How to make a hamster cage out of wood?

How to make a hamster cage out of wood?

Hamsters have a different kind of relationship with the woods.No matter the hamsters are using the woods for chewing or playing purposes. But the most important and crucial part arrives when you use the wood to make a cage for hamsters.

How to make a hamster cage out of wood? You can make a hamster cage out of wood by selecting good quality wood, cutting wood to make the structure, adjusting the floor, and making walls. You should properly check the wooden cage before allowing the hamster to live in it.

How to make a hamster cage out of wood?

Hamsters have this ability that they can live and become friendly to the environment. When you keep them in the wire cage they get used to it when you place the hamster in the glass enclosure. These hamsters make them comfortable and cozy there.

The same is the case with a wooden cage. The hamsters are more attracted towards the wood cage than any other cage. There should be a proper house for the hamsters where they live and play. They can store the food in them. When they have the time they start chewing this food in their houses or the places they live in. The hamsters like to play a lot that is why there must be a proper house for the hamster. There must be a proper house for the hamster where they can live and play for a while.

When it comes to the hamster which will be kept as a pet in the houses or the places where you live. Then mostly people consider Syrian hamsters as a choice for keeping the hamsters as a pet. These hamsters are also known as golden hamsters. These pets have different requirements and living abilities and ways.

These pets have certain conditions when they live as a pet. These hamsters require special cages and houses for them. These hamsters like to climb and move here and there. These hamsters like a large area and spaces for playing and climbing around. When it comes to the caging of the hamster there are specific measurements and requirements for the hamsters.

These measurements are like that the depth of the cage should be fifty centimeters. The width of the cage must be eighty centimeters. The height of the cage must be thirty-five centimeters. For the bar spacing, there must be one centimeter of the area. This area is the specific area for the housing and caging of the hamster.

If you have the right choice of wood for your pet hamster and you want to make a cage of wood at your home. Then it is a really good idea. But the idea requires expertise and efforts.

They need many more different things and areas as compared to other pet animals. That is why it is really important to make a cage in such a way where the hamster can not only love but also enjoy the place. For this purpose, you can make a wood cage of a certain size and space.

Tools required

The size and shape of the wood cage must be appropriate and must be according to the needs of the hamsters.

There are a list and compilation of the tools which are required for the making and shaping of the cage of wood. These tools which are involved in the making and shaping of the wood cage are as follows.

Their tools are essential when you are making a wood cage at home. The nails, hammer, screws, and staples are those components that help in making and building the cage. You must have all of these tools and instruments. You can use linoleum this will help in absorbing the urine.

The cleanliness of the cage will become so easy when you will use the linoleum for building a cage for the hamster. You can choose the wood of your own choice. Then you might need three wooden sticks. These sticks should be made of pine. But if you are not choosing this kind of wood then make sure that you are not buying the toxic wood.

Then you can add the two reinforced corners which are made up of pine and then two reinforced corners that are made up of Beech. These sticks will help you to give the strength and force to the structure of the wooden cage for the hamster. The structure will help to prevent the cage from any kind of attack.

Then you will use a mesh of the steel. When you are selecting this mesh then make sure that you are choosing a steel mesh that is without paint and the wires should be so close that the hamster cannot go through these wires.

Cut wood into proper size

The basis of the wooden cage is the right cutting of the wood which will help in shaping the cage for the hamster. The cutting should be in a specific manner. Planks should be cut and then use a jigsaw to cut two planks. These planks should be 27×15 cm in length. Then cut four planks which are 163cm in their length. Then two other planks should be cut in 27×15 cm in length.

Then you can stick the linoleum on the sticks and it will make the cutting process easy and comfortable. The structure of the wooden cage would be made of batons and sticks of wood. The sticks which are required for this purpose should be 4, 4 sticks and every four sticks should be 25cm and 23.5cm in length. Then cut two sticks in 37cm and then two sticks in 27cm.

Then cut the wooden sticks of 40 and 15 cm. These sticks will help to make the barrier of the wooden cage.

Then cut the reinforced corner of the sticks. Here are four reinforced corners and then two reinforced corners. These should be 23.5cm, 40cm, and 30cm in length. The beech should be cut in 2cm, 6 reinforced corners of 15cm should be there and then 6 reinforced corners of 7.5cm should be there. These reinforced corners will help the cage the protection from inside.

Adjust the floor of the cage

This the step in which the floor of the wooden cage is being made. For this purpose, you need the plans of 27x5cm and 16x2cm. Both sizes depict that there must be two planks of both sizes.

Then put the planks on the measurements and then screw the planks carefully. Do this for both sizes and measurements. Now the cage got the floor of the cage which is also the bedding for the hamster.

Make the structure of the wooden cage

Now the assembling of the structure can be carried out. First of all place the plank. Then the woodcut in 25cm length should be placed on the plank. This placing should be on the corners of the planks.

Then place the baton of 25 cm on the plank. You can use the drill for making the holes and placing the planks on the wood. The process of screwing will becomes much easier than without the drill. Place the batons on the planks on both ends. Now place the upper frame and for this purpose, you can place the batons on the plank. Then can drill and adjust the parts together.

Maintain corners of the cage

Here in this step, the reinforcement of the corners is carried out. You can take six reinforced corners of 15 cm and then can place these corners on the first floor. The corners should be screwed and nailed at the floor.

The reinforced corners of the 15cm can be placed on the second floor. Then you can take reinforced corners of 40cm and nail them in the downward direction. You can make some barriers so you can hide and prevent the flow.

Secure the cage with wires

When the internal part of the wooden cage is completed then go for the external part. Here you can use the wire mesh which is made up of steel. This wire mesh should be placed on both sides of the wooden cage. The mesh and staples should be tightening perfectly and strongly. There should not be enough space for the hamster to go through the wire mesh.

Other animals cannot invade the hamster if the wooden cage is secured by the steel wire mesh. Hamsters are afraid of dogs and they feel protected in their cage. Do not allow your pet dog to come near the hamster cage.

Check the cage in detail

This is the last step of making a wooden cage for the pet hamster. This step does not require the hammer and screws. You can just place a variety of things inside the cage. These things can be sand burrows and sand bath in the cage.

You can also place the exercise wheel inside the cage. Some toys can be placed inside the wooden cage. Hamsters can drink from a bowl, you should add one bowl in the cage.

Choice of wood

The choice of wood for the hamsters is a very important and somehow critical method. The reason behind this issue is that sometimes when the woods arrive these woods have some chemical exposures on them. In the presence of these chemicals, there are larger possibilities of danger and harm for the hamsters.

That is why it is important to make sure that the wood which you are going to use for the bedding or caging of the hamster is free from any kind of chemical. This observation and confirmation will help you to find a block of good wood for your hamster. Then the hamster will enjoy its times using the wood as bedding or caging.

This good and right choice of wood will keep the hamster healthy and happy in all ways. The right choice of food plays an important role in the health and happiness of the hamster. That is why make sure that you are selecting the right choice of the wood.

Good wood for the bedding of hamster

When you have chosen the right wood for the hamster. Then there must be the shaving of the wood. The shaving of wood is a very important step. Because shaving involves a lot of expertise and effort. The shaving of the wood makes the best bedding for the hamsters. These shavings must be soft. The hamsters have this habit of living and climbing over the woods that is why make sure that there must be no sharp edges in the wood.

Otherwise, these sharp edges will harm the hamsters. The shaving should be so smooth so that the hamster can climb over these areas. Moreover, these should be shallow as well. These shavings must have the ability to soak and absorb the urine in them.

You can choose a due to the aspen shaving for the bedding purpose of the hamsters. Now there are shavings that you should not use when it comes to the bedding of the hamsters. These shavings include cedar shavings and pine shavings.

When you will use these shavings then these can harm the hamster and the hamster can get ill. That is why avoid using these kinds of shaving. There is shaving known as sawdust which is not good when it comes to the bedding and caging of the hamsters.

Moreover, if you want other shavings which can be good for the hamster’s bedding and caging then these are pellets and newspapers etc. The right choice of shaving is very important regarding the health and livelihood of your hamster. You can also take this cage when your hamster travels in an airplane.

For the bedding purpose, there must be some good kind of wood that should be used. Moreover, the hamsters should be adaptive to the woods. It is not good for the hamsters that they are living in a place or bedding a particular kind of wood but the hamsters are not friendly with that wood. That is why the right choice of wood is really necessary when it arrives at the idea of bedding the hamsters.

Woods have a large variety and options. Woods of various kinds can be associated with the hamsters these woods can be used for bedding and entertainment. Every portion of the hamster’s life carries a different kind and different variety of woods for them. The right choice of wood for the right purpose is extremely important.