How to wake hamster up from hibernation?

How to wake hamster up from hibernation?

How to wake hamster up from hibernation?

Hamsters are a magnificent creature and probably the best animal to keep as a pet. They are such loving and beautiful animals, and they love to live with you. They are small in size and have furry skin, which makes them more adorable. They have tiny legs and ears, and they are super cute.

You can wake up your pet hamster from hibernation by providing warm bedding, talking with him, give warm milk, and even by holding him in your lap. It is recommended that you carefully and gently wake hamsters from hibernation.

Hamsters have a habit of hibernating, and the owner needs to know how to handle your pet during hibernation. What steps should he take to end up the hibernation? People do not have much information about this. Our experts will discuss about how to wake up hamster from hibernation in this article below.

How to wake hamster up from hibernation?

Hibernation is the process in which an animal goes into a deep sleep for a long time. It can be a few days or weeks, and your pet will not involve itself in further activities. Animals usually hibernate in the cold weather when the temperature drops, and animals hibernate themselves easily. It is mainly due to the cold weather, and they want to survive for a long time.

They save their energy and hibernate themselves to survive in the extreme atmospheric conditions. It is a particular method to increase the life span of animals. Hibernation usually slows down the metabolism. It also drops the temperature of the hamsters down and slows down the heartbeat along with breathing.

Hamster owners should know about the hibernation and treat their pets according to the weather conditions. Pet owners should also make the necessary arrangements for their pets to survive in the winters accordingly.

Hibernating is common in animals, and they often sleep. They sleep in winters usually to save their energy to live longer and survive in the cold season. Sleeping is dangerous, and it can kill your pet also. You can wake your hamster from hibernate by following the instructions given below.

Try Body Heat to wake up hamster from hibernation

Several ways help you to wake up your hamster from hibernation. The best and easy way to wake up your little friend is to give him your body heat. It is the most effective way to bring back your pet. Hold your pet carefully and place it against your body to provide him body heat.

Place it for nearly half an hour against your body. Check if there is any change in the movement of your pet. There are chances that you will notice a difference in your pet, and it will become more alert and wake up from hibernation.

Use Heating Pad

During hibernation, the temperature of the hamster falls gradually and becomes cold. You can wake up your pet from the hibernation state by using a heating pad. Take a heating pad and heat it for thirty to forty minutes until the temperature of the pillow between 30 – 35 degrees. Place your pet on the heating pad for a few minutes and check if your hamster is moving or not.

The heat pad will increase the body temperature of the hamster, and it will wake up from hibernation. If you do not have the heating pad, then you can use a towel for this purpose. Make sure that the temperature is not high for the sheet.

Use Hot Water Bottle

There are numerous methods for waking up your pet from hibernation. These are the easiest and effective ways to bring back your pet to a healthy state. Take a water bottle and fill it with the hot water. Close the bottle properly so that water will not spill. Take a warm cloth or towel and hold your hamster in it. Cover the hamster adequately so that he will be safe.

Roll the warm water bottle over the hamster from all the sides. Keep rolling the bottle for fifteen to twenty minutes on a hamster with soft hands. It is a very effective method and hope that your pet will bring back from hibernation.

Use Warm Milk

Among other ways for waking up from your pets from hibernating. Using warm milk is an effective method for breaking the hibernation state of your pet. Warm the liquid in the microwave, or you can use the stove for this purpose. Warm the milk and check it before feeding the hamster. Check the fluid and make sure that the liquid is not very warm.

Check it with your finger if the milk is touchable then fill it in a dropper and start feeding your pet with it. The warm milk goes in your pet and rehydrate it. It will undoubtedly wake up your pet from the hibernation state.

How to detect Hibernation in Hamsters?

Well, this is an excellent and frequently asked question. People do not have enough knowledge about hibernation. They get confused and cannot find out if their pets are on hibernation or not. Pets love to hibernate, usually hamsters.

They hibernate during winters when the weather turns cold, and the temperature falls dramatically. Hibernation helps the hamsters to save their energy to survive winters without any suffering and hurdles. Owners should be familiar with the hibernation process in the hamsters. You can detect if your hamster is hibernating or not by following the given steps below.

Examine your Hamster

To check your hamster, whether it is hibernating or not, you have to sift through the hamster. It is tough to know if your pet is hibernating or not. Check the hamster; if it is lying down and does not move for a while, then it may be hibernating.

Check its breath and heart rate if both of them are slow and less then the routine, then hamster is hibernating. Hamsters do not eat for days and weeks if they are hibernating do not consider them dead in this condition.

Examine Hamster’s Movement

To check if your pet is hibernating or not, you should check the movements of your hamster. Hibernating is a condition in which pets barely moves. They get still in a position for many days or even weeks. Examine your pet; if it always stays in a place or merely moves his head often, then your hamster is hibernating.

Check Hamster’s Breathing

Hibernation in animals is very tricky, and you have to be very careful about this. Examine your pet correctly to check if your pet is hibernating or not. Scrutinize the breathing of your pet and look closely. If your pet is breathing slowly and less then the usual routine, then your pet is hibernating.

Examine carefully and hold the hamster in your hand, place it near your ear to listen to the breathing sound. Put your finger near the nose of the hamster and check if your pet is inhaling or exhaling air. If your pet is breathing too slow, then he is hibernating.

Examine Hamster’s Body Temperature

Carefully examine the body temperature of your hamster. People get confused; either their pet is hibernating or dead. If the body of the hamster is slightly warm, then your pet is hibernating.

The body temperature of the hamster is somewhat mild but less than the average temperature. If your pet is dead, then its body temperature will be cold.

Tips for Preventing Hibernation in hamsters

Well, hibernation is typical in animals. Animals usually hibernate in the winters. They hibernate and go in a deep sleep to save their energy. Hibernation also increases the life of the animals. As it is a common problem, it is too dangerous and harmful to your pet. People do not know much about hibernation, and they lose their pets during hibernation.

You have to get knowledge about hibernation so that you can prevent hibernation or save your pet from it. You can avoid hibernation by following these essential instructions given below.

The most important thing which you can do to prevent hibernation is your pet’s diet. Diet plays a vital role in your pet’s life and health. If you do not provide proper nutrition to your pet, then it will hibernate. Add fattening foods in the diet of your pet. Feed your hamster with avocado, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. This diet will produce more fats in your pet and keeps it safe from hibernation.

Water also plays an essential role in preventing hibernation in hamsters. When you cannot provide enough water and food to your pet, then it will start hibernating to save and conserve energy. Provide a sufficient amount of water and food to your little friend and keep him safe from hibernate.

Bedding plays a vital role in preventing hibernation in hamsters. Provide sufficient warm bedding to your hamster as it will keep your hamster warm. Adding additional bedding in the cage for the winter season and save your hamster from hibernation.

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