Can dwarf hamsters drink from a bowl?

Can dwarf hamsters drink from a bowl?

Dwarf hamsters can drink from a bowl. You can teach your pet hamster to drink from a bowl with these easy steps.

Can dwarf hamsters drink from a bowl? Yes, dwarf hamsters can drink water from a bowl. You should place the water bowl a bit higher in the cage. Nothing will get entrapped in the bowl, and water will remain safe and clean.

If you are keeping a hamster as a pet, then you should give water to the hamster either you are giving it through the bowl of a water bottle. If the water bowl is containing water for a longer period, then change the water with fresh water. You should clean the bowl daily to prevent your hamster from getting sick.

Can dwarf hamsters drink from a bowl?

Dwarf Hamsters need water to fulfill their thirst. Moreover, if the hamster is a pet, then you must satisfy its drinking and other requirements. The pets need extra care when it comes to the hamsters as a pet.

These pets need water on their time and whenever they are thirsty. If you are keeping a hamster as your pet, then you must have settled a way in which you are giving water to your pet hamster.

The ways of giving water to your hamster may be different. But there must be the use of a utensil for this purpose.

You can use a water bottle to provide water for your hamster. Some people use the suction bottle to give water to the hamsters. But some people consider other things as compared to the water bottles to provide water to the hamsters.

These water bottles are mostly linked and joint with the cage of the dwarf hamster. The pet owner helps the hamster to drink water from these bottles using the suction bottles. Through these bottles, mostly, the hamster drinks water with their thirst.

But there are some hamsters which drink water out of a bowl rather than the water bottles. These bowls are considered to be a source of water supply for these hamsters. These hamsters can drink water from the bowls rather than using the water bottles for drinking water.

Shape and quality of the bowl

There are some bowls with different shapes and qualities. These bowls are available in the market and are associated with the hamsters. These bowls are made up of plastic. This kind of plastic is different than normal plastic.

These bowls are specially manufactured for the use of hamsters. These bowls are so small and beautiful that the plastic of these bowls gives strength to the hamsters. These bowls can be placed inside the cage of the hamster.

Best bowls for the hamsters

There are different kinds of bowls available in the market for the hamsters. water drinking purpose. These bowls are of different sizes and shapes. You can select a bowl of your own choice. You can choose the water bowl according to the color of the cage of a hamster.

The bowls which you are going to use for the hamster should be shallow. There must be enough space in the bowl that water should stay inside the bowl. It should not be so shallow that the hamster cannot reach the depth of the bowl.

The bowls which you are going to place for the water drinking purpose of hamsters must consist of non-toxic material. The hamsters have sharpened teeth, and they can chew and bite the bowl; that is why these bowls should be of non-toxic material. The bowls made of plastic must be preferable.

Filling of the bowl

When the bowl is placed in the cage of the hamster, then it is vital to understand. That whenever the hamster will want to drink water. It will drink water from the bowl of the cage. That is why it is essential to put an eye on the water of the bowl. There should be a filling routine of these bowls. At least two times a day, these bowls should be filled with water.

You should find out that either the bowl of the water for the hamster is filled or empty. There should be an eye on the bowls of the hamsters. Fill the bowl of the hamster with water whenever you find that the bowl is empty. They like to eat dried mealworms, you can use the same method for feeding it.

Benefits of using a bowl for dwarf hamsters

You can give water to the hamster through the water bottle. But when you consider water giving to the hamsters using a bowl. Then their many benefits are there. For these benefits, you can give water by using a bowl. There are many benefits, and these benefits are as follows.

The first benefit of using the bowl for the hamsters is that you might not use the water bottle for giving water to the hamsters. Due to the shape and size of the bottles, it becomes challenging to find a comfortable bottle. But the plastic bowls are so amazing in that similar way. These bowls are adjustable for the hamsters.

Sometimes the hamsters refuse to drink water from the water bottle. That is why people prefer the bowl for providing water to the hamster. The reason behind that is, the nozzle of the bottle is so uncomfortable for the hamster. The mouth of the hamster is so small as compared to the nozzle of the bottle. That is why bowl gives the proper way to give water to the hamster.

Sometimes the hamsters create so much sound while drinking water from the bottle. That is why it is important to give a bowl to the hamster. Because due to this sound, the hamster can create so much noise that it can disturb you. If the bowl is placed near your bedroom then, this noise can be so irritating that it can wake you up. That is why you should use a bowl of water for your hamster as compared to the use of a water bottle.

The water bowls which are used for the hamsters are more durable as compared to the water bottle. These bowls are not easy to break. Sometimes the hamster chews the nozzle of the bottles which are used for drinking water. These hamsters can create a hole in the water bottles. That is why the bowls provide the maximum support and strength when it comes to giving water to the hamsters.

The water bottles which are used by the hamsters for drinking water are hard to clean as compared to the bowls. The water bottles require much more effort for cleaning when these bottles get dirty. Bowls are easy to clean and maintain. You can easily tame a nervous hamster by giving him good food and toys.

These bowls are not hard to clean and even maintain. It is very easy to wash and clean the water bowls which are used for the hamsters. Water bottles may contain some dirt in the bottom, and through the nozzle of the water bottle, it is tough to clean the bottle. That is why water bowls are preferable as compared to the water bottles for the hamsters.

Ways to place a bowl in the cage

When it comes to the use of water bowls for the dwarf hamsters, then there must be an accurate way to place these bowls in the cage. The bowl should be placed inside the cage in a way that the hamster should not break or put it on it. The shallow side is preferable when it comes to keeping the water bowl in the cage.

Secondly, you should place the bowl in the cage in such a way that it should not be so deep that the hamster could not get the water from the bowl. Make it easy and comfortable for the dwarf hamster while placing the bowl in the cage. If you have dogs in your house, do not let dogs come near hamsters. They can hurt your pet hamster.

The bowl should be that much heavy that when the hamster climb on the sides of the bowl, this should not break or tilt backward; otherwise, the water will spill all over the cage.

The bowl should be of enough strength and good plastic. This clean water drinking will prevent the hamster from getting sick. Cleaning of the bowl must be carried out every day. Make sure that the bowl is clean and change the water of the bowl regularly. These steps will help the hamster to drink clean and stay healthy.

A platform for placing the bowl

There must be a platform on which the bowl should be placed. This platform should not be out of range of the hamster. Otherwise, the hamster will not be able to drink water from the bowl. Place the bowl on such a height and platform that the bowl cannot be tipped easily.

If you are making a platform for your hamster, then you can use the cardboard at your home. For making a platform at home, you can just make a hole inside the cardboard and can place the bowl on this platform. You can nest the bowl in the hole of the cardboard, and a dwarf hamster can drink water daily.

Reasons for drinking from a bowl instead of a water bottle

Some people want to hydrate their hamsters through the bowls instead of using the water bottles. There are various reasons due to which someone wants to hydrate their pet hamsters using plastic bowls.

A water bottle is malfunctioning

Sometimes people who have a hamster as their pet hydrate the hamsters by using the bowls instead of the water bottles. This is not because they want this to give water to the hamster through the bowls.

Sometimes the bottles which people use for hydrating in hamster are not functioning properly. You should also add these at the corners of the wooden cage.

Sometimes the nozzle of the bottle break of the vacuum does not work appropriately. That is why the owner of the pet uses the bowl as an alternative.

These bowls may be a new experience for the hamsters, but in case of emergency and need, these bowls are very helpful for the hamsters and the owner of the pet.

The nozzle is big for hamsters

Sometimes when you buy a water bottle for the hamster. You buy this bottle with the estimation that it will be sufficient for your hamster. But when you come home and try to hydrate the hamster with the help of the bottle. You find out that the hamster is not drinking water from the bottle because of its nozzle.

When the nozzle of the bottle is big for the hamster, the hamster can not drink water from that nozzle.

This big nozzle can sometimes irritate, and the hamster can stop drinking completely. Some hamsters just do not like the nozzle at all because they like to eat natural yogurt from the bowl.

Because of this problem, they stop drinking water from the bottle. People then use bowls for the hamsters instead of using the bottles. In these cases, the bowls play a vital role and help the pet owner to keep the pet hydrated.


Hamsters sometimes produce so much noise while drinking water through the bottles. That is why people prefer to use the plastic bowl for the drinking of water by hamsters as compared to the use of bottles.

Final words:

When the dwarf hamster is not drinking water properly, then you should allow the hamster to drink water properly. There is a proper range for the drinking of water for a hamster. 

Then you must visit the veterinary doctor. Talk to the veterinary doctor about the improper drinking routine of the hamster. If the hamster is sick, then the hamster might change its drinking routine. If the Syrian hamster is in captivity, he may not drink water.

That is why consult with the veterinary doctor about this. Sometimes hamster is not sick and just does not want to drink water.