What to do if your hamster is choking?

What to do if your hamster is choking?

You can treat choking in heaters by using these easy methods. Choking occurs due to food particles or obstruction of the coin or any other things like beads, bones, etc.

What to do if your hamster is choking? If your hamster is choking, you should immediately turn him upside down, use a Q-tip, by surgery, compressing the chest, or by entering any tube in the throat that helps to vomit and prevents choking.

Choking is a painful act that occurs mostly to carelessness. This is a bizarre and life taking situation because, in this situation, the airway track is blocked. The reason for blocking this track is mostly food particles. The food, instead of going into the right tube in which it has to go, will move towards the airway track due to which the obstruction occurs.

This process is not as simple as you feel it in my words. It is painful for the hamster, and if you do not act fast, it can be fatal for your hamster.

If choking occurs no need to be panic, relax, and tackle the situation with great wisdom. If you are unable to manage the situation, immediately take him to the Vet, so that he can help him and take him out of this weird situation.

As you all know, hamsters are tiny pets that need proper care and attention, and they have zero struggling power.

If the hamster frightened from this situation, it is possible that he refuses to eat and doesn’t like to eat the food that causes choking. So this will become the reason for a weak immune system. It also negatively affect the growth of the hamster; so have to take proper precautions to prevent choking in hamsters.

What to do if your hamster is choking?

It is a hazardous activity because it can take a life if not appropriately treated immediately.

To stop choking, the only thing you can do is proper care. This care should be at its peak when you are giving him food.

If he is not correctly chewing the food into small particles, it is sure that choking can occur. So it is your responsibility to give him proper food which can easily chewable and very simple to engulf.

In this situation, the matter of choice also comes because the food you are giving him is not one of his favorites. So he denies eating it, and you force him to eat which can also become the reason for choking.

The issue may also be of time; maybe that time, he is not willing to eat the food he wants to play or want to take rest, and you are forcing him to take food this could also be the cause of this problem. So you need to take care of his mood. Hamsters will escape from cage if they are not happy.

Before giving him food, you first need to convince him to eat that so that he can quickly eat it. This is how you can stop this torturing act from happening. The other thing you need to do is to put its cage at a very comfortable and safe where no harmful object is present. These dangerous objects could be a bead, coin, or any small hard object that can strike in the airway tract and cause its blockage.

If you provide him a good and friendly environment where he feels comfortable, the chances of choking are reduced at a remarkable level.

By turning the hamster

This is the easiest way to immediately remove the object that is the cause of choking. For this method, you only need to learn a simple trick. The main trick of this method is to hold the hamster properly. If you can hold him properly, you can perform this method easily.

You have to hold him properly and then turn him upside downward. In simple words, I mean to say that you have to bend it. In such a way that you can press his chest. During pressing the chest, you have to be very conscious while applying the weight over it. Because the hamster is very sensitive, he cannot be able to bear more weight.

The compression of the chest helps him to throw out the object from his airway track, and in this way, he can be saved. The object will come out through involuntary action. 

If the situation is weird and you are not able to handle it at home. Then immediately need to call the helpline. Your hamster can not live without food and water, you must add the proper amount of food for your pet.

Use Q-tip

This is also an easy method. If you are talented enough, you can also perform it at home. It is somehow tricky than the previous one, but in itself, it is very simple. In this method, you have to take the help from the stick that is just like the toothpick cover with cotton and has q- shape from the one end. Due to its q-shape, it is known as a q-tip. It is readily available in the market.

If it is present at your home and you know its use you can use it home. If not, then doctors are expert enough to use it. With this stick, you can pull out the object from the airway of the hamster. You may notice that your hamster can jump high when he is in pain.

In this method, this stick is inserted in the throat through the mouth. This stick can go deep inside the throat and can put out the object. This also performs its function through involuntary action.

The precaution is that you have to use every time a new stick; otherwise, it can cause infection if you use an already used one.

If the situation persists long, this treatment would not be so effective because this stick has a limit to move, and if the situation is almost 1 to 2 hours back, then this method will fail.

This method is somehow irritating, so it is very difficult to use it when the hamster is conscious. Call your parents if you are hiding it from your parents and consult a doctor.

By surgery

This method is very critical and risky. In this method, by cutting the neck, the object in the airway track can be removed. If the previous two methods fail, then this is the last method that can save the life of your hamster.

This surgery has a high risk, and the successful surgery to remove choking is very difficult. Hamster is very tiny; it is tough for him to sustain his breaths for such a long time.

The surgery could only be successful when it is performed on time. Otherwise, it is just a risky activity for your hamster.

So when you notice the situation immediately, move a step towards a step and, if possible, take help from another family member who can help you to drive towards the hospital.

Tips to Prevent choking in hamsters

If your hamster is choking, act fast. Try every possibility that it should never happen again. Because for the first time, your hamster survives and can fight with this situation, and if it happens again, the immunity of the hamster is reduced than the first time.

As he is an intelligent pet, so he has memorized the extreme pain. So with fear and less immunity, it is difficult for him to survive, and the surgery cannot occur for the second time. So you need to be cautious and give your hamster soft and semi-solid food so he can eat it quickly.

Increase the time with the hamster so that you can take his more care and always need to make sure that no harmful object should near him. These preventions are very necessary for his survival and proper growth, and it is your responsibility to take all these precautions with great responsibility. Hamsters can eat strawberries and these do not cause choking.