Why do hamsters do monkey bars?

Why do hamsters do monkey bars?

Hamsters do monkey bars when they are stressed. They are kept in cages specially designed for them. The hamsters are small but active animals. They communicate with each other and humans with different body languages. They show behaviors to show their emotions and what they need for them. Different body positioning and activities are indicators of various hamster’s emotions.

Why do hamsters do monkey bars? Your hamster will do monkey bars when the cage is small, because of stress, anger, or when he is trying to escape the cage. It is recommended to take good care of your pet hamster.

I know it is quite pleasing and entertaining to see hamsters climbing hanging and jumping in their cage. Monkey barring is the common term we use when anyone climbs hang or jumps on the bars.

These bars can be of any material metal or plastic. It is a very effective exercise to keep hamsters active. The same is seen in hamsters, it is commonly seen in all species of hamsters.

Why do hamsters do monkey bars?

Hamsters do monkey barring in their cage due to different things. This is not an enjoyable moment for us but it is a sign that our pet is trying to communicate something. Hamsters usually hang climb and crawl on the walls of the cage.

They are very curious animals and always in search or something new to explore. When they cannot find anything new and interesting they may feel bored. If you have not taken your hamster outside for a walk or to play this thing also makes them too much bore.

Cage rage

Cage Rage is a psychological disorder in hamsters when they are kept in a small cage for a long time. This disorder is the main reason behind the monkey barring in hamsters. This disorder can be mild to severe.

Due to the small size of cage hamster show their aggression and stress by monkey barring. Syrian hamsters are most commonly affected by the small size of the cage.

A common cage of hamster should be twelve inches tall and twenty-four inches wide. You should keep your hamster in a wire cage. This will enable the hamster to play and run in the cage.

A small cage makes them stressed and aggressive. This will make it difficult to handle them. They just keep on climbing and jumping to show their stress.

Another behavior of cage rage is biting. Hamsters try to bite the cage and if you try to handle them or try to clean them and their cage hamsters will bite you. Cage rage will make it difficult to keep the hamsters in control. Not only the size of the cage but if the bedding of the cage is hard or deep this will also cause the hamsters to act.

If any hard object is present in a cage or anything is pinching the hamsters these factors are also responsible for cage rage. If it is due to cage rage can be treated if you allow your hamster out for sometimes. Change the cage of hamster to a bigger one. The presence of wheels and toys in the cage will also prevent cage rage.

Trying to escape from cage

Another important cause of monkey barring in the hamster is that they try to escape from the cage. When hamsters do not like the cage or they are uncomfortable in the cage they try to escape from the cage. During this attempt of escaping, they try to jump out or climb to the bars present in the cage. If the cage of the hamster is of metal wires the hamsters hang with these wires.

Hamsters are very small and delicate and can easily pass out through small holes that are present in the cage. Another reason for trying to escape hat they miss their natural habitat. They just want to go back to the habitat and climate they belong to. Aggressive hamsters also try to escape from hamsters. Hamsters have a curious nature. They always try to explore the things around us.

Due to curiosity they climb on bars jump and crawl in the cage. They always wanted to know about the nature of things. This curiosity also a reason for their attempt to escape from the cage. They want to explore the world which is outside their cage.

Hamsters are hyperactive

Hamsters are very excited and full of energy animals. They are always excited and love to play. Due to hyperactive nature hamsters are always busy jumping climbing running in their cage. This shows that the hamster is happy and active.

If the hamster has a wheel or toys these two things also make him super active. It is also a sign that the hamster is doing exercises to make himself active.

Dwarf hamsters have a high metabolism and therefore they are very energetic and hyperactive. They are mostly engaged in hanging and jumping activities. It is a great pleasure to see hamsters active and happy. You will love to play with your pet when is busy doing monkey bars.

If your hamster is happy in the cage and has his favorite toys and wheels then he expresses his happiness by jumping hanging and running in his cage. It is due to his excitement and eagerness to go outside to explore the world and all the things.

Hamsters feel bored

Hamsters are usually very active and full of live animals but there are times at which hamsters also get bore. They get bored when you do not pay any attention to them. As we have already discussed that hamsters have different body languages to show their emotions and needs. Syrian hamsters do not like to live in captivity.

They also get bore when they have no wheels or toys to play with. They do this just to make themselves busy and get rid of this boredom. When the hamsters get bore they feel lethargic and drain of energy. To compensate for this lack of energy they do jumping climbing and hanging in their cage. Hamsters always need something new and creative to make themselves energetic.

Yet they are not disappointed by all this and they start to monkey bar to keep themselves busy and active. You can prevent this boredom in hamsters by talking to them or playing with them. You can also take hamster out for a while to get rid of this boredom. You must not hide your hamster from your parents and let him enjoy the house.

Hamsters try to dominate each other

Hamsters are not friendly with each other. They always live in solitude. They do not like to share their cage with other hamsters. If you keep two or three hamsters together in a cage they will start fighting and try to dominate over each other.

Hamsters do this because they are afraid of each other. They do these activities to show who is dominant or who is submissive. Hamsters are very possessive about their personal space.

They jump climb and crawl in their cage violently. Monkey barring is a way of expressing anger and hate against each other. All hamsters who are kept at the same place try to show their dominance by different activities.

Hanging jumping and climbing on the walls and roof of the cage is done to dominate each other. You can prevent this distortion in the cage by keeping hamsters in separate cages.

Hamsters do monkey bars when stressed

When hamsters are stressed they get hyperactive than usual. The hamster feels stressed due to many reasons. Hamster climb and hand on the cage when they are aggressive or stressed. They can be stressed due to any change in their environment or maybe they are feeling uncomfortable in their cage.

Stress is due to some illness or inactivity. It is a way of telling you that your pet is unhappy. Sometimes hamsters do not like to drink water from a bowl and get angry.

Different species of hamsters suffer from different levels of stress and aggression. Gender is also important in getting stressed. Females get aggressive earlier than males. If you try to tease him by pointing him with some object he response you either by biting you or crawling n walls of the cage.

Cage rage is another reason for hamsters getting stressed. When the cage of hamster is small or the bedding is deep and uncomfortable the hamsters get stressed and behave oddly. Hamster jumps and run oddly because of cage rage. The absence of wheels and toys also causes stress in hamsters.

Hamster also feels aggressive and stressed when they are awakened from their sleep. Any loud noise can awake them and they get disturbed. This disturbance makes them show unique behavior.

Trying to achieve attention

They try to amuse you by doing monkey bars. It is very funny and entertaining to see hamsters monkey bars. Hamsters are clever and they notice your behavior.

As they notice that it please you to see him doing monkey bars he keeps on repeating his jumping and hanging. They feel good when you become attentive to them and appreciate them.

All hamsters show this behavior and they want you to play with them. So by doing these activities, they draw your attention towards them. It is not an exercise but also body language to show their happiness anger and aggression.