Why Do Hamsters Keep Their Eyes Closed?

Why Do Hamsters Keep Their Eyes Closed?

Why Do Hamsters Keep Their Eyes Closed?

This world is a beautiful place. It has so many wonderful and beautiful creatures. The world is full of nature and wonders. There are a lot of beautiful things and animals around us. These animals are so cute and loving. They are so generous and caring that people keep them with themselves in their houses. Pet keeping is an excellent hobby, and it is full-on fun.

Hamsters can keep their eyes closed because of sticky eyes, to protect eyes from external objects and weeping eyes. It is recommended to take a good care of your pet hamster.

It keeps you busy and active. It is a healthy activity, and it keeps you fresh. There are a lot of animals that can we can keep as pets. But, today, we will discuss Hamsters. Hamsters are adorable and little rabbits like animals. Hamsters are originally rodents, and it has twenty-five species. They have large eyes, furry skin, short tail, and small ears. These are the most common pet animals.

The most popular species of hamsters are Syrian hamsters and Golden hamsters. They are adorable little animals, and they are also very friendly. Our experts will discuss why do hamsters keep their eyes closed in this article below.

Why do Hamsters keep closed their eyes?

Hamsters are timid and sensitive animals. Some of them want to socialize, while some of them do not want to meet and greet. They are not significant. They love to wake at noon and love to sleep at night. They love to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains. They keep their eyes closed, and the reasons are as follows.

Sticky Eyes

Hamsters are susceptible, and they are not so strong and sturdy. Hamsters want excellent care and attention. You have to look after them properly. You have to take care of them as your child. You have to wash them take care of their diet and their hygiene. As the hamsters grow, the most common problem that occurs in them is the sticky eyes.

The hamsters get their eyes sticky and closed their eyes throughout the day. Sometimes their both eyes get sticky, and they do not open their eyes until they get transparent. It is not a severe medical condition; you do not have to worry about the health of the hamster. It is a common problem, and it occurs among 90% of hamsters around the world. Examine the eye with care if you see the stickiness in them.

Take lukewarm water from the chemist nearby. You will find it quickly, and it is also cheap. You do not have to spend too much money on it. Take the lukewarm water and dip the cotton bud in it and wash slowly in the eyes of the hamster. It is an excellent and ready to use solution that clear the eyes.

Clean the eyes of the hamster slowly and do not use force as it will hurt them and the eyelid too. When you rub the eye with the cotton bud, the sticky residue will stick to the cotton, and you will see the bright eyes of the hamster. Once the sticky residue is out of the eyes, the hamster will open its eyes. Here is the detailed guide on treating sticky eyes in hamsters.

Hamsters can keep their eyes closed to protect from External Objects

Hamsters are tiny and cute animals. They demand attention and outstanding care. They want your time and feels good with you. Hamsters sleep in the night with closed eyes, and they are alert when they fall asleep.

They open their eyes at once they hear any sound outside, or something touches their cage. If you see their eyes closed, then this may occur due to an external particle or substance. This can make your pet hamsters close their eyes.

It may cause irritation and swelling. If you notice anything, you do not panic as it is a common problem that occurs in hamsters. If your hamster is not opening is eyes, then carefully examine the eyes of your pet.

Open its eyes carefully and look at what is inside it. Be gentle with your pet, and discuss the eyes with soft hands. If you see any dust particles or other substances in it, then take Lukewarm water and wash the eyes of the hamster with it.

Clear the eyes of the hamster and see if the hamster opens its eyes. If your pet opens its eyes, then you have solved the problem successfully. Hamsters wander in their cage and get dust particles or other substances in their eyes very quickly. Make sure to clean the enclosure of the hamster so that it may not close his eyes again.

Eye Weeping

One of the reasons for sticky eyes in hamsters is the eye weeping. It is a common problem and occurs mostly in animals, especially hamsters. Hamsters wake all day long for playing and eating and fall asleep at night. When they sleep at night, their eyes start weeping, and fluid keeps coming out all night long.

This weeping can cause secretions to dry, and their eyelids are attached as they glued together. It is also a reason that makes the hamster close their eyes. It is not a disease or an infection. It is a normal thing, and it can occur quickly in hamsters.

To eliminate this problem, you have to take care of your pet. You do not have to visit clinic to solve this problem. These are fundamental problems, and you should handle it yourself at home. Take Lukewarm water or saline and clean the eyes of hamster with soft and gentle hands.

You have to hold the hamster with love while doing this procedure. Once you clean the eyes of the hamster, your pet will open its eyes. To avoid this problem, take a regular check on the eyes of your pet and clean the eyes when you see them getting close.

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