How to Make a Homemade Hamster Trap?

How to Make a Homemade Hamster Trap?

You can make homemade traps to capture your pet hamster. It is a hectic task to trap and capture the hamster. If you are not able to trap him, he will die due to hunger and environmental stress with 2-3 days.

How to Make a Homemade Hamster Trap? Yes, you can make homemade hamster traps by using the bucket method, sticky paper method, cage method, and spreading the net. Before performing any of the methods spread food in the surroundings that will help you to trap the hamster.

These traps have no harm to the health of the hamster. So you can easily use them without any fear.

Trapping of hamsters is a difficult task, but it is necessary to do for the life of the hamster. Hamsters are active pets; if you keep them in a cage, they fed up very soon from this situation and want to run from there, and if they fail to do so, they become wild and upset.

They try every possible way to escape, but this escape is dangerous for them, but as a pet, they would not be able to understand this.

How to Make a Homemade Hamster Trap?

When a hamster escapes, you immediately start making the strategy to trap them. While you are making a trap, you have to keep the door of the cage open so that if they come back could easily enter the cage instead of running again from that place.

For this purpose, your training should be proper so that if intentionally or unintentionally, he escapes from the cage, he would easily come back.

Bucket method

This is the easiest and common method, and it is effectiveness is guaranteed. You can easily capture the hamster. Although this method is not so fast, you can trap hamsters when they come on that side where you set this whole apparatus.

So, you have to set all this at that place where hamsters are present. For example, the best place to set this apparatus is in the kitchen because the attraction of food motivates him to come to the kitchen. If you plan to trap it in the kitchen, you can trap him very quickly.

For this apparatus, the tools you required are commonly available in every home. You need only one bucket, a plastic bottle, a wire or straw or a small rope, need a towel, few bricks, biscuits or any other food, and an attractive colorful sheet. These tools are commonly available in your home.

Now the procedure is also effortless: first, you have to take bucket wash it properly. It has no germs or dust because it is all about the health of your hamster. After washing it dry, then removes the handle of the bucket. Take a rope, wire, or straw, among them what you can arrange easily.

After that take a bottle, the bottle should be according to the size of the bucket, that it should fit easily on the bucket and revolve. Keep the lid of the bottle over it make a hole in the lid the size of the hole should be large enough that what you select among rope, straw or rope could easily pass from it.

Similarly, like the hole in the lid just opposite to it, make another hole in the bottom of the bottle. You need to be very careful while making a hole because the size and location of the hole matter a lot.

Then pass anything which you select among rope, straw or pipe let’s suppose you choose a rope; pass a rope form the hole. The size of the rope should be as large that it could easily pass from the bottle and remained extra at both ends to tie with the bucket. Tie a rope at the place of the bucket from where you remove the handle.

If there is no place to tie, then fix it with the help of gum in such a way that it could not break with the weight of the hamster. Check it carefully that the bottle revolve properly, and the rope is fixed tightly.

After that, fold the towel in such a way that it should spread properly at the bottom of the bucket. The main purpose of the towel is to remain a safe hamster from injury when fallen down. Put this bucket in your kitchen or any other place about which you are sure that their hamster can come.

Now arrange the bricks in such a way that it formed like stairs. Arrange the bricks on the other sides in the same way and spread a sheet over the bricks. The sheet should be soft so that the hamster could climb happily over it.

Then spread the biscuits or any food that you think your hamster likes the most over the stairs, over the bottle, also in the bucket. Start its spread just from that place where the stairs start and enhance its quantity gradually as he moves forward, so in the greed of food, he can climb stairs and could easily trap in the bucket.

You can try this whenever your hamster escapes, and also you can keep this as it for the use of next time. But after every week, you need to change its location; otherwise, if your hamster memorizes it, he would not come at the side and could not trap in it.

Sticky paper method

It is the simplest method as compared to the previous one. But it can slightly be risky for the life of a hamster if you perform it carelessly. This method involves no special trick; its only demand is proper concentration and proper measuring of chemicals you are using.

This method involves common tools that have everyone at their home. This method is affordable and takes very little time to perform. In this method, the platform used to trap hamsters takes a tiny surface, and the result of this method is much more guaranteed than any other method. The platform you made to trap hamsters can easily place where you think that your hamster could come.

The best place to put it is also the kitchen. The main point you need to focus on while performing this method is the placement of that paper. Most commonly hamster runs and passes just near to the wall. Because they think that the support of the wall gives them security and protection.

So you have to place it near the wall, especially under the refrigerator or any table. According to the hamster, these places are secure most places for him. So when you put it, you will notice that just after 3 to 4 hours, you can trap him or less than it if he hides near to that place where you put that paper.

For this first, you need to take a thick paper or cardboard; you can also take the small piece of some box. If it is large, cut it and make it equal to the size of medium size notebook paper. Neatly cut the edges, so that it looks decent and nice.

After that, you have to cover that cardboard with the paper, e.g., gift paper or any other paper that has the power to attract the hamster towards itself. Cover it neatly and accurately. Your paper is ready now and has to make it able to capture the hamster.

For this, you need to put glue that has the power to attach the hamster with it. In this whole method, the only thing that matters is the quantity of glue. The amount of glue should be enough to attach the feet of the hamster with it. If the glue is in less quantity and the hamster tries to run from it, he could easily escape from it.

If the quantity of glue is more, there is also a chance that the hamster could remain stick there and can get separate from it. So use an adequate quantity that is mentioned on the glue to trap him.

Slight carelessness during the application of glue on the paper could be fatal for the life of your hamster. Because again and again, he tries to escape and wants to run as his hobby is running and jumping.

Due to glue, he could not be able to do so again and again try could be dangerous for the bones of his legs as they are very weak and sensitive. Similarly, it is also bad for his mental health because he can get so much irritated from this situation and become wild.

So carefully pour glue as the storekeeper guide you and the company of glue mentioned on its label. After pouring glue over the paper, put it on the location where you think it is better to place. Now take a few biscuits or take the special food that your hamster likes the most.

Spread it over the paper, especially at the center of the paper and also around the paper till few centimeters away so hamster could attract towards it. Now the trapping process complete take rest and leave it for an hour.

After and check it again and again after every hour or so when you saw that your hamster trap on it, then take it from that place and do some affection and love with your hamster. So that he can feel relax and do not become wild. Take him near the cage and now feed him with some of his favorite food.

As he is eating food, you can arrange some hot water and cotton wipes. Now wet your cotton wipes by dipping it in hot water, and with the help of that cotton wipes, separate it from that sticky paper.

As he becomes separate from it, place it in the cage and let him play freely so that he could get well if he slightly disturbs through this procedure. Soon he will be happy and enjoying his mood. Hamsters can not live long without food and water.

Cage Method

Cage method is also one of the most common methods that are used to capture the hamsters. This method is easy among all, and this needs no special trick. This method only needs some energy when you plan to make it. Once you make this cage, you can use it again and again when your hamster escape. You should use soft bedding for your hamster.

The tools are simple first; you need a cage and a rope. These two things will solve your problem and could save your hamster from any harm that he could get if they cannot trap.

For this, the cage you require is simple, like the cages use most commonly to keep hamsters or other pets. You can use some old cage for this purpose also.

For better results, you have to decorate the cage as your hamster likes and enter in it. To decorate it you can use some attractive paper with which you can cover it or some cloth.

After the proper decoration of the cage, open its door and put some of the favorite food of your hamster in the cage after that tie that cage with the help of the rope in such a way that when hamster enters in it the door of the cage closed automatically by its own.

For this purpose, you can buy the cage of this type from the market, but it can be very expensive. So you can easily make it at your make by using a rope. For much better results, you can also use bricks to arrange the bricks under the cage in such a way that when the hamster in it, its door closed.

The bricks help to tilt the cage, and it could tilt more easily due to bricks, so if you think it is better to use them, you can adjust them according to your need. This will keep your hamster cool in the summer.

First, the cage is empty and has no weight in it, so he stands as it is as you set. When the hamster enters, it is due to the attraction of food that you put inside the cage to trap the hamster. The weight of the hamster forces the cage to move as the cage moves from its place, the rope moves downward due to which the door automatically closes, and the hamster can be traped in it.

For this purpose, the cage you used should be of lighter weight so that the whole procedure could perform easily. Now take your hamster out from it and put it on its place and serve him his favorite food and no need to scold him. Because he is a very sensitive pet, and he could feel it very badly and become upset that it is not so good for his health.

Spreading the net

This is a common method that was used for very long when the technology was not as high as it is nowadays. So there is not even a 1% doubt about the effectiveness of this method.

Spread the net at that place where you think that hamster could hide here. You can also spread the net in more than one place. The net that is used to trap hamster is commonly available in the market. This net is slightly different than the other nets used for this purpose because most people say it as a net pouch or pouch for the hamster.

This is like a bag; it has two straps one is fixed with the ground, and the other is free, and it is long and deep from inside. At the bottom of that bag, a small pocket is made to put food for the hamster. In this pocket, you put the food that has a pleasant fragrance, and it should be one of your hamster’s favorite food.

As the hamster smells his food, he attracts towards the net and enters it. The congested straps of net capture his feet and trap him. If he tries to move to make himself free, he can cover himself in that net bag.

As he remains moving, his trapping becomes more and more strict. In some cases, if he remains in the net for hours, then to free him, you have to cut; otherwise, it is impossible to let him free.

So when you spread the net, check it again and again so that when he traps, you can capture him immediately and put him in his cage.

For this purpose, a simple net is also used, but the effectiveness of that net is not as sure as that of the net pouch, because the hamster could easily escape from it. The attraction is this net is also not so much because it has no pockets for food, so hamsters never go near it.

Among all the trapping methods, the one common thing is the use of food. You can use any of the above techniques, but you never need to miss the spread of the food, and the food you spread should be of good quality and fresh.

If you spread the food, but still after 12 hours, your hamster has not to trap in it. Then you have to clean the place and remove that food after that you have to spread new and fresh food because it is all about the health of your hamster never compromise on it. This is a must to get rid of fleas on hamsters.

The tools you use to trap your hamster should be neat and clean, and it should have not any infections agent or poisonous material that could give harm your hamster. You need to be careful while performing any of the above methods.


When you trap your hamster, deal him with great love and affection. Enhance your love towards him so that he never tries again to love. Increase the quantity of the time you are spending with him.

Take him with you on the walk and arrange other hamsters for him with whom he can play and remain busy with them. Never abuse them and give harm to them because if you do, they will become upset and go away from you.

Perform all the trapping methods carefully and when you trap him, bath him clean his cage so that he can feel neat and fresh. If he gets germs during his escape after bathing, they will be washed away. After cleaning him properly, give him food, and spend some time with him so that he can feel comfortable and happy.