How to hide a pet hamster from your parents?

How to hide a pet hamster from your parents?

If you are wondering how to hide a hamster while you get it without your parents’ consent, then the article is for you. Many individuals keep hamsters at their home, what will do if you are so much fond of getting a hamster home and your parents do not agree with it.

How to hide a pet hamster from your parents? You can hide your pet hamster from your parents by placing the cage in the store, hiding it under the bed, in the cupboard, and covering the hutch with a cover. It is recommended to keep your pet hamster safe when you hide its cage.

If things are going according to your plan and you can hide your pet from your parents. But still, you must have a backup plan because hamsters cannot hide all the time. You can hide your hamster for about 2 weeks.

Then try to talk to your parents about your little pet and tell them how well you have taken care of your hamster.

While introducing your pet hamster to your parents, make sure that you look confident and mature. As this is an emotional and sensitive topic, you have to be very careful about that.

Preferably write the sentences you should say to your parents while introducing your pet. Practice them before the mirror for a few minutes.

Tell them about the good times you have spent with your little friend. Convince them to let you keep the hamster. But if you fail to convince them and said no, you must have an alternate place to keep your pet.

How to hide a pet hamster from your parents?

Hamsters are cute and funny pets. All children love to have them as a pet. We have seen many cases where parents do to allow their kids to keep a pet hamster. Children try t hide their pet hamsters from their parents.

This article explains the 14 best and proven methods to keep a hamster secret, and your parents will never know.

Let me explain:

Find a secret place for the hamster

You need to cover all the evidence if you want to hide a pet from your parents otherwise they can come to know about it someday. First of all, chose a secret place to keep your little one safe.

Find a place that has a lot of space for your pet. The place should be the one where your parents are less likely to come. So there will be less chance that your parents could see it.

Additionally, you must also have a back-up room for emergency situations. Keep your hamster within that specific space so that your parents won’t see it.

The following are the spaces you can use to keep your little hamster secretly. This is a must to hide your hamster from your parents.

At the basement of your home

A basement is another best place to hide your pet because it is a place that is less likely to be visited.

You can keep your hamster’s cage in the basement. Secretly go to the basement and feed your little buddy and to spend time with him. Your parents may never catch you.

Keep it in the hidden area of the backyard

if your parents don’t visit the backyard of your house more often than you can keep your little hamster there. But keep that in your mind if you are keeping your hamster in an open area you should keep it in a cage. This will protect your hamster from any harm caused by other animals.

Hide it under your bed

Your personal bedroom is the best place to hide your pet hamster. You can keep it in your room easily. By keeping your hamster in your room, you can spend more time with it. Keep the door closed when your parents are at home. In this way, they cannot see your pet hamster.

In the guest house

The guest house is another best confidential area of a house to hide the hamster. Normally no one visits that room until a guest arrives. Therefore you will definitely get someplace in the guest room to hide the hamster.

Keep it in the cupboard

If you have a wide cupboard in your room then it is the best place for a hamster. Make sure that the cupboard is not tightly closed when you are done with the hamster. You can make a separate little place for the hamster in the cupboard.

A garage that is not used often

If your house has a garage that is not used most often, it can be fruitful  You can hide your secret pet there.

First, clean the garage and also disinfect it. Put your hamster in a cage and you can keep the cage in the garden. Your little pet can live there without any problem and also you will be able to hide it from your parents.

Utilize the house of your friend

If your parents say no then one of the alternate plans can be your friend’s house. Now take help from your friend. Ask your friend to keep your hamster for you.

Provide your friend toys, bedding, cage, food, and all the other required things for your hamster. And promise him that you will soon convince your parents to keep the hamster with you. Syrian hamsters like to play and have fun, they do not like to live in a cage.

Handling the hamster’s sound

It must be in your priorities that your parents do not hear the hamster’s voice. Hamsters can run on the creaking wheels endlessly.

It creates some sound that might be listened to by your parents sooner. You can reduce the sound by taking certain measures.

Use foam squares or cork boards to minimize the sound created by the hamster. You can buy these items easily from any craft store.

You can beautify the room with these items so that they not look doubtful. You can place a rug under the door of your room to block the sound going out through the door crack.

When you are out you can leave a television or a stereo on to cover the noise of your pet. Also, keep them on an intermediate volume. If you keep the volume too high, your parents try to enter your room to switch it off. And boom! All your strategies can become a big failure.

Put the hutch on a higher area of your room

If you are using a small cage for your hamster you can place it on a shelf and then hide it with books. You can easily hide a small cage behind books, and no one will see it. But while hiding makes sure you are placing light things on the cage so your pet can easily breathe.

There are some cages available in the markets. You can easily fit theses cages under your bed. But make sure that you are keeping the cage out of sight under your bed. Also, keep it at a position that is easily accessible.

Always conceal the hutch in the corner when going out

You can hide the cage of your hamster in the corner of the room and position the other furniture in such a way that the cage can’t be seen.

Your closet can also help you hiding your pet’s cage if it is too big to hide a cage. Try to fit the cage of your hamster in the corner of your closet. Keep the door of your closet a bit open so that your pet can get enough air for breathing.

Some hamsters don’t like to live in dark all the time so make sure you arrange a proper light system. Keep the light of your closet on. Or you can also fix a small light with the cage of your hamster.

Cover the hutch with a cloth to avoid it from others

You can cover the cage with your blanket so no one can see it. But while hiding it under a blanket, ensure that one side of the mesh is free so that your hamster can breathe easily and transmission of light can be possible.

If your hamster’s cage is strong enough to support the load, you can camouflage the cage by placing some notebooks around it. You can also place some decoration pieces or jewelry boxes on it to hide it. Hamsters do monkey bars when they are alone.

While keeping a hamster, make sure that you scoop out his poop daily. Also thoroughly clean the cage once in a week. While cleaning, first put the pet out of his cage and place it in a separate box. Clean all the litter and silage from the cage.

Immediately dispose of all the garbage. Now scrub the cage with dishwashing soap. You can also rinse it with a solution of water and vinegar.

When you have done all the cleaning, let the cage dry. Refill the cage with debris and shavings. Now you can put your pet back in his little room. Hamsters can escape from their cages; you should keep a close eye on your pet.

Additional tips for hamster’s care when you hide it

The hamster needs darkness at night time: Hamsters need light in the day but they prefer darkness while sleeping. Switch off the light of their cage at night so that they can sleep peacefully. Moreover, it is also helpful in hiding the hamster. If you leave some lights switched on at night, your parents may be alerted.

Required accessories and necessities: If you have purchased a pet without your parent’s consent, you cannot ask them to buy you a bed and food for your pet. You have to purchase all the things for your pet by yourself.

You must have some money saved to buy everything for your pet. Usually, pets need food, water bottle or a bowl, timothy hay, soft bedding and toys like tunnels and wheels.

You also need a cage to keep your hamster in it. While buying food for hamsters, keep that in your mind that hamsters love eating dry nuts and fruits.

So buy as many nuts as you can to make your little friend happier. They also like fresh fruits and vegetables, so buy some fresh fruits and vegetables also. Give fresh food to your hamster to prevent choking.

Do not forget to buy air fresheners: If you keep your pet in a room or in your own bedroom you must have an air freshener with you. Hamsters smell bad.

If you do not take care of that the smell will soon expand in the whole house. This smell may alert your parents that something is going wrong in the home.

Always keep the room of your pet clean. After cleaning, use air fresheners to deal with the animal smell. Now it will get you rid of the unwanted smell in your room. But don’t use scented candles to avoid smell as they are risky and can cause a fire.

Cleanliness and disinfection: Hamsters shed their fur. Your parents can see the fur of your hamster on chairs, clothes, couches, and carpet.

You can clean that stray fur by using a lint roller. Also vacuum your room to get rid of wood shavings, food pellets, and loose fur. Make sure to clean your room once in seven days. Also, disinfect and dust the room properly to maintain your pet’s health.

If you have no lint roller in your home you can also use masking tape. Take a masking tape, unfold some inches of it. Press down the gummed side on the surface containing traces of fur. When you lift the masking tape fur will stick to it and you can get rid of stray fur.

While using a disinfectant, make sure you are not using the one which contains ammonia. Hamsters don’t like the smell of ammonia. And this smell can make them pee all around in the room.

Bring your hamster outside when you are alone at home: Don’t always keep your hamster inside your room. When your parents are not at home, bring him outside for a walk. He will feel fresh because hamsters don’t like to stay inside all the time.

They need to enjoy some fresh air also. If you want to take your hamster outside for a walk wait for the time until your parents leave home.

Or you can also take your hamster outside early in the morning when your parents are asleep. While bringing him out, make sure your parents won’t see you. If you have a back door preferably you should use that so your parents can’t see the hamster.

Hamsters need a cage: Hamsters need a cage to live. They are not comfortable without a cage. If you are trying to leave him free in the room you are doing wrong. Your parents can see the hamster and they may think that it is some wild animal. Then definitely, they will try to get rid of that hamster.

Also, don’t keep your hamster in a drawer. If you try to keep your hamster in it, maybe he will not get enough air to breathe. It may result in suffocating your little friend.