Can Hamsters Eat the Skin of Kiwi Fruit?

Can Hamsters Eat the Skin of Kiwi Fruit?

Hamsters love to eat the skin of Kiwi fruit. Hamsters are not very particular about their diet. They mainly feed on grains, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Some hamsters living in desserts and wildlife also feed on insects and other animals.

Can Hamsters Eat the Skin of Kiwi Fruit? Yes, hamsters can eat the skin of kiwi fruit. You can mix kiwi with cheese, salad, and a smoothie. You should serve kiwi fruit in small pieces to your pet hamster.

A hamster should have a balanced diet. The balanced diet includes all nutrients like protein carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. All these nutrients are needed for the proper functioning of body organs. A healthy diet makes hamsters healthy.

Kiwi is a less caloric food with all the nutrients in abundance. This fruit is a rich source of sugar and citric acid. Kiwifruits enrich our body with all nutrients without gaining any weight. Kiwifruit can be served as a complete meal to your hamster.

This property of this fruit is very beneficial for the hamster. One kiwifruit contains 2 g of sugar 8g protein 22mg calcium 2mg of vitamin E. Kiwifruit is also a rich source of fibers, and one fruit contains 1g of fiber.

Potassium is also found more than about 200mg in one kiwifruit. One kiwifruit contains 42 calories. Magnesium vitamin K folic acid is also found in minute quantities. Fats and cholesterol are found in negligible amounts. Other minerals like sodium manganese potassium phosphorus selenium iron copper and zinc are also part of kiwi fruit.

Can Hamsters Eat the Skin of Kiwi Fruit?

Kiwifruits also are known as Chinese gooseberry. It is cultivated in north china for the first time. Kiwifruit is known for its health benefits both in humans and animals. This fruit is the best source of all the nutrients which a hamster needs.

The hamsters need fruit as a part of their daily treat. You can serve kiwi to your hamster to fulfill its nutritional requirements. Your hamster will love to have such a yummy treat.

You can serve kiwifruit either in raw form or can make simple recipes using kiwifruit. This depends upon the choice and taste of your pocket pet. You can use simple ingredients found in your kitchen to add some extra flavor to kiwifruit.

Serving in small pieces

This is the simplest and easy way of serving kiwi fruit to hamsters. This will not require much time and effort. By serving the kiwifruit in its fresh and raw form hamster can enjoy the real taste of his mouthwatering fruit. You can do it in simple steps.

Take one kiwifruit, and it should be fresh if you see that the fruit is decaying or rotting from any side immediately discard it. This will prove harmful to hamsters. After making sure that the fruit is intact and fresh, wash it with water. If possible, soak it in water for some time, after this Peel off the skin of kiwifruit with a sharp knife.

Then cut the kiwi into two pieces. Then remove all the seeds from the fruit. Kiwi seeds are also contraindicated for hamsters. After removing seeds, cut the kiwifruit into small pieces. The pieces should be about half an inch. Then take only one or two pieces of kiwifruit and keep it in a serving bowl.

You can make the pieces small as if the size of the hamster paw. Put this serving bowl in the hamster cage. You can serve it any time to hamsters. Also, serve water to hamsters when serving kiwifruit. Water will help in the easy swallowing of kiwifruit pieces.

Kiwifruit puree

Another way of serving the kiwifruit is by mashing the kiwifruit. You can make kiwi puree very easily. No additional ingredient is required for this. Just take a fresh kiwifruit. The kiwifruit should be soft to touch; otherwise, it will not be adequately mashed.

To make kiwi puree take one kiwifruit. Wash the kiwi and peel off the brown skin of kiwifruit. Then remove all the seeds from the fruit. Cut the kiwi fruit into small chunks. Then take a pestle and mortar to mash the kiwi. Mash the kiwifruit finely. All the kiwifruit should become a soft paste.

You can do this in a blender. Take a blender and put the kiwi pieces in it. Then blend it for approximately one minute. Add a few drops of water to make a smooth puree after mixing, put it in a jar. You should serve only half teaspoon of kiwi puree to hamster once in a week or once a month to dwarf hamsters.

The advantage of making kiwi puree is that you can store it for future use, Just put all the excess puree in an airtight container. Refrigerate this jar, and you can use this puree whenever you need to serve this to hamsters.

Mix it with other food

Kiwi can be served with other hamster foods. Hamsters mainly feed on vegetable grains and fruits. You can simply mix all this food and can serve to your hamster. Just take kiwi and cut it into small pieces after peeling off the skin. Then mix small chunks of kiwifruit in the food you are going to serve to the hamster.

Serve kiwifruit along with grains; this will give both taste and full nutrition to your hamster. It can serve as a complete meal for your hamster. But the proportion of kiwifruit and other food should be checked before serving. Another good option is to mix chunks of kiwifruit in readymade food available for hamsters. Sugary taste of kiwi will make the whole food sweet and delicious.

Kiwi cake

Kiwi cake is the most delicious recipe, and your hamster will love to eat this treat. This recipe is simple, but it takes you some time as it has some simple steps to follow. To make the kiwi cake, you have to measure all the ingredients in the correct amount.

To prepare kiwi cake, you need the following ingredients, egg flour baking powder oil, and kiwi. First of all, take one kiwifruit. Peel off the skin and cut it into small pieces. Then take an egg and beat it.

Add half tablespoon of beaten egg in a bowl. Then add half teaspoon of flour. Then add a pinch of baking powder. Always strain the flour and baking powder before using it. Then add half teaspoon of oil in it.

Then mix all these ingredients. After mixing these ingredients, add chunks of kiwifruit in it. Fold the kiwi pieces in the cake batter. Pour the mixture in the mold. Keep the mold in a preheated oven. Bake it for ten minutes.

After baking the cake, let it cool before serving. Then cut the cake into small pieces and serve the cake to your hamster. You can store the cake for the future to serve it to your cute pet.

Kiwi salad

Kiwi can be served in the salad to your hamsters. This salad contains both vegetables and fruits. You just have to be careful about the proportion of vegetables and fruits while preparing this salad.

You can take tomatoes grapes apples carrot and pumpkin in this salad. Take all the vegetables and fruits you are going to add in the salad. Peel off the skin of all fruits and vegetables. Then take 2 to 3 chunks of all the vegetables and fruits. Same like other fruits, take peeled kiwifruit. Add 2 to 3 chunk of it in the salad. Mix all the fruits and vegetables.

Add a few drops of olive oil in this salad. Then sprinkle a pinch of salt on it. This will add a good flavor to this salad. Now take the serving bowl of the hamster. Put half tablespoon of salad on it.

Now the kiwi salad is ready to be served to your pet. Never serve an excess of the kiwi salad to the hamster. They can suffer from different health problems if they eat them frequently. Serve this salad at least after 15 days. You can also add avocado seeds for your hamster.

Kiwi smoothie

Kiwi smoothie is a refreshing drink for your hamster. It not only refreshes the mood of the hamster, but it also provides all the nutrients to your hamster. To prepare the kiwi smoothie, you need the following ingredients. One kiwifruit water sugar and yogurt and mint.

To make this smoothie, first, peel off the skin of kiwi. Then remove all the seeds of kiwi. After this, put it in a blender and blend it with ice. Then add one tablespoon of sugar syrup. You can skip the sugar syrup if you are feeding it to dwarf hamsters.

Then add half teaspoon of yogurt in it and leave of mint. Blend all the ingredients. Your kiwi smoothie is ready. Now take a small portion of kiwi smoothie in a serving bowl and put it in the hamster cage. Hamsters like to eat dried pineapple, you can add it for a flavor.

Kiwi tart

Kiwi tart is a simple but delicious recipe for your hamster. To prepare this recipe, you need the following ingredients. One kiwi portions of cereal and water. First, take a bowl and add a tablespoon of cereals in it. Finely crush all the cereals in it, You can do this with the help of a spoon.

Add some water in it to make a soft dough of cereals. Keep crushing it until it becomes a soft dough. Then make a hollow circle in this. Take the kiwifruit. Peel off the skin and remove the skin. Then take a slice of kiwifruit and mash it. Now fill this mashed kiwi into the hollow dough of cereals. You can bake this tart in the oven. You can skip the baking step on your choice and directly serve this kiwi tart to the hamster.

Kiwi fruit juice

Kiwi juice is another refreshing drink for hamsters. You can make kiwi juice in no time. Just take a kiwifruit. Peel off the skin and remove seeds. Then put his peeled fruit in the juicer to strain all the juice from it.

After straining the juice, you can dilute it by adding some water in it. Add a pinch of salt in this juice. You can add some ice to chill the kiwi juice. When you are serving the kiwi juice to a hamster, it should not be more than one to two tablespoon once a week. It also helps to keep your hamster cool in the summer.

Kiwi with cheese

This combination is best to serve to hamsters when they are starving. Cheese is hamsters favorite food. You can simply serve both these ingredients together. Mix chunks of peeled kiwifruit and cheese altogether. You can pour some melted cheese on mashed kiwi and then feed it to your pet.

You can also make a loaf of bread and spread some mashed kiwi on it. Then pour the cheese on it. Bake the bread for two minutes until all the cheese is melt. Then serve this bread to your hamster as a unique treat. If you have just separated baby hamsters from their mother, feed them this dish.

Benefits of feeding kiwi to hamsters

Kiwifruit is a remarkable diet for the health of your hamster. It can give multiple benefits to hamsters. Kiwifruit is a rich source of fibers, and it can help in improving the digestive system of hamsters. It helps in the digestion of all complex nutrients like protein and carbohydrates due to the enzymes present in it.

Kiwifruit also has a role in the regulation of blood pressure. As this fruit contains zero cholesterol, it helps hamster in maintaining a good weight and blood pressure. Obese hamsters suffer from blood irregularities and cardiac issues.

Kiwi also has an essential role in boosting the immune system of the hamster. This fruit contains a high concentration of calcium, which fights against infection; Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals. Vitamin C helps repair damaged cells.

Kiwi also protects the respiratory system of hamsters. It helps prevents the symptoms of asthma and respiratory distress. It reduces the inflammation of the lungs. Kiwi contains no fats and cholesterol; it prevents the hamsters from becoming obese. Hamsters also use it as bedding to sleep.

Kiwi also contains folic acid, which is required for the production of RBCs. Thus it helps in treating anemia. All the minerals present in kiwifruit is essential for the growth and proper functioning of hamsters.

Is Kiwi fruit harmful to hamsters?

Besides all the benefits that kiwi can give to your hamster, it has some downsides also. Kiwifruit contains sugar and water in excess. Sugar is the main ingredient in making your hamster obese. Hamsters can gain weight quickly.

Overweight hamster is susceptible to different diseases. Increased blood pressure and cardiac issues are related to obesity. Diabetes is also caused by increased consumption o sugar. So kiwifruit can be responsible for these diseases if given in excess. So kiwifruit fruit should be given to your hamster in small quantities.

An excess intake of water and salt can cause digestion problems and even diarrhea in hamsters. Kiwifruit is acidic. Acidic fruits, in large amounts, can harm the health of hamsters. Kiwifruit allergy is common in hamsters. The allergy to this fruit can lead to severe respiratory issues in hamsters. Rashes and inflammation of the skin are also associated with kiwifruit allergy.

How much kiwifruit can a hamster eat?

A hamster can enjoy kiwifruit as a part of their meal, but its quantity matters a lot. Due to its side effects when given in a large amount, it should be provided in a small quantity. The amount of kiwifruit a hamster can eat varies in different books. Its quantity solely depends upon the species of hamster.

The recommended quantity of kiwifruit is equal to the paw size of hamsters. Syrian hamsters can have a double quantity of that size. These hamsters should eat kiwifruit once a week and not more than that.

The dwarf hamsters are a short hamster. Their nutritional requirements are lesser than Syrian hamsters. These hamsters should eat a small piece of kiwi equal to their paw size. You should serve this piece twice a month.

Hamster has a habit of taking short with a short time gap. You should be careful when serving them kiwifruit that the hamster should not overeat. Immediately remove the bowl when the hamster has taken the required amount of kiwifruit. This will help in preventing the side effects of overeating.

The skin of Kiwi fruit

When we talk about whether the hamster should eat kiwi skin or not, the answer is no. The hamster cannot eat the skin and seeds of kiwifruit. There are different drawbacks of hamsters eating kiwi skin. Some of the risks associated with eating kiwi skin are the following.


Choking is one of the reasons experts prohibit the hamster eating kiwi skin. The inner side of the kiwi skin, which is wrapped around kiwi fruit contains a heavy amount of sugar. This high concentration of sugar makes the inner side very sticky. Due to this stickiness, it gets stick to the cheeks and throat of the hamster. Thus causing choking, and sometimes it gets worsen to breathlessness.


Another reason for contraindicating kiwi skin is that the kiwi skin is tasteless. It has no taste at all. The hamster eating kiwi skin can dislike the whole fruit due to its unpleasant taste. Your hamster can no longer enjoy this nutritious fruit. The hamsters will have difficulty in swallowing this dry skin of kiwifruit.

Digestion problem

Kiwi skin is also associated with causing digestion issues in hamsters. The skin of kiwi fruit is very dry and hard. The rough texture of kiwi skin makes it difficult to engulf, and it is difficult for the hamsters to digest it properly.

The digestive system of hamsters is very delicate, and it can have difficulty in processing the dry and hard edibles. Ultimately the hamster suffers from different digestive tract problems like abdominal pain diarrhea, vomiting, nausea constipation, and GIT irritation.

Pesticide absorption

When kiwifruit is plated, and it is about to ripe, it gets the attraction of many insects and worms. Due to its high sugar content, many insects and pests attack this fruit. Kiwi skin absorbs all these pesticides. These pesticides are very harmful to the health of hamsters.

Pesticides can destruct various organs and systems of hamsters. Sometimes it can be a danger to the life of hamsters. You can avoid all these harmful effects of pesticides absorbed o kiwi skin by washing kiwifruit. But it is far better t peel off the skin of kiwifruit to prevent pesticide ingestion.

Dental problems

Kiwi skin also causes dental problems in hamsters. When hamsters chew the kiwi skin, its fine particles get stuck in space between teeth. These pieces cause germ to build-up in teeth. These germs cause the gums to become infected.

This infection leads to tooth cavities, and finally, tooth decay starts. The rough surface of kiwi skin also damages the teeth enamel. This infection can be a reason of hamster losing their teeth. So it is better to give the hamster kiwifruit after peeling the skin.