How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hamsters?

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hamsters?

You can get rid of fleas on hamsters with these easy DIY methods. Fleas are the insects that live on the body of the hamster. They are tiny in size, so they can easily hide in the hairs of the body of the hamster. Fleas belong to a species that is very famous for the spread of diseases among hamsters.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hamsters? To get rid of fleas, you need to follow two basic treatments; the first is that you need to follow complete care about cleanliness. Second, give him a sandbath, and with the use of the anti-fleas comb.

The other reason is the company of the hamster having fleas. Fleas spread very quickly and very fast, and their reproduction rate is high among all, so their spread is very easy. So if one hamster is suffering from fleas, other hamsters can also get this disease. 

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Hamsters?

Through home-based treatment, you can quickly cure the fleas of the body of the hamster. This treatment is time taking, but positive results are guaranteed. The following are the steps you need to take to treat your hamster.

Proper cleaning

The leading cause of the attack of fleas is the unclean surroundings. If the atmosphere in which the hamster is living has germs, it may cause harm to the hamster.

These germs provide a platform for other infectious agents that can cause severe damage to the hamster. So the proper cleaning of the hamster is essential.

Use of flea comb

A flea comb is also one of the most common tools that are used to remove flea. The flea comb is just like a typical comb, but it is thick and smaller in size so that fleas could easily be captured and removed from this body.

The use of a flea comb is effortless; it is just like the other comb. You have to comb the hairs of the hamster with this comb. You can comb after the use of anti-fleas shampoo. Its result is more effective because due to the use of shampoo, all the fleas die and could easily trap in the comb and removed away.

You can easily buy it from any superstore which has accessories for the hamster or other pets. While using a comb, you need to be very careful that you should always use soft hand to remove fleas if you comb forcefully, it would scratch the body of the hamster. So do it lightly so that he cannot get any pain.

You can also comb him even without the use of shampoo. The fleas come out in the same way also. For better results, you have to use fleas comb once in a day; it just takes 5 to 10 minutes, but its use can free your hamster form fleas and stop them from attacking again. After using the comb, wash it properly, so that if any fleas struck in it, could be washed away, and the comb of your hamster could become neat and clean to use for the next time. This also helps to keep your hamster cool in summer.

Console your pet

Fleas, when attacks your hamster, could be hazardous for him; they irritate him a lot. Due to which he may get upset and depressed. To remove his depression and irritation, you need to console him with great love and affection.

To console him, you can deal him with love and care, and you give recipes of his own choice. Take him on a healthy walk with you and also provide him what he demands so that he can live happily. Otherwise, the attack of fleas is hazardous; it can make the body of the hamster sensitive and also become the cause of other skin diseases.

When you console him, he forgets about all his problems and started enjoying his life due to your proper concentration and love. When he is alone, he notices his problem and becomes irritated from it, but when you give him company, he becomes busy with you and forgets about all his pain and problems. Hamsters can not Iive without water, you should feed them fresh food and water daily.

Cleaning the cage

When fleas attack a hamster. They do not attack just on the hamster but also start living in the cage of the hamster, so before cleaning the hamster, you also need to clean his cage correctly. Because if you do not clean the house of the hamster and clean his body, it is confirmed chance that it will attack again on the body of the hamster.

The fleas that are leftover in the house dangerous for the hamster; to avoid this situation, you have to clean the house of the hamster properly so that all the fleas remove.

For this, you can use anti-fleas shampoo. Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of shampoo. Pour them in a bottle. Now add 200 ml of distilled water in it shake it well so that a soapy solution is formed. Close the bottle by fixing a nozzle that sprays like the shower.

Through this bottle, spray that soapy solution in the cage more importantly in the corners of the cage so that all the fleas removed away.

After sprinkling that solution, leave it for a half-hour to one hour, then wash the cage with running water and put it under the sun to dry it. The heat of the sun is also hazardous for fleas; they will die and never come again if you become conscious of all the hygienic conditions.

After cleaning the house of the hamster, always put the properly washed hamster in it; if you put the hamster having fleas in the cage, the fleas from the body of the hamster also fallen in the cage. So be careful about every step that you are going to take about the good health of the hamster.

Remove the eggs of fleas

When you are cleaning the cage, also remove the eggs of the fleas from the cage and also from the surrounding areas that are near the cage. As they are small in size so they can easily fall anytime anywhere and quickly initiate a new life. So the removal of eggs is essential.

Changing his clothes

The clothes you are providing to your hamster must be clean and free from fleas. Fleas could also easily hide in the clothes and stick to them. So the clothes which your hamster wears during this condition should be washed more appropriately and carefully as compared to other clothes.

If possible, leave those clothes for one week under the sun to heat them daily for 3 to 4 hours. So that the fleas and its eggs could easily remove from that cloth, and you can use them for your hamster after proper sterilization.

If you do not do these fleas, stick to the cloth, attack on the body of the hamster when you wear him this cloth. So you must do this otherwise you and your hamster both will strike in huge problem. You should make a homemade hamster trap to keep your hamster in a safe place.

Use of tree bark and tree leaves

Tree bark and tree leaves are also beneficial to remove fleas. But this process is very long and hectic, but its result is fantastic. If your hamster cannot get rid of these fleas, you can use this method.

In this method, meshed leaves and bark of trees having anti-infective properties are used. This is applied over the body at night and leave it for the whole night and has to give a bath with warm water in the morning. This will treat 50% to 70% of the fleas just after first-time use.

Regular Medication

To treat it, regular medication is essential; you have to follow it according to the advice of the Vet. Otherwise, the use of medication will also be useless.

So here you need to keep in your mind that only medicine will not help you. You have to use regular medicine and have to do a complete course according to veterinarian suggestions to get results of your demand.