Why do Hamsters itch a lot?

Why do Hamsters itch a lot?

Why do Hamsters itch a lot?

Hamsters are from the family of rodents, and they are adorable and loving animals. Hamsters are cute little furry animals, and they are small in size also. They are excellent diggers and love to eat food like nuts, seeds, etc.

They have big space in their mouth, and they carry their food in them and transfers it safely to its dug hole. As it is a sensitive animal, if it is deals with care and attention, it may affect the hamster’s health. The most common problem that occurs in hamsters is itching. Our experts will discuss in detail about itching in hamsters in this article.

Itching in hamsters can be caused by:

  • Lack of Hygiene.
  • Improper diet
  • Strict captivity
  • Poor environment
  • Mange disease
  • Mites

Their interaction with humans is also exceptional. They have colorful furry skin, including red, brown, black, grey, and honey. They are adorable and sensitive animals, and you have to take extra care of them. Syrian hamster is the most popular species of hamsters.

Why do Hamsters itch a lot?

Well, hamsters are susceptible, and different things happen with them often. The most common problem that a hamster faces is itching. They have furry and fluffy skin, and itching in this type of surface is very irritating and harmful. Itching is a common problem, and every animal faces this problem. If the hamster is itching continuously, then this can cause problems to the little fellow. Itching in hamsters can be caused by the following reasons.

Itching is terrible and a nightmare for pets. It is annoying and harmful to your pet’s health. It can happen to any animal, and it is usually standard. It irritates the pet and discomforts him.


Stress is the mother of all diseases nowadays. Humans and animals are both infected by this awful condition. It is a hazardous condition that is not good for mental health. It can cause various diseases that are harmful to the body and mind as well.

One of the primary and most significant reasons for itching in hamsters is stress. Yes, stress causes itching in the hamsters and changes the mood of hamsters quickly. Many reasons can cause anxiety. If your pet does not have a friendly and joyful environment, it can cause stress.

If they do not have a sound ventilation system in their cage, then they became suffocated and attacked by anxiety. Hamsters itch themselves more when they are under stress. They will get irritated and itch themselves a lot.

Stress is terrible and causes anxiety. It can create many awful problems. It affects the mental and physical health of the hamster.

  • Provide a friendly and colorful environment to the hamster.
  • Provide a colorful cage to your hamster with a sound ventilation system.
  • Provide entertaining rides and accessories to your hamster so that he can play with it.
  • Provide space to the hamster so that he can play and wander in the cage.

Mites can cause itching in hamsters

Several reasons can cause itching in the hamster. If your pet is continuously itching itself, then maybe it is due to parasites. Ticks are the nightmare of every pet in this world. They can cause a significant problem, and it is not suitable for the animal’s health also. It can cause many issues, including hair loss, dry skin, and irritation.

If your hamster is scratching itself intensely, then you should check the surface of your pet for mites. Hamsters have a furry coat, and it is a dream place for bugs. Insects change their position and spread over all the body. They are so tiny and look like small black dots on the skin. They can cause significant irritation, and they are also harmful to the hamster.

Mites are tiny insects, and they can cause significant problems in your pet. You have to be very choosy for your pet. They can cause significant damage to your pet. You can save your hamster from mites by following these instructions.

  • Check your hamster’s furry skin regularly and see if there are mites on it. They will appear as tiny black dots on the surface.
  • Take care of the hygiene of your hamster.
  • Provide a neat and clean environment for your pet.
  • If you find mites in your hamster buy an anti-mite medication from a nearby medical store.

Itching from Allergy

Allergy is a common problem that occurs in humans and animals also. It is very dangerous and can cause terrible skin problems. It is ubiquitous in hamsters cause they are furry.

They can quickly get allergic. When the allergy kicks in, hamsters start itching and scratching themselves very badly. They get irritated, and their turns bad also. Allergy can happen due to bedding, change of diet, substandard living area, and unhygienic conditions.

Allergy is a very harmful and very critical skin condition that causes many problems in the hamsters. You should take care of your pet and give him special attention so that your pet will save from any kind of allergy. You can keep your pet from allergy by following the instructions given below.

  • Check the skin of your pet regularly if you find redness on the surface then its allergy.
  • Take care of the hygiene of your pet.
  • Provide him a clean environment.
  • Feed him with a suitable diet.
  • Provide Aspen Beddings to your hamster to avoid allergy.


Diet is the most critical component of life. If your diet is not proper and suitable for your health, then it can cause many problems. It will affect your health and makes you dull and weak. It will gradually lower your health and affects your internal system. It will also invite various diseases to attack you. Same as humans, diet can also change the animals.

If your hamster is scratching itself, it may be due to the poor and improper nutrition. Improper nutrition can affect the hamster’s life and health. Hamsters usually eat seeds and flowers, but they are not sufficient for them. They need a proper diet for growing and staying fit.

Hamsters need proteins and other vital nutrients that are helpful for them. Change the menu of your hamster and check if it stops itching. If the itching stays with the change of diet, then your hamster was itching due to an improper diet.

Diet is critical, and it affects the health directly. You should be very careful about the diet of your hamster. If your hamster is facing itching due to poor diet, then follow the following instructions to save your pet from itching.

  • Take care of the diet of your pet.
  • Provide him essential nutrients and supplements.
  • Add fruits to the diet of your hamster.
  • Keep the surface clean.
  • Make sure to clean the pot in which you serve food to your pet.

Mange disease in hamsters can cause itching

Mange is a contagious disease, and it is very harmful to the hamsters. It is a skin infection that is very dangerous and caused by mites. When mites stay for very long in the skin of the hamster then it results in the rash. It also transfers from animal to animal.

If you touch an animal with disease and then touch your pet with the same hand, then your pet will also be infected. Mange is so dangerous, and it causes severe itching that irritates the hamster a lot. Dealing with mange your pet will face bloody skin, scabs, and hair loss. It is a bad infection and bad for your pet’s health. It is also a reason for itching in your pet.

Mange is a harmful and dangerous infection. It happens due to mites and transfers from animal to animal. You have to take care of your pet very well to avoid this disease. To prevent this infection, follow the following instructions carefully.

  • Check your pet for mites.
  • Eliminate mites through proper medication if found.
  • Avoid animals with rash, and do not touch them.
  • If mange detects in your pet, take it seriously.
  • Remove all the toys, food pot, bedding of your pet.
  • Replace all the things with new ones.
  • Visit the nearby vet.

Tips to Avoid Itching in Hamsters

Hamster is a sensitive animal, and it faces many problems. You should take great care of your pet to keep him safe and fit. Give proper attention and time to your pet so that it can live healthy and safe. If you do not take care of a pet properly, it will create many problems. The health and growth of your pet is affected directly. Take proper care of the diet and hygiene of the pet.

Add fruits and natural nutrients to the menu of your pet to avoid itching. Look closely at your pet and check for the mites and keep it clean and neat. Provide a cheerful and entertaining environment to your pet so that the pet remains happy and free of stress.

Give your pet suitable bedding and along with necessary ventilation and space. Make him feel free and happy. Take your pet for regular checkups to avoid itching and other problems. Give proper vaccines to your pet and make him strong and healthy. Stay safe and happy with your little partner.

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