Do hamsters need fresh water everyday?

Do hamsters need fresh water everyday?

Hamsters need fresh water daily. Every living being needs it for survival and growth. Without water, the existence of life on earth would be in great danger. For proper living, the hamsters need fresh water to drink. 

Do hamsters need fresh water everyday? Yes, hamsters need fresh water to drink every day because it gives strength and activeness to the hamster. Hamsters feel fresh and active after drinking water. Their capacities for drinking water are enhanced during the summer season.

Hamsters need 15ml to 30ml fresh water daily, they like to drink water every 3 to 4 hours.

Do hamsters need fresh water everyday?

In this article, we have explained real about the water requirements for hamsters. Also, we have added the best and proven methods to give fresh water to your pet hamster.

The hamster can drink as much he wants. It prevents the hamster from dehydration and other complications of the body. The hamsters need the water daily for many times according to the temperature of the cage. In summer, they need more water to fulfill the needs of the baby hamster’s body.

Baby hamsters need more proper care than the elder hamster in this matter. They have to drink more water for the sake of the requirement of the body.

You also have to check the drinking utensils. They must be in proper form and should not be leaked. If the hamster has a leaking bottle, then your hamster can be dehydrated very soon.

You have to take proper care of the hamster to give him a suitable amount of water daily. It is compulsory for the life of the hamster. The hamster’s life is in great danger if the water is not given in the proper amount as the demand of the hamster’s body.

Due to drinking more water greater than his capacity, he may lose his appetite. So always give him a proper amount of water as the doctor guides.

Hamster can drink from a water bottle

You can use the water bottle to give the water to your baby hamster. The baby hamster will look for the water every few hours.

The water bottle is used to give a consistent amount of water to the hamster. The hamster will take as much as he wants and will consider the remaining amount for other turns to drink water.

The bottle is easy for the hamster to drink water because he can reuse it for the whole day. You must refill the bottle of the hamster daily with fresh water.

In other utensils, the germs can also enter the freshwater. The bottle is very safe to use for the water.

This is the most useful way to give water to the baby hamster and if the hamster is sick. But before using a bottle need to be careful that the bottle should be washed properly and it contains no germs. Every time before giving water to the hamster, always pour clean and fresh water so that the hamster cannot get infected and feel fresh.

Use a bowl

Bowl can also be used for drinking purposes. But this is not a safe way to feed the hamster. The hamster will face difficulty in reusing the bowl, and a lot of germs also enter in the bowl of the hamster.

They will not drink water from the bowl if they face any germs in the bowl. By not drinking water, later on, it may create dehydration in the body of the hamster. The use of a bowl will lead to dehydration in most cases. You can place the bowl in the cage of the hamster.

It is mostly used for the hamster who is elder and has the sense to drink water. Before pouring water into it, you have to clean it properly.

At least you have to clean the bowl twice daily and add fresh and clean water to it because it is about the health of the hamster. Hamsters can not see in the dark, so always feed them in light.

How much fresh water does a hamster need?

The hamster needs fresh water daily according to his age and demand. The baby hamster needs 15 ml of water at least daily. This amount of water is essential for the proper growth of the hamster. They need to grow at a very rapid pace at that age. You should also check how much water is required by your pet hamster.

This is an essential thing that has to be noted for the sake of the life of the hamster. The hamster also needs to fulfill the need of water in his body. This thing will save the hamster from a number of diseases. The hamster needs much care to grow properly and live his life.

Hamsters will not survive if they are not drinking the proper amount of water daily. They need some amount of water after every 3 to 4 hours. The need for the hamster must be understood by looking at his routine jumps. Your proper care can save you and your hamster from any mishap.

Methods to check if your hamster is thirsty

If a hamster feels thirsty give him some amount of water. To notice the situation, you have to observe your hamster and notice his behavior and activities. Thirsty hamsters can be judged by looking into various organs of the hamster. These things are judged to maintain the proper care criteria of the hamster.

Sunken eyes

You have to note the eyes of the hamster daily to judge whether he is dehydrated or not. If there is any problem with dehydration, it will not make your hamster to ill but also lead to the death of the hamster. The water need is essential to maintain his growth and further life.

So, the thirsty hamster can be judged from their sunken eyes. This is the early sign of thirst that you can notice easily, so try to cover it as soon as possible so that you can take the hamster out from this unfortunate condition. This can make your hamster ill.

The sunken eyes occur when the hamster is thirsty for almost the last 12 to 16 hours. If he has not taken a sip of water for such a long time, he looks inactive and dull. Then immediately add freshwater in his drinking pot and urge him to drink it so that he can drink it quickly and feel active after drinking.

This time you have to give him fresh and clean water. If there is already water in the pot, throw it out and wash the pot and add fresh water for a hamster in it. You should pick up the hamster and feed him.

Difficult breathing

Thirsty hamsters can also be judged by seeing the way your hamster is breathing in front of you. Is he feeling any type of difficulty in breathing, or he is inhaling or exhaling effortlessly?

This is also the way to check whether your hamster is thirsty or not. These things must be appropriately noted because your hamster will not speak and say I am thirsty. You have to care about these things.

This occurs when the hamster is thirsty for more than 20 hours. This condition is very bad for the hamster. If this condition persists longer than this, it could take the life of your hamster. If you are out of town and you forget to put water in the hamster utensil.

Then leave everything and immediately move towards the home. Then put the water in the hamster utensil so that he can regain his stability. If the hamster is unconscious, give him a few drops of water with a spoon so that he may get his consciousness.

If there his summer season hamster is not able to sustain for 20 hours. Before going out, always clean the water utensil and pour the fresh water in it so that if he feels thirsty, he can get his water from that utensil and remain active.


He will be looking too lazy in his daily routine. The daily routine of the hamster must be noted. If the hamster is lethargic, then it is due to the lack of water in the hamster’s body.

The hamster’s body need must be fulfilled as soon as possible. The lethargic routine is also a symbol of the dehydration in the body of the hamster. Dehydration will be very much dangerous for the life of the hamster.

This is very critical and bad for the hamster, so take great care of the hamster. Always feel active to help him. Fulfill his all needs properly and give him proper and clean water so that he remains healthy and active.

Water provides energy and strength, so it should be delivered in an appropriate amount to the hamster so that he feels active and fresh.

Loose skin of the hamster

You also have to note the skin of the hamster. Is it loose or tight? You have to observe the effect of the loose skin on the body of the hamster. It also shows the symbol of the dehydration in the body of the hamster.

The body of the hamster will look different as not before. You will see the difference in the body of the hamster to judge the water requirements of the hamster.

The skin freshness of the hamster also depends on the water. If the hamster takes the water in a proper amount, his skin will remain tight and fresh, and if the hamster has water deficiency, his skin will become loose and gathered. The hamster feels dehydrated for a long time.

This occurs if he is suffering from constant water deficiency, like in the condition of motion. It means he needs more attention and care if his condition is worse, take him to the clinic and regain his health with the help of saline and water and follow the advice of the doctor.

Final words:

In the end, I am going to end my research by saying that hamsters need fresh water everyday according to their age. Because freshwater is their basic necessity so never compromise on it. Otherwise, it would prove fatal for the life of the hamster.

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