Why is My Hamster Getting Thinner?

Why is My Hamster Getting Thinner?

Why is My Hamster Getting Thinner?

Hamster is a beautiful and cute rodent that is kept at home pet, and they are tiny in size.

Your hamster may be getting thin because of hair loss, sneezing, huddling in a corner, stop eating, diarrhea, wheezing, ruffled coat, inactivity, humped back, discharge of eyes and nose, wet tail, and hair loss, which cause weight loss of hamster.

Some types of pets are never kept together because they are solitary and do not enjoy the company of other pets. Some pets are social and want to live with others. If you have multiple hamsters and a single cage so you should be careful about the types of hamsters.

Why is My Hamster Getting Thinner?

It is easy to keep hamsters, but hamsters require too much care every time, the little injury may lead to severe problems because they are very small or tiny. It is vital to take care of their food, and there are many reasons when your hamster is getting thinner.

You should conscious about the weight of the hamster when you notice that your hamster is getting more fragile than you can do many things to gain weight of the hamster.

There are many reasons, signs, and illness which cause getting your hamster thinner.

Deprivation of food

The most crucial reason for hamsters getting thinner is the deprivation of food, or stop eating, decreased daily intake, vitamin A deficiency, and does not fulfill the needs of hamster feeding. So it is necessary for the hamster to eat enough food regularly to prevent weight loss or getting thinner or weaker.

You should place the plate of food in front of the hamster so he can quickly eat food. You can also give high calories food which helps him to keep healthy and gain weight.

You can also offer small chicken pieces, hard-boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables to the hamster. If your hamster is too tiny and can not by himself, then you can feed him by eye dropper or medicine dropper. If your hamster is too hungry, then keep feeding after a while, and after the break, you can feed more food.

You take care that you should not too much feeding without a break because it might be worse or not suitable for hamsters. You can also give fruits and vegetables to hamster because this help maintains health. When your hamster loses fur, he also seems weak and thin.

Hair loss causes weight loss of hamster

The deficiency of vitamin and protein leads to malnutrition, which causes hair loss. Deficiency of vitamin B, Folic acid, and B6 biotin, deficiency of any vitamin may cause fur loss, fatigue, and weakness. This causes weight loss and hamsters will get thinner.

To gain weight of hamster, give him food that contains protein and vitamins, or you can provide supplements of protein or vitamins. You can also give him different vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, carrots, turnip, spinach, and asparagus. These vegetables are loaded with various vitamins, calcium, and protein, which helps to hamster getting thicker and weight gain.

Intake minimum quantity of water

water is essential to the body for average growth and health. If your hamster does not moving and lying down and seems lazy, then keep your hamster in a cool place and prevent heat or sunlight. Bath your hamster with cold water. Another reason for getting thinner is maybe intaking the minimum quantity of water or dehydration.

A proper amount of water intake keeps your hamster healthy and active. Keep the water bottle close to the hamster so he can quickly drink when he is sleeping. If your hamster is tiny and weak, then you can give water through the help of a dropper. You can also offer water in another form such as juices, or you can mix yummy flavor in it, so your hamster enjoys the taste and drink more water in this way.

Running in a circle

If your hamster running in circles or rounds without any reason, it means there is something wrong with your hamster, this condition is called twirling or circling. There are many causes of rotating, but the common cause is a treatable ear infection. The hamster loses weight because of pain or disease.

The hamster prescribed medicine that prevents pain and provides relief from the virus. Any type of illness cause hamster to stop eating, and illness cause weakness. Due to illness hamster getting thinner.

It is always not necessary that circling is because of ear infection; there may be another severe illness such as brain damage. So it is essential to take the hamster to the vet.

Kept hamster in a comfortable place

Try always to keep your hamster in a suitable place or cage. Any type of discomfort may cause weight loss and make your hamster thin, weak, and small. You should provide the hamster one story cage so he can easily reach to everything such as food or water.

Keep your hamster cage neat and clean, and his best should be cleaned daily from the spot.

It would help if you washed the cage with mild soap and water, do not use hard chemicals to clean because it can damage your pet. Try to keep some toys in his cage, and toys help him to not getting bore; these make him happy and fresh.

Try to keep all toys in the corner of the cage and should be easily accessible to your pet. When you give all the accessories, and no discomfort leads to weight gain and keep your hamster happy and healthy all the time.

Excessive exercise can make your hamster can thin

Exercise is most important to all living things. So if you want to keep your hamster healthy and robust, then do exercise daily for your hamster, especially when he is losing weight and getting older. But try to avoid excessive exercise because it may cause weight loss.

Try to play with your hamster, which helps him to move around, and though he will become healthy, active, and secure. Hold your pet carefully and show love to the hamster this makes your hamster getting thicker. Exercising helps your hamster to eat more and gain weight.

Abscesses cause weight loss in hamsters

Another reason for weight loss is the formation of abscesses. It is an illness or infection in the cheeks of a hamster. Abscesses occur when cuts cheek by food. It makes pockets of infection in his cheeks, and he feels difficulty to eat food.

When you notice that your pet has food in his cheeks continuously then it is not, it is abscessed. There is a need to take your hamster to the vet for treatment because it can get your hamster thinner and sick.

Wet tail sign of illness

A wet tail of a hamster is a sign of disease and you must cure him. Wet tail is commonly due to stress, diet change, and crowding. Suddenly weight loss is an alarming point of hamsters, which is mostly due to some illness.

Wet tail is maybe a sign of excessive diarrhea, humped pack, lethargy, ruffled coat, and may lead to more severe disease of diabetes. Sudden in pet skin and weight is a sign of something wrong or illness.

Teeth problems

Teeth are essential for every living thing to eat. When there is a problem in teeth painful in eating and severe teeth, and it can stop eating. When you hold your hamster, please check the teeth of a hamster. When your hamster stops eating and have to bleed around the teeth, it may be due to the broken teeth.

Painful, damaged, or missing teeth may be harmful or cause problems while eating. So it can get your hamster thin because of the deprivation of food. Other teeth problems are overgrown, hard chew, and break down of teeth. It is necessary to check pets from the vet, and it is required to replace teeth by a vet.

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