How to clean a baby hamster?

How to clean a baby hamster?

Cleaning a baby hamster takes around 15 to 20 minutes. Baby hamsters are the beautiful little creature. Baby hamster is tiny, and it is difficult to take care of them. They need full-time attention and a caring caretaker that helps them to maintain their living and live a healthy lifestyle and remain safe from diseases and attack of germs.

How to clean a baby hamster? You can clean the baby hamster by wearing gloves, use sand, gently rub the fur, and remove the dirt with a soft towel. It is recommended to clean the baby hamster every week to main proper hygiene. Never use water for cleaning the hamsters.

You should not touch baby hamsters until they are 3 to 4 weeks old. You have to take proper care of them because everything about the hamster has to be appropriately noted. You have to observe the temperature of the place where you have placed the hamster.

You have to clean the hamster with great care and with sand. You also have to note the health condition of the hamster. The baby hamster’s food also has to be properly planned. Baby hamster growth is linked with its cleanliness.

How to clean a baby hamster?

The cleanliness of the hamster is essential for the health of the hamster. The hamster will place at another place when the cage of the hamster is going to clean with the water. Baby hamster requires too much care from the owner. Because a wet cage can be dangerous for him, so don’t put them in the cage until the cage does not dry properly.

Their number will be decreasing at a much rapid pace, because of many reasons such as the temperature variation and humidity problems in the cage. The cage of the hamster gives the proper cleaning environment for the proper growth of the baby hamster.

Bathing is necessary for the baby hamster to keep them safe from the attack of germs and make them fresh and active. The baby hamster will be looking for a good cleaning process. You have to look for the proper equipment which you have to need in the bathing process when they are 4 weeks old.

Wear Gloves

Special gloves are available in the market for the washing of this tiny creature. These gloves also have soft brushes fixed in it. They have an amazing role in cleaning a baby hamster. Due to gloves, if the baby hamster has germs, your hands may not get infected from it, and if the gloves have a brush along with it, it is the best for the cleaning of the baby hamster.

It removes germs and dust properly. Due to gloves, the detergent applied will become foggy due to which the hamster gets cleaned easily and appropriately. Gloves also make the rubbing easy. Always wear gloves when you pick up a hamster.

These things are required for the proper cleaning of the baby hamster. Without these items mentioned above, his proper cleaning is not possible. Few others are also necessary, but these are a must.

Do not use water

You have to wash the hamster with the help of the sand or soft towel. You have noted it down that the holding of the hamster must be properly. The holding of the hamster must not affect the baby hamster because they have a very sensitive body.

The sensitive body requires complete care and vigilance. The vigilance of the hamster is important for the health of the hamster. It is recommended to never use water to clean the baby hamster. Properly feed the baby hamster before this procedure.


The brush is also used to clean the hamster properly. The brushing of the hamster is required for the proper cleaning of the hamster. The hamster will look good after proper brushing. The proper brushing to the hamster gives that small creature a new look. 

Brushing needs more attention, so you need to be more conscious while doing this. Brushing is necessary to remove the dust and proper cleaning of the hamster. Always use a soft brush for brushing. If your hamster is no so dirty, then no need for brushing; just wash it properly with hands by appropriate rubbing.

While brushing needs to take proper care that due to brushing, he cannot get harm, so while cleaning, never use a brush near his eyes and mouth. Because these parts are very sensitive, they may get hurt with the brush, so never use the brush over these sensitive parts.

Use scissors to trim the fur

The scissors are also required to trim the fur of the hamster. The hamsters are properly washed when the fur is trimmed correctly. The proper trimming of the fur is required to give a complete look to the hamster. The special scissors for hamsters are available in the market. Always use these scissors for them never use casual scissors for them because these scissors are very large, and they may give harm to the baby hamster.

Use of scissor is always not necessary; it should be only used when baby hamster needs it, and hairs are destroying his personality. Otherwise, it should not be as necessary for every bath.


A proper shampoo is available to take care of the baby hamster. The baby hamster will be properly cleaned with the help of the shampoo. The proper bath can only be given with the help of the good quality of the shampoo. The shampoo must be properly shaken before use because any impurity in the shampoo may be left at the bottom of the bottle.

By other methods, if your baby hamster is not so ugly no need to mix the shampoo. Take out a few drops of shampoo on your hand and applied it over the baby hamster body, then rub it properly, and after that wash it with sand. In this, the quality of the shampoo matters always uses a good quality shampoo that is prepared just for the baby hamsters.

During shampoo, the application needs to take great care of the eyes of the baby hamster so that the shampoo cannot go in the eyes. Because if this happens, it can cause severe problems for the baby hamster.

To clean the spots

You can also use the spot cleaner to remove the spots on the body of the hamster. The hamster will not look good if the spots are present on the fur of the hamster. You have to clean the hamster properly with the help of the spot cleaner.

For cleaning the spots, you have to rub the baby hamster with your hands properly. If the spots are excess in quantity, you have to use the brush for the proper cleansing and removal of spots. While cleaning, it needs to remove the spot because if you are not going to clean the spots, it will become tougher for the next time. So wash them properly and make it neat and clean daily so that it can look beautiful and attractive.

Wet bath

You should not give the wet bath to the hamster with the help of the brush. The brush should be washed appropriately and then make it wet with the help of the water. Only do this, if something is stuck in the hamster fur. Apply the brush on the fur gently; then, you have to properly look for any dirt or dark spots on the body of the hamster.

This bathing is given when the temperature is low, especially during the winter season. Baby hamster is a tiny sensitive creature. Wet the cloth and clean the hamster with this towel and remove the dark spots by properly rubbing it.

Place the hamster on a dry place

Then at the end of the whole procedure, you have to place the hamster properly on a dry place. The body of the hamster can be made dry with the help of clean cloth that is only used for one hamster.

Hamster is very sensitive that any single lagging in any care regarding the hamster can take his life away from him.

You have to take proper care of the hamster by understanding all the guidelines prescribed by the pet specialist. Their mother can also kill some of the hamsters by himself because they consider them a burden on him.

Their mother remains pregnant for 21 days. These days are very cumbersome for the hamsters. They have to use their food. Food consumption also increased when the number of hamsters increased. The hamster needs your full attention to growing properly.

How to maintain the baby hamster’s cleanliness?

You can also have to properly clean the place of the hamster to clean them properly. You also have to clean the cage and other daily usage things of the hamster properly. The daily feed of the hamster can be properly met by applying the criteria to the baby hamster. The bowl of the baby also needs to properly wash daily before putting a daily dose of the hamster. The daily dose of the hamster must be according to the criteria set by the specialist.

Cleaning of the bowl and cup is necessary for the growth of the hamster. The hamster will grow appropriately with the proper cleaning and without any germs on it. The germs on the hamster can be damaging for its growth.

The growth of the hamster will tell about the health of the hamster. The hamster living place temperature also needs to be properly maintained. You should also clean the hamster cage.

It is necessary so that hamster cannot get dirty immediately after the bath. You must take great care of his surroundings so that he can remain clean and spot-free and also remain from germs and dust.

Final words

Baby hamsters are tiny beautiful creatures; they demand great care and attention. For their proper growth, you have to clean them properly and always have to wash them with great care and attention. Always use precautionary measures to wash them because it is necessary for them. They can only look cute when they are neat and has no spot of dust.

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