How to make a hamster harness and leash?

How to make a hamster harness and leash?

Learn to make a harness and leash for hamsters. Walking in the park with my hamster is the best time of the day for both me and my furry little being. My social media is full of adorable pictures of my little hamster. But to take the hamster outside safely, as you may know, we need a harness for a hamster.

How to make a hamster harness and leash? You can make a harness and leash for your hamster by using a shoelace, ribbons, measuring tape, and buttons. You should properly measure the size of the hamster before stitching the harness.

I am going to be a hundred percent biased as a pet owner when I say that, but hamsters are the cutest little beings on earth.

Things which can be used to make hamster harness and leash:

To make it easy and cost-effective, I have used most of the things which are readily available at home. You can take a look, and you will understand what I mean. Make sure to upload your cutesy pictures with a handmade harness and leash in the comment section. I love looking at it.


You can choose any color you want or even buy a new one in the specific color you like. Pink is my absolute favorite, though, but you can go with whatever color you like.


In case you want something more elegant, you can choose the ribbon instead of a shoelace. Honestly, I have used both and made several harness and leash for my cute little pet.

Plus, in comparison, the ribbon is softer than a shoelace. And, even if you do not have it home, you can buy it cheaper online or at any shop. The best thing is color and design will be of your choice.


This is my favorite part and the part where I am willing to spend money the most. No pressure, though, you can easily choose one of the badges you have at home. One of my friends used the scout girl badge she had.

So, you can select the one you have at home. Or take a look online and get one of your likings. Honestly, badges give this classic look to the harness and leash.


Even though the badge looks classic, the button is more feasible. You can also use the spare buttons you have at home. Just ask your mom! Or you can be a little devil and only take one from your shirt.

You may end up getting a new shirt too. Keep it in mind to look as cute and harmless as a hamster, when in front of your parent.

Measuring the right size

One of the most important things is measuring the right size. I can not stress enough on the importance of this point. You do not want it to be too tight or too loose. Or your efforts will be a waste in the end.

My friend is always going on and on about how she can not make harness and leash for hamsters at home. Because she still gets the size wrong. But it is quite simple.

The most common mistake which I have seen is that people make harness and leash first. And after making it, they try to make the hamster wear it, which is another battle to fight. But worry not, I will be explaining it to you in a bit once our harness and leash for the adorable little being is ready.

So, back to the point. To measure the right size for a harness for your hamster, just take the ribbon or shoelace out. Put one end of your ribbon at the back of the neck of your hamster.

After that loop, the ribbon across the front of their neck and it comes diagonally around their back. And, it ends up meeting the starting end.

In the end, it will make a shape like a digit eight around the little being body. Keep in mind that you have left at least half an inch when measuring. So, that you have enough space left to sew as well as hamster has the room to breathe. It is essential, and in case you think you haven’t left enough space.

Just repeat this procedure again, even if it sounds complicated, once you have tried it. You will get the understanding, and you will take hardly five minutes for the whole measurement.

How to make a hamster harness and leash?

To make it easier to understand, I am going to use steps to guide you on making a harness and leash for your hamster. Once you have all the material, you are going to use. And have measured the right size for the harness and leash for the cutesy being. Just follow these necessary steps, and you will be done in no more than ten minutes.

Based on your expertise, even faster than that. Now, it takes me less than five minutes. But the point is to make a pretty harness for your precious little hamster. Time is not our primary focus. So, focus on getting it ready and instead of how much time it’s taking. Make sure it is comfortable and pretty to use.

Harness for neck and abdomen

The easiest way, when using a shoelace, after measuring the right size for your hamster. Wrap the shoelace around the neck and abdomen of the hamster’s body. Make sure it has half an inch of space and it is not too tight around their body. After that, just tie a knot, and after making sure that you have the shoelace in circle shape now. You can cut off the rest of the shoelace.

Add metallic button

Another way which is more secure and durable for making harness and leash. For adorable little beings is cutting the third fourth of the ribbon. And, then you can use a metal ring, if available or go with the badge or button. Whatever is more feasible for you. And thread the ribbon through button/ badge/ metal ring.

Stitch both ends of the harness

After that, sew both ends of the badge or button in a way that it makes a loop. You can turn the loop inside out so that it doesn’t show your lack of talent for sewing. Well, if your ability is similar to mine. Anyway, if you do that, it will give the badge or button or whatever the choice you made, a clean look.

One thing I absolutely love about making harness and leash for hamsters at home is we have a lot of choices. And either using a button, badge, or even metal ring, we still have a lot of options. We always have more space to be creative. And, the look we want and the hard work we put in, you can look at it even years later.

Sew the ribbon

Our next step is to put the ends of the ribbon in a way that makes a shape like a digit eight. After that, make sure to overlap the ends of the ribbon while keeping one-third of the space. Once you have followed it till here, you have to sew the ends together again.

After that, you will still have one end of the ribbon left. Sew this end of the ribbon to the circular end of the badge. Take a look back at all the steps once again to make sure that you have follows it step by step. And you didn’t end up missing anything. This method is, no doubt, a bit difficult to follow. But if you keep in mind the steps and follow one step at a time, you can accomplish it in no time.

Make a handle

The last step, after which you will be able to look at your creation, is making a handle. For this, you have to sew a loop in a way that it goes into the free end of the remaining ribbon. Once you are done, it will make a handle.

In case you failed, which I did countless times for my first time. Don’t lose hope; just look at your adorable hamster running its wheel and get the motivation to try again. Trust me, the satisfaction you get once you have made it successfully. And being able to take your hamster out is the biggest happiness in the world.


In case you want to put a bit more decorations or ornaments. Once you have successfully made the harness for your hamster, you can take a look at these little tips, which I have used.

One thing I absolutely love is the glittery ribbon, especially in gold color. It looks absolutely gorgeous in sunlight. But the thing is usually these glitter ribbons are not comfy in use. So, I wrap them over the handle or over the shoelace to give it a glittery look.

Another thing you can try is to get cute little buttons, which give the adorable hamsters their cutesy look. Using your badges, like my friend’s Scout badge is another cool way.

Plus, if you try something else other than these, make sure to upload the photos in the comment section. I would love to try something new too.

How to put the harness on a hamster?

Putting the harness on a hamster is not an easy task. And as pet owners, I bet, you can relate to that. Because of their adorable size and delicate body, the task becomes more difficult.

It makes you hesitate with the fear that you may end up hurting them. First of all, you have to check the harness and leash to make sure that it is not too hard or tight.
You can try to wrap the harness and leash for your hamster around your hand. To make sure that it is comfy to wear.

Once you are confident, you can move onto making your little hamster wear it. But, still, be careful. Use treats to make the cutest little being more cooperative with you. Try to use smaller pieces of treats so that they can last long and, take the shoelace or the ribbon circle, and put it around the hamster.

You can try to slip it through their feet. Use treats as a distraction. After that, lift both sides of the ribbon/ shoelace and close the clip or the badge you have used. Again, use treats to distract your cute little hamster.

Even though the process sounds easy. But the small body and the resistance of the harness make it difficult for the hamster to wear it. To make sure they feel comfy and snuggly in their new harness and leash.

How to make a hamster get comfortable with a harness and leash?

After making the hamster wear harness, place him on the ground. And, let your hamster walk around on its own. Don’t pull or try to change their direction as it can make them resist it and can cause harm.

It is best to try it at home first, just take them to some free space. And let them roam around freely. When you want them to turn around, show them the treat. Using treats as reinforcement, try to get them used to harness and leash first. And after they are used to it, apply gentle pressure to let them know that you are changing the way.

After they are used to it, usually in a week or two, you can fade the treats for this specific task. It is advisable to give them treats when you first time takes your precious little being outside, with tier new harness and leash. Don’t overdo with the treats, though. Remember, the adorable eyes of a hamster can not make you change your principles. At least I hope not!


In case you are wondering why your cute little hamster needs a harness and leash in their life. Let me explain all the benefits and advantages here:

Outside world:

You do not want your hamster to stay in the cage their whole life. Animals, no matter how small, have their own needs. And interacting with the outside world is one of their major needs. Even as a pet owner, we don’t have the right to take their freedom.

But I completely understand the fear of losing them or getting hurt if we take them outside without any preparation. If your hamster lives in a fish tank, he needs to go out. So, making them leash and harness and taking them outside can be the solution for it.

Safe to walk:

One of the biggest advantages of putting the harness on your little hamster is, it is safe to take them outside with it. Because the hamster is a relatively small animal and a curious one at that, it is hard to control them when they are outside.

Especially in large places like the park, it is easy to lose them. You can also teach your hamsters to climb wooden stairs, once you have made friends with your pet.

Short duration:

But make sure that your hamster is wearing their harness only when he is outside and it is for a short duration like a few hours. After all, hamsters have a small and fragile body. You don’t want to have them stay on a leash all the time.

So, be mindful of the time, when your hamster is wearing it. And make sure that they are comfortable with this. This exercise will keep your hamster active or the hamster will become fat.

Be gentle:

Again, as you already know, hamsters have small and even weak bodies. So, have them get accustomed to their leash and harness first before taking them outside with the method of treats of courses.

Moreover, be gentle when you are using a leash to guide them. Instead of pulling, it is advisable to gently push pressure on the leash. To let them know that you want them to turn around.


When I first decided to make a harness and leash for my master. I was mindful of the danger or side effects it has for hamsters. And, even for a short duration, I was so worried that I didn’t let my hamster wear it. It wasn’t until I have done the whole research.


Make sure that your hamster does not bite or chew the harness. Even after getting them accustomed to their harness and leash. Your hamster may end up biting or chewing it once in a while. So, make sure that your hamster is in your sight. While wearing its harness and leash. You can make these hamster toys at home.

Too tight:

Again, and again make sure that the harness and leash you made for your master is not too tight around them. Make sure it is snuggly and comfy for them. And your hamster is comfortable in it after you have trained them.

As they may end up pulling it and harming themselves if they are not comfortable with it. And you do not want that. Hence it is highly advisable to have your hamster in your sight. When they are wearing their harness and leash.

Too loose:

Another thing to be mindful of is that their harness and leash are not too loose. Otherwise, it will lose its purpose. As the hamster can escape and you can end up losing them outside. With their small body, it is extra difficult to find them if they end up running. And as you may have learned that by now, hamsters are no doubt cute but mischievous beings on earth.

Things to remember

Always keep in mind that hamsters have a small and delicate body. And they may feel uncomfortable with the foreign object. When they wear their harness and leash for the first time. So, be patient and let them get used to it. As I have mentioned before, use treats to distract as well as reinforce them.

Before making them wear it, make sure it’s not tight or too loose. And, when you make your hamster wear the harness for the first time, use at least 5 or less than 5 minutes. Increase the time next time you make them wear it. Let them get used to it.

No matter how adorable they look, you don’t want them to be frightened. So be mindful of the time, when your hamster is trying it for the first time. And, also, make sure that your hamster is not wearing it for long intervals or at home.

All said and done; now your cute little hamster is ready to go out for a walk. Once the hamster is comfortable with their new harness, you can take them wherever you want. And take shots of their days out or make cute videos to post on your social media. Don’t forget to capture their cute little moments and share them with us.