up physically but mentally too. Hamsters do not go well with shock led by falling. They will become sensitive to everything, even the presence of other hamsters, pets, and humans.

The best thing in your Hamster’s interest is to isolate your little pet. It will give it peace of mind. You must relocate its cage to a much darker and quieter place of your home where you think your Hamster would not get disturbed. Let it rest in that area for quite some time, and hopefully, it will recover.

If your Hamster is still in a state of shock or pain after an hour or two, then you must take it to your vet immediately. He needs medical attention and is not healing well. If the mother hamster is not well, she can eat its babies.

Proper checkups

Let’s suppose that your Hamster is not hurt apparently and is not showing any sign of injuries. It does not mean that your Hamster has not been harmed. So to clear your doubts, you need to take it to your trusted doctor and have your pet examined thoroughly.

It will clear all your doubts, and if there is any sign of injuries, they can undergo treatment.

How to prevent your Hamster from falling?

To ensure maximum safety for your Hamster, follow these steps:

Be attentive while playing

Hamsters are so mischievous. They love to run and play Hide-n-seek. You will find them jumping here and there. It is the time to be more attentive as these little tricks can put your Hamster in imminent danger.

Make sure your floor is carpeted and safe so there would be less impact of falling. Also, make sure that your Hamster does not climb the furniture in your home, as jumping from them can cause fatal injuries.

If your Hamster is inside the play ball, then restrict the area; especially do not let it play near the stairs.

Secure the cage

The injuries do not always happen outside the cage; it can happen inside as well. You have to make the cage secure. Do not let any ramp or loop be a potential risk of downfall. Secure all the entrances and exits.

Laminate the ladders or any other ramps with any good protection material. It will reduce the risk of injuries inside the cage.

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