Can Hamsters Eat Natural Yogurt?

Can Hamsters Eat Natural Yogurt?

Natural Yogurt is of great importance for the hamster because it gives proper nourishment and strength to the hamster. Natural yogurt has all the essential nutrients that are necessary for the wellness of your hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Natural Yogurt? Yes, hamsters can eat natural yogurt. You can mix it with banana, cheese, apple, and strawberries. Natural yogurt acts as a probiotic and enhances the immunity of the hamster.

Yogurt is good for the hamsters of all age groups, except those who are newborn and less than half a year old. After the age of 6 to 8 months, you can give natural yogurt to the hamster without any fear of side effects.

Natural yogurt enhances the growth of the beneficial bacteria that increase immunity to the hamsters. Due to which it could remain free from the attack of diseases and infections.

Can Hamsters Eat Natural Yogurt?

Natural yogurt keeps your hamster strong from the attack of micro-organism that goes inside the body, and also by making the bones strong will make him able to resist any type of foreign attack or accident. Thus, natural yogurt is good in so many ways, so you have to prepare your hamster to take it daily without being irritated.

Nutritional value of yogurt for hamster

It is a complete balanced diet that has very high beneficial content that makes it good for health.

Vitamins are necessary for the strength and development of the body. Almost about 40% of vitamins are present in the yogurt and constitute about 30 to 50% of the nutritional value of the yogurt.

Along with vitamins, it also has minerals and calcium that also present approximately 50% of the 60% of the yogurt and very essential for the development of the bones.

Due to which any weakness or invading organism will not able to affect the hamster.

Yogurt also has potassium and fiber that is the best anti-oxidant agent that helps to remove constipation and makes the GIT of the hamster strong. Fibers are good to get rid of constipation.

If it is at the initial stage, you can easily treat it by giving him a proper quantity of yogurt.

With all these essential nutritional elements, yogurt also has many trace elements that are very good for the hamster. These trace elements also have a vital role in making your hamster healthy and well.

Give them yogurt and fulfill their nutritional needs and keep them healthy and active.

The best and easy way to give it to your hamster is as it is. But the hamster is a very sensitive and moody pet. He may not like it and deny to eat it. So to give it with nutritional food items can enhance its efficacy more and helps to mask the appearance of the yogurt. In this way, without being irritated, your hamster could eat it and take a full nutritional diet.

If he does not want to eat it and you insist him to eat it., due to excessive enforcement, he can become wild and angry. So no need to force him and try any of the following recipes to give yogurt to your hamster. There are so many recipes that mask and change the taste; you can also provide it by changing it from one day to another day.

Yogurt with honey

The use of honey, along with yogurt, is perfect for your hamster. Both honey and yogurt are good for the hamster and make him healthy and strong.

Take a half bowl of fresh yogurt. Beat it well and then take 3 tablespoons of honey and add it in the yogurt. Then mix them both very well. Then serve it to your hamster. This is the very easy recipe and the best to serve, especially in winters, because honey gives support and warmness.

It is best to treat bacterial infections and on serving both at once to your hamster. He will able to enjoy double benefits at once. Syrian hamsters can eat spiders if they are hungry.

Mix natural yogurt with oats

Oats are very beneficial for the hamsters. Oat also enriched with nutritional elements. Due to which it is good for the hamster to provide them immunity and strength. This recipe is common and almost liked by all types of hamsters.

You need to use powder of oats because it is easy to eat and digest. For this recipe, take 2 to 3 tablespoons of oats powder. Then take a bowl full of yogurt. Beat the yogurt properly then mix oats powder in it. After that blend, it correctly that both mix properly with each other.

To enhance the taste you can also add sugar in it according to the taste of the hamster after that add to make it look vulnerable and attractive also add one to two drops of any food color that helps to attract the hamster towards it.

After mixing all the ingredients properly, make sure that the whole mixture becomes thick like the dough on the floor. After that, make small balls of it, and you can also give it the shape of a biscuit then bake it for 10 to 25 minutes. After that, it is ready to serve your sweet, beautiful hamster.

For future use, store it in an airtight jar for almost one week. After that, it will lose its efficacy, so serve daily two biscuits in this way whole consumed within a week or 5 days. This gives your hamster proper growth and activeness.

Yogurt with banana

This is a very beneficial recipe for the excellent health of the hamster. Because banana also has its nutritional importance. So when you use both at once, it becomes a full-fledged lunch type lavish dish because it becomes heavy. But also is very sweet in taste and beneficial for health, these ingredients are commonly available almost in every house.

The recipe is simple; you just need one banana and a half cup of fresh yogurt and sugar according to the taste of the hamster. After that, peel off the banana then mesh it properly. After taking yogurt, then beat it properly if you want the sugar to add it.

Then add one to two teaspoons of sugar to it. Mix it well. Then add mashed banana to it if the mixture is still thin then add one or half more banana to it. So that the mixture becomes thick like a paste, this thick paste is ready to serve to your hamster. It gives energy to your hamster and keeps him active and alert.

Banana masks the color and taste of yogurt and give it a new look. If your hamster likes bananas a lot and doesn’t like yogurt, then this is the best way to serve them. The best time to serve this dish is in the morning till noon.

So that it can digest quickly. You cannot store it for future use; you always have to serve it fresh because banana after peeled off, will oxidize if not taken. So serve it immediately. When hamsters live in the wild, they find their food during the night.

Natural Yogurt and strawberry pancakes

This is the most latest and the best way to serve yogurt. This recipe gives a smooth and decent look to the yogurt and completely masks the taste of the yogurt. This recipe is especially for those hamsters who dislike the taste of yogurt and may get frightened by it. This recipe is straightforward, and the pancakes obtained from this recipe could be store for future use.

The main ingredients necessary for this recipe are strawberry, sugar, yogurt, cream, flour, egg. All ingredients used in these pancakes are full of nutrition and a complete diet. So these pancakes are enough to give your hamster strength and strong immunity.

For this, you need to take 4 to 5 strawberries paste. Make the paste by meshing it with the help of a fork. Then take an egg to beat it properly in such a way that the foamy texture of egg-formed.

Then take a bowl full of yogurt also beat it properly. Then add 4 to 5 tablespoons of sugar it and mix it properly. Then add the paste of strawberries in it and egg. To make the look smooth, add half a tablespoon of cream to it.

Blend all the ingredients properly and mix them well to make the paste thick like dough. After that, cut it into small pieces and bake it for 20 to 25 minutes. Now tasty, yummy yogurt and strawberry pancakes are ready. You can serve it to your hamster at breakfast. After taking this, he feels energetic and active for the whole day.

You can store it for almost one week at a proper temperature in an air-tight jar. If you have a busy schedule, then on the weekend, you can make it for the whole week and this is ideal if your hamster is losing its whiskers.

Yogurt with vanilla donuts

This is also one of the most famous recipes, and this also boosts up the immune system of the hamster and makes him healthy and active. The ingredients required for this recipe are commonly available in every kitchen.

This recipe is easy, and donuts obtain small size and soft and smooth texture. Your hamster likes it a lot. For that, you need only a cup full of yogurt, sugar according to your taste, then take vanilla powder as required, take egg white of one egg, cream and floor.

First, take a bowl of yogurt blend it correctly then add a few drops of vanilla flavor in it. Add 3 to 4 tablespoon of sugar in, then add correctly beat egg white in it. Add equal amount cream in it as that of yogurt. Hamsters love to eat apple skin, you can add few pieces to it.

Then mix all the ingredients properly and add the flour it that is necessary to make it thick. Mix all the ingredients very well after that make the shape of a donut and bake them for 10 to 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, your soft donuts are ready. Then take vanilla serum in a cone and with this cone spread vanilla serum over the whole donut so that it gives an attractive yellow look to the hamster, and he can eat it easily.

This donut has amazing nutritional value, and it is the best dish to serve in all types of seasons for the sake of energy and strength. When you are baking, it needs to be careful about the size of the donut. Hamster always attracts the small size donuts because small size donuts are very easy for him to eat. You can also store it for 3 to 4 days at a moderate temperature place it in an air-tight jar.

Natural Yogurt with potato and cheese balls

This recipe is amazing because it is different than any other recipe and yummier. If your hamster becomes fed up with the daily intake of sweet recipes, then you must need to try this on. Its additional benefit is that it keeps your hamster fit because excessive consumption of sugar can make your hamster fat all of a sudden.

This recipe is easy and simple. For this, you need 2 to 3 potatoes then take half a cup of yogurt and cheese in the same quantity as that of yogurt. First, you need to boil these potatoes. Then let them cool and after that, peel them off. After that, mix the cheese and yogurt in a bowl and add spices to it that give taste to the mixture. Because excessive use of spices could harm your hamster, and he may get irritated.

So after that, in this bowl, add the mashed potato only add that quantity of potato that makes the mixture thick more than dough. After that, make the small balls of this mixture for more energy; you can also add an egg to it.

You can also bake it and also serve them as it is without baking as you feel easy and as liked by your hamster. So serve them as it is, but if you are added egg in it, then you need to bake it.

You can also store it for one to days, but you have to store it in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the potato in it will spoil. This salty recipe makes your hamster happy and healthy.

How much yogurt can a hamster eat?

The proper amount that is necessary for the hamster to take daily is almost one-fourth part of the cup. If he makes it as it then serves it by adding sugar or any other flavor, but if he wants some of the above recipes, then serve him in that form, which he likes.

The form of serving could be anyone, but the main focus is that you should have to serve it at any cost.

The best time to serve yogurt to your hamster is morning time. Yogurt is somehow a heavy food item, so it digests due to jumping during day time. So try to serve it in the morning in the evening its serving could make your hamster fat and lazy. So serve it in the morning time, especially in breakfast.

So it is obligatory to serve it when he becomes used to it start giving him half cup. Because as the age increases, the need for the body also increases, so fulfill his all needs and serve him well. He is very weak and sensitive; he could easily prone to more diseases. So you need to be careful and conscious about the diet and make yogurt essential and necessary elements that you have to serve daily.

Is natural yogurt harmful to hamsters?

It can be dangerous in some aspects because if the milk from which you obtain yogurt has chemicals. These chemicals could also have an adverse impact on yogurt, so if your hamster takes this.

It can cause poisoning in your hamster, and its severity could cause ulcers in the stomach sometimes. So always make good quality yogurt because the quality is a priority among all.

Serving more amount than the prescribed one could make your hamster fat because it has a high level of fats in it. It also has a high level of glucose and fructose that could make your hamster diabetic. So always use its proper amount and good quality because it is necessary for your hamster.