How to make hamster toys at home?

How to make hamster toys at home?

Hamsters love to play with toys. In this article, we have explained the 10 best and proven DIY methods to make hamster toys at home.

How to make hamster toys at home? You can make toys for your hamster at home by using match sticks, balloons, tissue boxes, glue, soft cloth, and a plastic bowl. You can make a maze, ladder, bridge, tunnel, and different hamster toys at home.

The hamsters are energetic creatures, and they love to play the entire day. Hamsters do not sit in one place, and they always need some toys to play with. The toys make the hamsters joyful and gratified.

The hamster toys are available in the market, and people often buy them for their hamsters.

They frequently chew the toys, and the material of market toys is toxic. If you are looking for hamster toys, then you should make the hamster toys at home. You should not waste your money on purchasing hamster toys from the market. It is not tough to make the hamster toys at home. You can build various exercise toys for your fluffy hamster.

The exercise is very decisive for the hamsters as this makes them healthy and vigorous. You can make the running wheel for your hamster. The hamsters love to run on a bike, and this is also a part of their exercise. The chew toys are very vital for the hamsters. The hamsters chew wood and tissue paper, and this chewiness stops the fast growth of the hamster’s teeth.

How to make hamster toys at home?

Your hamster may love to play hide and seek with other hamsters. You should also make the maze and tunnel for your hamster. Your hamster will not get bored after playing with the toys made by you. If you have provided a small cage and there are no toys in the cage, then your hamster will get bored.

Therefore, the cage of hamsters should vast, and there should be several home-made hamster toys in the cage. You can tame your hamster with the help of toys. The hamsters do not get ill by playing with the toys.

Make a maze with the help of a tissue box

Take the cardboard piece to make the base of the maze. You can select the cardboard piece according to your wants. Lay the cardboard on the table and cut the strips of 7-inch from the width and length of the cardboard. In the next step, glue these cardboard strips at the corners of the cardboard to structure the walls of the maze.

After gluing the walls, take a pencil and ruler to draw a strategy for the labyrinth on the floor of the maze. Draw the ending points and different tracks to trial your hamster. If you want to make a small maze and the size of the cardboard is large, then cut it into two pieces with the help of scissors.

If you want to make the giant maze, then you can attach the two pieces of cardboard with the help of tape. After drawing the design of paths, cut the extra 7-inches high strips of cardboard. Glue these strips on plans that you have drawn. Then, cut the more cardboard strips of 6-inch size to fix them in the maze as the barriers in the tracks of the maze.

Just push these strips in the paths to separate the finish and start enclosures. It is suggested that the size of the maze should be significant because the hamsters do not feel comfortable in a small area.

The cardboard strips should be glued firmly so that your hamster can play and run smoothly in the maze. Drop your hamster in the maze, remove the barriers, and also place food for your hamster in the maze.

DIY chew toys

You can make various chew toys for your hamster. The hamsters like to play with balls; therefore, you should make chew balls for your hamster. First, take a toilet roll and press it with your hands that the toilet roll turns into a flat shape. Then, cut about 5 to 6 strips from the width of the toilet roll.

Take the strips and give them a circular shape with your hands. After doing this, take one strip and put the second strip into it. Then, add the third strip into the other strips. You will see that you have made the chew ball for your hamster. Then, add treats to the chew ball to get the attention of the hamster towards the chew ball.

Another chew toy is the chew bag. The hamsters like to chew tissue paper and cardboards. Take a toilet roll and press it with your hands. Cut the one strip from the width of the tissue roll. Place the tissue paper on the table and also place the strip on the tissue paper.

Add treats in the strip and wrap the tissue paper. The chew bag for your hamster is ready. You can make many chew bags for your hamster. It is recommended that you should not color the chew toys with color markers and color pencils. The hamsters chew these toys, and these colors are not suitable for their health.

Build a running wheel

It is effortless to build the running wheel for your hamster. Take the drill machine and cut the wood pieces according to the sizes of the wheel. Cut the two long bars and one short bar of wood with the aid of a circular saw. The first step is to make the stand of the running wheel.

Consequently, to take two wood bars, one bar should be significant, and the other one should be small. Fix both bars in the T-shape and make a hole in both wood bars. Fix the nail in one wood bar and screw it with the help of a drill machine. After fixing the nail in the wood bar, make the hole in the third wood bar that you have not used yet.

Make a hole in the front of the T-shape wood bar. Fix the third wood bar to the T-shape wood bars. Now, you have built the stand of the running wheel. Take the plastic bowl and make a hole in its bottom.

Make a hole in the wood stand to fix the plastic bowl with the stand. Fix the bolt in the bowl and add the screw at its end.

By doing this, the wheel will quickly move when your hamster runs in it. Then, fix the bolt in the hole of the stand that is attached to the plastic bowl. After this, set the screw at the end of the bolt to tighten it. Check the movement of the wheel with your hands.

It is advised that the bolts should be tightly fixed so that the hamster does not feel any complication while running in the wheel. If the bolts are not tightly fixed, then the wheel may break, and it can hurt your hamster. You can tell the age of your hamster by observing his physical activity.

Build the ladder

First, take two equal-sized sticks and attach the ends of these sticks with the non-poisonous glue. You can take any sticks such as ice-cream sticks or chopsticks. Take the other two sticks and attach their ends with the glue. Select the number of sticks according to the size of the ladder.

If the frame of the ladder is not thick for your sticks, then you can cut the sticks according to the proper width and length of the ladder with the aid of scissors. Glue all the sticks according to the size of the ladder that you have decided. After gluing all the sticks on the ladder, remove the extra glue. Now you have made the ladder for your cute hamster.

Your hamster will easily climb and chew it, and it will not get bored. It is proposed that you should not apply too much glue at the ends of sticks. If you have used excess adhesive at the ends of sticks, then remove the excess glue with the wet cloth or tissue paper.

The hamsters like to chew the wood, so you should clear the extra glue from the ladder as it is harmful to the health of hamsters. The edges of the ladder should not be tattered. You should use the non-toxic glue for building the ladder for your hamster.

Make tunnels

You can make tunnels of various designs. The first design is to make the tunnel with the old plastic bottles. Take two bottles and cut the upper portion of one plastic bottle to make a hole with the cutter blade. After cutting the bottle, place the open side of the bottle on the second bottle. Take a marker and make a circle around it.

Cut the marked portion of the second plastic bottle with the cutter blade. After this, insert the first bottle in the hole of the second bottle. Repeat this procedure with the other two bottles, one by one, and make a long tunnel. Cut the opening and ending portions of the bottles to make the starting and ending point of the tunnel.

If you want to make a stylish tunnel for your hamster, then you should make the donut tunnel. Take a tissue roll and make the marks at equal points on the tissue roll to cut it into the strips. Leave some space from the center of tissue roll to make a donut shape. Cut the tissue roll along the drawn lines with the cutter blade.

After cutting the tissue roll, you will get a spring look. After this, bend the tissue roll into a circular shape, and the spine should be in the middle. Take the tissue papers and cut them into small pieces. Place the pieces of tissue on the donut tunnel and apply glue on them.

After gluing the tissue paper pieces on the donut tunnel, leave it to dry. When it becomes dry, it will look like a donut. It is recommended that you don’t cut through the spines. You should glue the pieces of tissue paper layer by layer. You should leave the space for the ending and starting point of the donut tunnel.

Make bridges

The bendy bridges are best for the hamsters. To make the bendy bridge, take the toilet roll and make cuts on the opposite sides. Take one side of the toilet roll and roll it with the help of a pencil by tightening it. You will need ten toilet rolls for making the bridge. Roll all the pieces of toilet rolls with the described process.

Mark the points in a line on all the tissue rolls with a pencil. Take a big nail and put it on the one roll, and hit it with the hammer to make a hole. Make another hole at the other end of the toilet roll.

These holes are for the wire that will pass through these holes. Make two additional holes on the tissue roll as the end of the wire will hook up in these holes.

Take the wire and cut it with the wire cutter according to your requirement. Hook the end of the wire with the plier. Pass the wire from the hole of one tube and then one by one pass the same wire into the other nine tubes.

Take the second piece of wire and insert it in the tubes with the described procedure. If the wire is still present at the ends, then cut it with the wire cutter and make hooks with the plier and tightly fixed the cables in the holes. The swingy bridge is done, and you can bend it easily. The hamster will play with the toys and sleep in your hands.

Make hamster toys at home with the help of a balloon

This is a toy, and you will make it effortlessly. Take a balloon and inflate it. The aircraft should be significant. After inflating the balloon, place the pieces of tissue papers on it and apply glue on it with the help of a paintbrush.

Cover the balloon with the pieces of tissue papers instead of its opening. There should be a wide entrance path for your hamster. The glue should be non-toxic; the children often use the non-toxic glue. After applying the glue, leave it to dry.

When the tissue paper on the balloon ultimately gets dry, then make a hole in the inflated balloon. Remove the aircraft from the covering of tissue paper. You have made the best toy for the hamster. Your hamster will love to chew and play with the tissue paper. You can also make hamster clothes yourself at home.

Build swing with the help of sticks

The swing is the most beautiful toy for the hamsters, and you will easily make the swing by following the steps described by us. First, you should have many sticks, and after this, attach the ends of the sticks in a triangular shape with the glue.

Make another triangular frame of sticks by repeating this process. Take about 11 sticks and arrange them together.

Take another stick and apply glue to it. Fix the glued stick at the end of the sticks. Repeat this process with another stick. These two sticks will fix the 11 sticks that you have arranged before.

Take the triangular frame and apply glue at one end. Fix the one triangular structure at the one end of the base of the swing.

Stick the second triangular frame at the other end of the base of swing. Take another stick and fix it at the top of both triangular structures. Take other sticks and arrange them in a line. Fix the two sticks at the ends of the base that you have made with the sticks. These two sticks will firm the support of swing.

Take a thick string and place its both ends on the base of swing. Apply glue at the ends of the thick string and fix the stick on the string with glue. Fix another stick on the other side of the swing by placing the string on the base.

Apply glue at the top of this swing and attach it to the frame of swing that you have made before. If you want to give a stylish look to your swing, then you can color the swig frame with the food color.

Make see-saw for your hamster

Take a large tube, Can and wash it. Then, dry the tube can with the tissue paper. Cut the bottom end of the tube Can with the cutter blade. Lay the tube on the table and fix it on the table with the help of tape. At the top of the tube, make a circle with the marker. Draw a circle on each side of the tube with the marker.

Cut these circular areas that you have marked with the cutter blade and scissor. After this, draw a triangle on the cardboard and cut it with the cutter blade. Trace another triangle on the cardboard and cut it with the cutter blade.

Then, draw a circle on each triangle with a pencil. Cut these circles with the cutter blade and then paint the triangles with any attractive color.

After this, paint the tube with any color that you want. Take a toilet roll and cut it into two small strips. If you want to paint the strips before cutting it, then you can paint it. Cut each strip into two parts. Glue these small strips at the corners of the tube for adorable design.

If you want to decorate the tube further, then stick more strips on the tube with glue. Place the triangles at the sides of the tubes. Place the lollipop sticks into the holes of triangles and tubes. It is suggested that the paint should be non-toxic. You can also make the hamster litter box at home.

Make hammock

The hammock is the best entertainment and relaxing toy for your hamster. If you want to make a simple hammock, then take a clean face towel and string. Cut the string into four pieces with the scissor. Fold the one corner of the towel and tie the string at it. Repeat this process at the other ends of the face towel.

The simple hammock is ready, and you can tie it in your hamster’s cage. If you want to make a stylish hammock for your hamster, then take two equal pieces of cloth. You can select any material for making the hammock. You will need four pieces of string.

Take a string and tie a large knot at its one end, also tie large knots at the ends of the remaining strings. Take a string and place it at the center of the piece of cloth, but the knot should be out of the corner of the fabric. Repeat this process with the remaining strings.

Then, take the second piece of cloth and place it on the strings. Take the pins and attach both pieces of cloth. If you want to stitch both pieces, then you can do it. There should one and half-inch gap between every pin.

Take the inside material out from the small opening. After doing this, stitch the holes present in the fiber. Now, tie the strings and hang them in your hamster’s cage.