How to know the gender of your hamster?

How to know the gender of your hamster?

How to know the gender of your hamster?

The hamsters are the most popular pets, and there are many species of hamsters. The hamster has feet covered with fur and a short tail, the cheeks of hamsters are like pouches that range to their shoulders.

Male hamsters can be a bit aggressive if compared to female hamsters. I receive many hamster owners at my clinic, who are confused about the gender of their per hamster.

If you want to know the gender of your hamster then you must follow these:

  • Step 1: Put hamster in a glass tray
  • Step 2: Observe the openings
  • Step 3: Look for nipples
  • Step 4: Look for testicles

There are many colors of silky fur of hamsters such as yellow, grey, brown, white, red, etc. Hamsters are usually friendly and due to this people like to keep them as a pet. If you want to keep a hamster as a pet, then you have to take great care of your hamster.

How to know the gender of your hamster?

People often ask a question about the gender of a hamster. People often want to know the gender of the hamsters before buying them as a pet. Therefore, we have explained the procedure, which will help you to know about the gender of your hamster.

The steps to know about the gender of your hamster are explained below:

Put hamster in a glass tray

You should know that your hamster is male or female. In this way, you can name your hamster according to its gender. People often grab the hamsters and then check their gender, but this is not an appropriate way because this way makes the hamster uncomfortable. Using this way can stress out and scare the hamster.

If you don’t want to make your hamster uncomfortable, scared, then we will tell you the best method to know the gender of your hamster. Hamsters are afraid of humans, so take a glass tray to check the gender of your hamster. Now, you can check the gender of your hamster underneath.

The glass tray is not very high, so cover the glass tray with a clean and transparent sheet and make little holes in it with the help of a small pin. Then, cover the half tray with the transparent layer and put some toys in it for your hamster. You should put toys for the hamster in the corner of the glass tray so that the hamster does not run in there.

Then again, cover the glass tray with a transparent sheet and then put the hamster on that transparent sheet. When you put the hamster on the transparent layer, you can easily see the belly portion of the hamster. When you are observing the hamster, try to be as much quiet as you can; otherwise, it will make your hamster uncomfortable.

Observe the Genital Openings of your hamster to identify its gender

After placing your hamster on the transparent sheet, look at the underside of your hamster. There is a significant difference between male and female hamsters.

You can recognize the different openings in your hamster. If your hamster is female, then you will see a vaginal opening in your hamster. In female hamsters, these openings are very close to each other seem like they touch each other.

There is a difference in the distance between the openings of males and females. The length is larger in males, and it is much shorter in females with a difference of 1 or 2 centimeters. The backside of female hamsters is short as compared to the male hamster.

There are different species of hamsters, and the process of reproduction is different in various species. All the species of hamsters live on average 1.5 to 2 years old. The female hamsters give birth to babies, while male hamsters do not give birth to babies.

The species of hamsters include Syrian hamsters, Chinese hamster, Russian Campbells Dwarf, winter white Dwarf, etc. The reproduction maturity is different in all species of hamsters. Every species of hamster has a different way of fertility according to age and gender.

Look for nipples

After observing the openings of your hamster, look closely at the lower portion of the belly. If your hamster has nipples, then your hamster is female. The female hamsters have nipples close to their stomachs, and it is much easier to see the nipples when hamsters are adults.

It is challenging to see the nipples of hamsters when they are babies. To check if your hamster has nipples or not, you must measure the distance of the reproductive system of your hamster. You will see the difference between the male and female gender of your hamster.

Don’t make your hamster uncomfortable, so first, calm down your hamster. When female hamsters are adults, their breasts come out naturally. In female hamsters, there are two lines of nipples on the belly. The sizes of nipples are different in every species of hamster.

The dwarf female hamsters have small nipples as compared to other species of female hamsters. There are eight nipples in the female hamster, and female hamsters have a kind of period like female mammals. The whitish substance discharge at the end of the periods. This whitish substance indicates that periods end.

The aggression in female hamsters is more as compared to male hamsters. People like to keep male hamsters as a pet because the nature of male hamsters is friendly, and it is easy to handle them as compared to the aggressive nature of female hamsters.

Look for testicles

The male hamsters are physically different from male hamsters. If the back of your hamster is rounded and lengthened, then the gender of your hamster is male. The other most common sign of male hamsters is testicles.

When a male hamster is born, the testicles are tiny and they are not visible. After a few weeks, the testes become more massive and they can be seen with the naked eye. The male hamster that is about four weeks has testicles while the female hamsters have nipples.

The testicles of male hamsters grow larger and become more noticeable. All the males have a yellow spot on their bellies. The glands produce the secretion, and the yellow dot is apparent due to it.

The male hamsters have large testicles that look like large swelling balls, and it is normal in male hamsters. You should keep male hamsters as a pet because they are not much aggressive as female hamsters.

The dwarf hamsters do not wish to live alone, and they enjoy the company of other hamsters. Female hamsters attract male hamsters. The female hamsters become pregnant very quickly after matting with a male hamster.

Important facts about the gender of hamster

The gender of hamsters may change if you give hormones to your hamster. If you provide some chemicals to the hamster, then these chemicals may change the hormones of your hamster. Your hamster may look like another gender, but the breeding of your hamster will not change.

The salivary glands are absent in the cheeks of hamsters. When a hamster is born, they do not have teeth, but as the hamster grows, the teeth further grow. The hamsters break the food with the help of teeth. The hamsters have dark red-colored eyes, and they have furry skin.

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