Are Hamsters Scared of Cats?

Are Hamsters Scared of Cats?

Are Hamsters Scared of Cats?

When you happen to welcome a new pet into the home, especially if it is a Hamster, there are many things you need to consider if there are other pets in the house, too, especially cats and dogs.

Now we do not say that it is an alarming situation, but your Hamster might be afraid or scared of your other pets. If you have a pet cat in your home already, you might need to stay alert.

A lot of our viewers have asked us whether it is safe to keep hamsters in the presence of pet cats and other pet animals. So in this article, we will explain thoroughly what exactly could happen, the consequences if you keep a hamster with a cat.

Yes. A hamster can get scared of cats and other pets quickly. Hamsters are small animals, and such types of animals can get scared when they sniff danger around. It is recommended that you keep an eye on your cat if you are buying a pet hamster.

Are Hamsters Scared of Cats?

Hamsters are rodents. They have a very tiny heart, and they can get scared to death. If you are welcoming a new pet, whether it is a hamster or cat in the presence of another pet, then you need to take some precautionary measures.

Let us explain the possible reasons why your Hamster might be scared.

Cats are Predator animals

Cats, by nature, are predator animals. There is no doubt in the fact that cats are very friendly pets, but they are also predator animals, and the natural habits of an animal sometimes make it do things.

A hamster is a prey animal. Prey animals are naturally scared of predators. Hamsters are little animals, and they can get terrified if you have any other pet in the house. It is suggested not to let your new Hamster and your other pets in the same room for some time.

Hamsters can sniff danger, and the cat’s scent can make it uncomfortable and scared. It can prove to be life-threatening if your cat is not friendly.

Cats can be aggressive at times

Let’s suppose that your cat and your Hamster have become friends, and they are getting along really well by playing with each other all day; there is still a chance of a mishap.

If your Hamster and your cats play a lot with each other, then you might keep a check. Sometimes during play, cats can get super aggressive. It does not happen much often, but it can happen. When a cat is angry or disturbed, it attacks its humans or even their playmate.

Your cute little Hamster will have very little chance of getting out of the cat’s wrath. Even if he does escape it, it can get super scared. Hamsters can die if they get afraid of something.

It is best if you do not let your cat and hamsters play in the absence of supervision. There are some ways in which we can make both of them play smoothly.

Injuries from cats can scare hamsters

Cats are playful most of the time. We play with them, and they love cuddling and purring with us. Sometimes they use their sharp claws on us just to show their love. They can even hurt us when we are doing something against their will.

Hamsters are playable too. Cats, while playing with your Hamster, can hurt him unintentionally also. They don’t mean to harm the little guy, but their sharp claws can injure your Hamster during play.

It can make your Hamster frightened as their little bodies are not prone to withstand such brutal claws and injuries. If you see your Hamster has scars, take it to the vet as soon as possible.

Hungry cats can eat hamsters

Cats are one of the most unpredictable pets. Their mood swings are much weird, and they can be much awkward when they are hungry.

A cat can eat lizards, crickets, cockroaches, mice, and other such things that can fulfill their hunger. Now, if your Hamster is out in the open, then it is most likely that the cat would eat it (if its food tray is empty).

And if your Hamster is safe in its cage, then your cat will make every effort to try to eat your little Hamster for dinner. Your Hamster will get scared a lot of the cat. Hamsters can give up eating food or interacting if it is scared to death.

The best thing to do is to feed your cat on time and put it away from your Hamster. If it is not necessary, try keeping both of your pets apart.

Cats playing or fighting with other pets can scare your Hamster

Cats have a very aggressive nature, especially during the mating period. They can hurt their male cats or compete with them. If your cat runs fastly near the cage of your Hamster, it can scare him off.

If your Hamster watches your car fighting with your other pets/cats, then they can get scared quickly. At that time, it is necessary to talk to your Hamster in a very calm way. Try to keep the cats in the other room or out of that room for a while. Make sure that you calm him down, give it a cute toy to play and let him wander in his place.

Place the hamster cage out of the cat’s reach

If your Hamster or cat is new, then they are unfamiliar with the new smells. They need to make themselves at home but it needs time. A cat will try to find ways to reach your Hamster due to the scent of prey.

It is imperative to place the cage away from your cat or put it in such a place where your cat could not reach it.

Placing your hamster cage in a remote location is not enough. You have to make sure that the cage in which your Hamster is living is secure enough to withstand a predator’s attack.

First, you need to look for the doors. Ensure that the doors are tight and would not open up if the cage falls.

Then, you need such a cage that does not have very open bars. Cats can still hurt your rodent with its feet and claws. Make sure the cage is tightly closed enough so that your cat could not put its hands inside.

Keep hamsters and cat separate

We know it is hard to separate one pet from another. But sometimes you have to take the hard road. We always advise being cautious because bad news doesn’t come with ringing bells.

If you have more than one room, then try putting your cat in the other place, or you can put your Hamster in the separate bedroom. In this way, the interaction will be much less, and your Hamster might live a long, non-scared life.

Act nicely with both pets

Cats are very possessive animals. They can become so jealous if you love someone more than them. It happens a lot if you welcome a new baby to home. A hamster will put the same threat to your cat.

It is essential if you be attentive and lovable to your cat when it needs attention. Likewise, you should also love and play with your Hamster in the presence of the cat so that your cat might understand that the Hamster is not to be killed.

Always be very attentive while playing with your Hamster. Your cat can also steal it and hurt it. Poor hammy will get scared of its life when its sister cat attacks her.

Try an exercise ball

There are exercise balls available in the market, specially made for hamsters. You can buy it and put your Hamster inside it. It will be a new device for your Hamster to wander around the house.

It will also be a play ball for your cat. Cats love to play with balls. You can let your cat play with the exercise ball in your supervision. Do not let them play for more than 15 minutes as your Hamster can get pretty exhausted by constant playing and bouncing.

Stop the cat by saying No

Cats listen to their owners. If you see your cat trying to hurt or scare your Hamster in its cage, just make your tone harsher and say NO. It will make your cat know that she is not supposed to frighten this Hamster and she will stay away.

A hamster is a very delicate pet. If you have a hamster, you have to take great care of them. Cats are adorable pets, but due to the predator and prey rivalry, we do not recommend letting these two wander freely on their own.

Fear kills your Hamster. Do not let it go in the stage of constant fear; otherwise, it will pass out soon.

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