How Can I Keep My Hamster Cool in Summer?

How Can I Keep My Hamster Cool in Summer?

You can keep your hamster cool in summer with these best DIY methods. Like humans, hamsters also need to be cool in summer. Because high temperatures can lead to many hamsters’ diseases. They can at risk of hyperthermia that is due to an excessive rise in temperature of the body.

How Can I Keep My Hamster Cool in Summer? You can keep the hamster cool in the summer by using a cooling fan, frozen bottles, placing the cage in the shade, and with a sand bath.

Hamster’s body is covered in fur and affected by humidity and high temperature. Hamsters can not reduce heat by sweating like humans. Humans have sweat glands that help to cool down body temperature. But hamsters did not have a sweat gland or may have very few.

How Can I Keep My Hamster Cool in Summer?

It is essential to cool down your pets because high temperature can severely affect their heart, liver, and kidney. Because of overheating, their blood becomes thickened and causes dehydration. Dehydration causes multiple blood clots entire the body. Dehydration makes the higher risk of heatstroke.

Hamsters are most comfortable and feel relaxed at 65-75F temperature. If your hamster cannot sleep in his usual timings and drinking a lot of water then usual, these are the very common and early symptoms of heat stress. But you do not need to extra worry about to cool down your hamster. Because it is up to you, and you can control high temperatures by simple strategies. You have to do many things to keep your hamster cool and out of humidity.

These methods are simple to use and are safe for your hamster. After using these methods, your hamster will stay healthy and will stay out of danger regarding high temperatures. You need to keep your eyes on your hamster’s daily routine because any changes can be due to some health issues.

In this article, we will discuss methods, tips, and ways to keep your hamster cool in hot weather. These methods are safe and secure and help to overcome humidity.

Giving him food which helps to eliminate heat

First of all, we will discuss how food effects. Food is the main thing that affects most in any condition, such as high temperature, wet tail, diarrhea, or poop green. So you should take great care of your daily hamster food. You should provide him food according to the changing weather and his requirements.

Hamsters are tiny pets and need too much care to live healthily and happily. Providing frozen treats to your hamster is the best option to fight humidity. Make sure that the frozen treat which you are offering him is good for his health.

You can give frozen treats such as oats, barley, cooked potato, cashews, sesame seeds, peanuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, and millets, which are safe for your pet. Never give him a treat, which causes high body temperature. Always try to give your hamster frozen vegetables or fruits.

Avoid sunlight

Sunlight is an excellent source of heat. In summer, all living things must avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause a living thing to heat its body. That can lead to other diseases. So hamsters are easily get affected by changing weather. It is the responsibility of an owner to keep the hamster fresh and safe in hot weather.

You should not let your hamster play in direct sunlight. You should also place a hamster’s cage in a more relaxed place. You should not put your pet’s cage in sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause dehydration.

Make sure that the hamster’s cage is out of range of sunlight through the door or window. The direct sunlight cause heatstroke. You should also avoid other heat resources such as heaters, fireplaces, and solves from his cage.

Place the cage in a cooler place

Make sure that you put the hamster’s cage in the most cooler place of your home. It is necessary for a hamster’s life. Before buying a hamster, you should find a most cooler place in your house. Visit your house and notice the coolest place to place the hamster’s cage.

A lower part or basement is the best option to place the cage because the lower part of a house is always cooler than the upper part of your house. Your kitchen or bathroom is another cooler place in your house. But it does not mean that only that part of your house is cooler. It also depends on the location or building of your house. You should also give kiwi fruit to your hamster.

The wire cage is best in summer

Type of hamster cages such as a wire cage or bar cage plays a vital role in reducing humidity. You should use a wire cage because it is well for ventilation. Glass cage or aquarium and the plastic cage has no ventilation. So experts recommend using a wire cage.

If you are using an aquarium, then make sure that you place the cage in a well-ventilated room. The minor mistakes or carelessness may lead to serious health diseases. The wire cage is good for your hamster as it helps to decrease temperature. It also helps the hamster to use to your presence.

Never place the cage in front of the window because it can cause the hamster too hot. You should never put the hamster cage below the air conditioner. It can cause the hamster to get cold even in summer days.

Give your hamster frozen water bottles

Give your hamster freeze water bottles to keep hamster cool on hot days. Give hamster cold water to drink that helps to reduce humidity. You can also put frozen water bottles near the cage to eliminate heat. You should not place bottles in the cage because your hamster might chew it that causes leaking bottles.

You should wrap the frozen water bottles in a towel that helps to keep the cage cool for a long time. You can also put a blue ice pack in the hamster’s cage instead of frozen water bottles. These blue ice packs keep cage cool longer than frozen bottles or ice.

You should change these blue ice packs or refill frozen water bottles as needed. Never put the frozen bottles in his cage because it can wet the cage or hamster too. It might cause the hamster to get sick or chilled. Freeze water bottle in the freezer until it was solid. Make sure that you wrap the frozen bottles with a towel or cloth because it can cause damage or hurt the skin of the hamster. It is essential to give cool, fresh, or clean water several times a day.

Cover your hamster cage with frozen sheets

It is another effective way to save and protect hamsters from hot weather. Frozen sheets help a lot in keeping the hamster cool in warm weather. Frozen sheets work well then the cold towel. It is simple and easy to use frozen sheets to reduce the temperature.

You just wet the cloth or towel in water and put this sheet in the freeze for a long time to get enough cold. When the sheet gets cold, then drape it on his hamster cage. It helps the hamster to stay cool in humidity. You can also do other things to reduce hotness. Covering your hamster house with frozen sheets helps to give hamster cold habitat. It is the best way to keep your hamster cool at high temperatures.

Before drape the frozen sheet around the cage, you have to make sure that you do not block the incoming air in the hamster’s cage. Because airflow or ventilation is a basic need for a hamster, it is essential to get oxygen from the air to breathe easily.

Place a fan near the hamster cage

Like humans, hamsters also need air to fight humidity and high temperature. Cool breezes help to stay healthy and fit in summer. But when cool breezes are not blowing, then you can do with an electric fan. Electric fans can not act as natural air blowing. But it can help most to keep hamsters fresh.

It is essential to cool down your little pets because high temperatures can kill your hamster or may lead to serious health problems. You put the fan in front of the hamster cage. You should never put the fan in his cage because it can be harmful to the hamster. To get fresh air, you can also place the water bottle with salt in front of the fan.

It makes the air cooler. Salt helps to reduce the freezing point. So you can get the cold air blown around the hamster cage. You can change the water bottle when you want cold air. Placing a fan near the hamster’s cage helps to circulate the air in his cage. You should not put the fan direct to the hamster because it can cause stress to your pet.

Prevent overheating

Hamsters are little pets and get easily overheated in hot or summer weather. So you just keep an eye on your hamster and notice the symptoms of heatstroke. Overheating symptoms of your hamster are bright red tongue, convulsions, panting, weakness, drooling, lack of movement, depression, and stress. Avocado seeds juice is best in the summer.

When you notice two or three symptoms mentioned above, then take the hamster to a vet. When your hamster gets overheated, then it is essential to cool down your hamster.

In this condition, try to provide those treats which help to reduce overheating. Overheating is dangerous for a hamster as it cause death. So if you want your hamster to live long, then take care of him to get overheated.

Give a sand bath

The sand bath is an effective way to fight humidity. It is necessary to stay cool in the summer. A sand bath is useful in a way that you can put the sand in a freezer. When sand appropriately gets cold, then you can use it for hamster bathing. Water bathing is also an excellent option to stay cool in the summer.

Though the hamster can not get a water bath, that’s why you should use a sand bath for your hamster. Chinchilla sand is a good option for your hamster. Hamsters like the sand bath because sand bathing is safe for them. Take a cup of sand and put it in the zip lock bag. Place the zip lock bag in the freezer for several hours.

Place this sand in the hamster’s cage for bathing. Hamsters enjoy or roll down in this sand. This frozen sand is a great way to keep hamsters cool and healthy. Take care f one thing that never put the sand openly in the freezer. Because it can wet the sand and wet sand is not good for hamster’s health. You can give a sand bath to your hamster after 2 or 3 days. And if your hamster gets hot, then you can provide a cold sand bath two to three times a day.

Avoid excessive bedding

It is essential to avoid bedding in summer for all living things. Like humans, hamsters also need to have less bedding in summer. Because warm or excessive bedding is an excellent source of heat and can warm up your hamster. In summer you should reduce bedding. 

Excessive clothes bedding is just like wearing warm or thick clothes that generate heat or humidity. You should change everything about your hamster according to the changing weather. There are different types of bedding that you can use, such as paper bedding, grasses or grains, shredded paper, wood and paper pellets, and wood shaving.

It depends on your choice and also the needs of the hamster which he wants. Choosing the best bedding according to your hamster, is an error or trial process. Paper bedding like toilet paper or shredded strips of paper is the ideal bedding for your hamster. Because paper bedding is soft and can not get hot in summer, take care of one thing that paper bedding does not contain inks or toxins because the ink can dirt the fur of a hamster. This also helps to get rid of fleas on hamsters.

Avoid outdoor or physical activities

Avoid outdoor activities of your hamster, such as plying in an open place below the sun. Outdoor activities and physical activities develop more heat and cause overheating or heatstroke.

Physical activities cause to increase blood circulation. High blood circulation in your body may warm your internal body temperature. This internal body temperature causes heat; it can cause health issues, and severe health issues cause your hamster death. So you should avoid anything which causes you to produce more heat.

Hamsters have very few sweat glands, and hamsters not have the ability to sweat. So they are quickly dehydrated than mammals. Let your hamster rest in his cold cage and never let them stay out of the cage.

If you want to hold your hamster, just try to handle him in the morning or evening because the temperature is more relaxed at both times than during the day. Humans’ body temperature is also high in the summer season. So you should avoid handling your little pets.

Never place your hamster in a vehicle

On summer days, you should avoid putting your hamster in a vehicle or a car because the inside of the vehicle and car can rich in high temperatures. Vehicle or a car develop more heat in summer. Any vehicle inside the temperature is usually higher than the house. In summer, its temperature reaches too high. So you should avoid traveling with your hamster in the summer.

Using frozen ceramic hideout

Ceramic hideout helps to fight against humidity or high temperature. Take a plastic bag and place ceramic hideout in it. Put the plastic bag in a freezer for 10 to 20 minutes until it gets cold well.

Take out the hideout from the plastic bag and place it in the hamster’s cage. You can notice that your hamster gets cool down through frozen hideout. You can repeat this process whenever you want to cool down your pet.

There is no need to worry if you do not have a hideout. You can also use the terra-cotta pot or ceramic tile instead of the ceramic hideout. It will work well as a ceramic hideout. It is a cheap and easy way to cool down your hamster.