Why is my hamster fat all of a sudden?

Why is my hamster fat all of a sudden?

Your hamster can get fat all of a sudden because of a variety of reasons. Hamster is a beautiful pet that attracts everyone. His activeness, his lovely jumping, and his cute fluffy look are very adorable.

Why is my hamster fat all of a sudden? Your hamster can get fat all of a sudden because of excessive food intake, laziness, change in hormones, old age, due to pregnancy, restlessness, lack of sleep, mental stress, lack of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, and constipation.

When a hamster is smart and active, he can easily do his chores happily. When he becomes fat, he starts living a lazy lifestyle.

For the well-being of the hamster, you need to deal with this situation with great care so that your hamster cannot get fat and live an active and healthy life.

Why is my hamster fat all of a sudden?

You should always take good care of your pet hamster. The diet of the hamster should be fresh and in a calculated amount. Your hamster can become fat if keeps eating all the time. In this article, we have explained 18 main reasons that can make your pet hamster fat within a few days.

Excessive food intake

Food is the basic necessity of life. It is essential to perform daily activities because it gives energy and strength to the body of the hamster.

If the intake of food enhances, especially that food which is full of fats can make your fat hamster. The fats start accumulating in the body due to excessive consumption of food. This fat does not feel in the initial days when they start accumulating, but after a few days, you can notice. Because initially, they form pockets, and later that start storing in it.

This excess food makes them fat. So avoid giving your hamster unhealthy food that is full of fats. Always give him a prescribed amount of food, not more than the specified amount to keep him slim and active.

Laziness can make your hamster fat

After taking food, the lazy attitude makes your hamster fat. If your hamster is not interested in running and walking, he can quickly become fat. The healthy activity like jumping and running is perfect for the hamster. But your hamster is not interested in it and like to take a rest and always remain in the same rest mood. He can get fats and look fat.

If your hamster is getting fat just because of his laziness, you can also help him to be active so that fat cannot deposit all his calories can burn. For this purpose, provide him a proper environment in which he can jump and enjoy. If your hamster lives in a fish tank, take him out for a walk.

Due to change in hormones

Hamster, like humans, also suffers from hormonal changes. These changes can cause the hamster to get fat. Imbalance in the hormones can lead to over-weight. This occurs most commonly in female hamsters. Also, occur in male hamster but not as common as in female hamsters.

The hormonal level changes during the gestation period and the ovarian cycle in female hamsters. If these changes are not proper, then they can cause obesity especially the obesity of the belly. The fat starts depositing in the lower part of the stomach.

To deal with this situation, you need to visit the doctor for the proper treatment of your hamster. Otherwise, he continues to gain weight and look fat all of a sudden. These changes are essential to deal with so that your hamster will not remain well.

Old age

The age of the hamster also matters a lot to make him fat. Because during old age, the ability of proper digestion is at a reduced rate. Due to which the food your hamster is taking instead of giving energy to the hamster makes him fat. In old age, the changes in hormones are also not balanced so that your hamster can get fat quickly.

In old age, physical activity is also very little due to which the food would not digest properly. So the chances of weight gain are more at this age. In old age, the skin leaves the bones due to which the space between the skin and bones fill with the fats that make your hamster fat. You can use a harness for your hamster when he is going for a walk.

Increase in weight during the winter season

Seasons also have a significant effect on the weight of hamsters. Because in every season, a different type of food available that has different nutritional value. The physical activity also varies in every season. In summer, the hamster can move active all around and can enjoy it.

But during the winter season, the physical activity of hamster reduce and a hamster can eat that is rich in carbohydrates. Due to cold, the hamster eats hot food and remains sitting in a corner by covering itself. Due to snow, he does not like to move and feel happy by sitting in a corner. Syrian hamsters can eat spiders, this can make them fat.

Due to these reasons during the winter season, the weight of the hamster enhances, and he looks fat. During summers, sweat also helps to burn calories, but in winter, lack of sweat starts the deposition of fat in the body. After or during winters, you suddenly notice that your hamster gained a lot.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy also makes the hamster fat, but due to this reason, only female hamsters get affected. The weight of the baby hamster includes the weight of the mother hamster due to which she looks healthy and fluffy.

The female hamster remains fat until the pregnancy overs and also after the pregnancy due to changes in hormonal levels. Pregnancy never makes the female hamster fat permanently. But the difference in appearance can make her fluffy for a long if she becomes lazy and leaves all the healthy activities.

Genetic disorder

Genes also play the leading role in the life of the hamster. If the hamster you have, has a family history of obesity, then it is a 100% chance that your hamster is fat. The genes have the leading role in making your hamster fat or slim. If your hamster has this type of gene, you need to very conscious about the diet and daily routine of your hamster to remain safe from looking fat.

Excessive intake of sweet foods

The excessive intake of food that is sweet including sweets, chocolate, toffees, fruits, dry fruits, can make your hamster fat. The food your hamster is taking has a vital role in your hamster’s health. The sweet food items have full of calories; these calories can make your hamster fat.

The sweets, along with the deposition of fat, also can cause various other diseases in your hamster. The sweets also affect the liver and teeth of the hamster. So the intake of chocolate cake can be hazardous for your hamster.

So be conscious when you are giving him food. Its food should have all essential nutrients and no need to provide it with an excess of any type of food. Try to maintain the balance for the well-being of your hamster.

Deficiency of iron

A proper intake of iron is essential. Because iron gives energy and strength to the hamster and makes him healthy and physically fit. An adequate amount of iron can save your hamster from various diseases. The presence of the necessary amount of iron in your body can remain your hamster safe from fat deposition.

The deficiency of iron is mainly due to the improper functioning of the liver. If your hamster is fat, it means his liver is loaded with fats, so unable to perform all his functions well. Due to which the body has to face the deficiency of iron.

If the iron is deficient in the body, it means the fats are enhanced in the body. When you notice initially about the deficiency of iron in your hamster, start giving him foods that are enriched in iron so that lack of iron cannot lead to deposition of fat.

Not only he becomes fat but also has a lack of activeness, strength. He always feels tired and inactive.

Restlessness and irritation

Hamsters are susceptible. They respond to every situation, either it is good or bad, he feels deeply about that situation. If something terrible happened in front of him, he could remain irritated due to it even after so long.

The stress mainly affects the physical activity of the hamster. Stress disturbs the power of neurons due to which they are unable to do something healthy.

The unhealthy activity of the hamsters makes him fat. Hamster is a fantastic pet that loves to live happily. He is very friendly and courteous. But if he always saw fighting situations around him. The other reason is that he remains irritated by you due to your careless attitude.

These reasons keep him irritated due to which he feels restlessness and remain disturbed. This restlessness has the leading role in reducing the physical activity of the hamster due to which he could gain weight.

The fat due to this condition starts accumulating in the lower part of the body due to which they seem fat all of a sudden.

If you have a hamster and you love his company, then always need to take proper care of him. You have to fulfill his basic needs so that he can enjoy his life correctly.

Lack of sleep

Proper rest is essential for everyone. To take rest, everyone needs to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours for being active and fresh. Similarly, for hamsters, proper sleep is vital if he is not taking adequate sleep.

It means he will become ill one day, and due to lack of sleep, various diseases can attack him. His immune system is already weak due to lack of sleep; it becomes more fragile, and he gets prone more to diseases.

Due to lack of sleep, his metabolism will become reduce at a very high level. Due to which the unnecessary fat starts accumulating in their body. This fat makes them fluffy and obese due to which he can get easily prone more towards other diseases.

So proper sleep is essential for the hamster. If your hamster is not taking adequate sleep, notice all the circumstances. If you notice any issue, then try to resolve it by yourself. If your hamster is disturbed internally, later try to visit the doctor urgently so that he can check him well.

Then guide you properly about the problem of the hamster and can treat him. If you did not take all this seriously, it could make your hamster fat and can reduce his immunity.

Mental stress

Stress is just like a slow poison that can kill but has no appropriate signs. Pressure could be hazardous for your hamster. The reason for stress could be anyone like being separated from parents or keep them at a place that he does not like.

Fight with other pets, the death of any friend hamster in front of him, and your rude behavior could keep him always in stress.

This stress reduces physical activity and depresses the metabolism of the body. Mental stress affects the neurons very badly that they are not able to transfer proper messages to the other parts of the body. Due to which the fat cells start forming at a higher rate, and you notice that your hamster can get fat within days.

To keep them safe from this situation, you need to take great care of him and keep him with great love, care, and attention. So if any of the above mishaps had happened, he could forget that and start living happily and adequately.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

Necessary food that is full of nutritional values is essential for your hamster. If your hamster is not taking an adequately balanced diet, it means the immune system of hamster is at high risk. He can get prone to many diseases among all the most important is obesity.

Food enriched in vitamins and minerals enhance metabolism. Due to which their digestion becomes easy, and they metabolize efficiently. For this purpose, you need to give them food that has vitamins and minerals so that they can get their proper energy and strength.

These types of food items give only energy but no fats and, in fact, by enhancing the metabolism. These food items help to absorb the fats and reduce their deposition in the body. If their food has no vitamins and minerals, they start becoming fat, so add these necessary nutritional ingredients in their diet to them healthy, strong, and slim.


Constipation is a widespread disease that initially does not seems too complicated. But if this situation persists, it could be hazardous. In illness, the discharge of fecal material stops completely or reduces than required quantity. So if there is no discharge or slow discharge, it means the metabolism and digestion of hamsters are at a reduced rate. You need to enhance it.

So to enhance it, you need to give him fibrous foods that are enriched in fiber. These fibrous foods improve digestion due to the emptying of the colon will become easy. The fecal material excreted out, and the issue of constipation resolved.

Due to constipation, the fecal material remains in the body. That leads to the deposition of fats by making the pockets of fat and then filling it by adding the fat in it due to excessive constipation. Hence in this way, due to illness, your hamster becomes fat. To remain safe from this condition, you need to give him foods enriches in fiber.

More carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have an essential role in making your hamster fat. If you are giving your hamster food full of carbs, it is an excellent chance that your hamster could start becoming fat. So you have to reduce the number of carbohydrates in your diet and add other nutritional ingredients in your food instead of carbohydrates so that your hamster cannot get fat.

Carbohydrates are enriched in fats due to which they play the leading role to make your hamster fatty. More intake of carbohydrates can enhance the risk of higher cholesterol levels that lead to other diseases. So to remain free from problems so need to give him a balanced diet that has a small portion of carbohydrates.

Deficiency of water

Water is vital in life. Its proper quantity is essential to drink daily to remain hydrated and healthy. Adequate intake of water can save your hamster from many diseases. If you give him a proper amount of water, he will excrete the appropriate amount of urine.

Due to which the body of hamsters will feel light and harmful chemicals would be excreted out through this way.

Water enhances digestion due to which the deposition of fat will be reduced. If your hamster is not drinking the proper amount of water, it is sure that fat and other harmful chemicals start storing in the body.

This also leads to improper functioning of the kidney. So to ensure that your hamster will remain healthy, smart, and active, give him a proper amount of water. Otherwise, he will become obese and dull.

If he did not like water, give it in various other like juice, shake, etc. But make sure that these combinations are good for him. To provide him with a proper amount of water takes every possible step for the betterment of your hamster.

Intake of food without proper chewing

Teeth play a main role in the complete health system. Because the proper chewing of food is essential before engulf. Otherwise, it will not absorb properly and can create trouble in digestion due to which your hamster can get fat very quickly.

Proper chewing is essential. If your hamster feels trouble in chewing, give mashed food to him that does not require any adequate force to chew and digest quickly.

Smooth and proper digestion can make your hamster slim. If not so occurred, your hamster will become fat, and you need to lot of hard to make him slim.

Improper function of body organs

Improper function of body organs also has a leading role in making your hamster fat. If the liver is not performing its functions properly and not producing enough blood, then instead of blood fats store in your body. Similarly, if the brain, digestive system, urinary system, or any other system of the body is not able to do proper function that naturally they have to do.

Then the body of your hamster start deposited fats in it and due to which looks fatty. So proper functions are essential. If you feel a slight disturbance with your hamster, try to deal with it. If the situation is complicated, immediately consult some veterinarian for proper treatment.

You need to take appropriate care of your hamster according to the advice of his consultant. Then also give him adequate and balanced food and excellent attention as he demands so that he cannot get fat.