Do hamsters need to brush their teeth?

Do hamsters need to brush their teeth?

Hamsters are burrowing animals; they live underground in their burrows. Hamsters are good as pets because they easily breed in captivity, easy to care for and interact well with the peoples.

Do hamsters need to brush their teeth? Yes, you can brush the teeth of your pet hamster. Gently hold the hamster, use herbal toothpaste, and brush its teeth with a small toothbrush. Pet hamsters need teeth brushing twice a week. 

Give a small treat to your hamster before and after brushing teethes of your hamster. Small pet animals like hamsters need proper tooth brushing, but a mini toothbrush will be required.

Hamsters can keep their teeth clean as long they have a proper diet. It is very rare for hamsters to get dental problems, but you can check hamsters’ teeth regularly, and you can make sure that their teeth look healthy; if you see your hamster has dental problems, then take him to a professional veterinarian for treatment.

If your hamster’s teeth are black or a little brown, then take your hamster to the vet. If your hamster has dental problems, then make a healthy diet plan for him. We are 100% sure that you will find what you are looking for in this article.

Keeping a hamster is so easy, but sometimes they require too much care. A little injury can cause several problems for your hamster. If you have a hamster, you must know that hamsters keep eating or chewing anything, and they also store food inside their cheeks. It is essential not to provide too much food or cause many dental problems to your hamster.

Do hamsters need to brush their teeth?

In this article, we have explained the best methods to brush your hamster’s teeth. We have also added tips and precautions while you brush the teeth of your pet hamster.

Before brushing, teeth of your hamsters, make sure that your hamster is feeling comfortable. Give him a little treat before brushing his teeth. Hold your hamster very carefully and make sure that he’s not feeling uncomfortable and not frightened. Start brushing his teeth slowly. After brushing his teeth, wash his mouth carefully. And after this process, give your hamster a little treat.

Toothbrush for hamster

Teethes of hamsters are very sensitive. Many varieties of toothbrushes for hamsters are available in pet shops. You need to be very aware while buying a toothbrush for your hamster. Every hamster has a different face size, so we will recommend you to take your hamster to the pet shop to purchase a toothbrush for him.

Buy a good quality toothbrush; make sure that the toothbrush’s brush is soft enough so that your hamster will not feel uncomfortable while you brush his teeth.

Buying a Toothpaste for your Hamster

Many different varieties of toothpaste are available in the markets and pet shops for the hamsters. We will suggest you buy toothpaste made with natural ingredients. Hamsters have sensitive teeth’s and toothpaste made with harsh chemicals can damage their teeth.

Herbal toothpaste is also the best option. We will suggest you buy a toothpaste of grapes flavor. If you can’t find toothpaste for your hamster in the market or the pet shop, then go to the vet of your hamster.

Help your hamster to keep His Teeth Clean

Begin with the proper diet. . Give your hamster the right food like the store-bought seed mixture or pellet food. Various types of hamster’s food are available at the pet stores.

These diets are designed especially to meet your hamster’s nutritional needs. Don’t feed soft food to your hamster until he has dental problems. Ground-up food is not good for the hamsters’ teeth because this type of food has small particles, which can stick between his teethes.

Give Chew treats to your Hamster

Softwood is the best chew treat for your hamster. Softwood will help your hamster to maintain the strength of his teethes. Prevent your hamster from chewing hardwoods like redwood, mahogany, and cedar, or else chewing these woods will damage his teethes.

Applewood is the best chew treat for your hamster because this wood is so soft and will not damage your hamster’s teeth. Lava blocks treat is also a good option because it is soft enough and will not damage your hamster’s teethes. Your hamster will clean its face and groom after eating.

Give Healthy Snacks

Make a healthy diet plan for your hamster. Feed your hamster with different fruits and vegetables. These nutrients will help your hamster to keep his teethes healthy. You need to be very careful while buying food for your hamster from the store because some food items contain a high amount of sugar, which can cause tooth infection.

These cookies will help your hamster to keep his teethes short. These cookies contain a huge amount of calcium, helping your hamster keep his teeth strong. It is better to use natural products like grapes.

Dog cookies are the best treatment for your hamster. Human foods are also not healthful for your hamster. Hamsters have different digestive systems than humans, and tooth structure is also different; this is why human food can cause several problems to your hamster. We will suggest you not share your food with your hamster because it can damage your hamster’s digestive system and his teethes.

Hamsters have the cheek in which they carry food back to their burrows. Full cheeks can make their head double or triple in size. This habit can damage your hamster teethes badly. We will suggest you to not give too much food to your hamster. They may play around and fall backward when they are full.

Keep hamsters teeth clean

A human mouth contains a lot of bacteria. It can be easily passed to your hamster when you will kiss your hamster or when you will share your food with your hamster. If you want to prevent your hamster from the bacteria, then stop doing these things.

If you stop doing these two things, then guarantee that your hamster will not face any disease like tooth decay. We will also suggest you clean your hamster`s cage twice a weak.

Recognizing the dental problems in hamsters

Before opening the mouth of your Hamster, make sure that your Hamster is feeling comfortable and is in a good mood. Hold him in such a way that your mouth is towards his mouth, and you can open up his mouth.

If his teeth’ color is yellow, then don’t worry, because his teethes are normal. Hamster’s teeth get yellow due to saliva. But if the color of his teethes is orange, then take your Hamster to the vet.

Teethes of the hamsters never stop growing; sometimes, they become overgrown. When teethes of your Hamster are overgrown, he is at serious health risk. Your hamster can stop eating, and they can have issues like brain damage. If your Hamster has overgrown teethes, then we will suggest you take your Hamster to the veterinarian.

Hamsters also got problems with the front teethes. It is because teethes of the hamsters never stop growing. The teethes at the top and the bottom should rub against each other. This process helps your Hamster to keep his teethes from becoming overgrown. If any teeth of your hamster break, then don’t worry, teeth may become longer.

Use Toilet Paper instead of Nesting Material

Nesting material can also cause many dental problems to your hamster. Nesting material is made out of cotton can become caught or tangled around the teethes of your hamster, and it can cut off circulation.

Nesting material can also get stuck around their teethes while they are pouching or nesting. A good alternative is toilet paper because it is very safe, and toilet paper is also digestible.

Take your hamster to Vet

If your hamster is suffering from any tooth problem, then take your hamster to the Vet. The Vet will examine your hamster properly, and he will tell you what the real problem is. Check your hamster’s teeth daily. If the color of his teethes is block or brown, then your hamster’s teeth are not healthy; if yellow, then don’t worry, his teethes are normal.

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