Are hamsters good pets for 9 years old?

Are hamsters good pets for 9 years old?

Hamsters are good pets for 9 years old. Most people in developed countries have a trend to keep pets for their 9-year-old kids because children enjoy or play with pets more than toys.

Are hamsters good pets for 9 years old? Yes, Hamsters are good pets for 9 years old because of their small size, easy to keep, and cute nature. Kids learn their responsibilities and also learn to take care of pet hamsters.

Hamsters are such a pet that people prefer most because of their excellent characteristics. They try to keep pets that do not need much space because most people have small houses. Hamsters are friendly and cute pets. There is multiple hamsters type that exists in the world, but four types are more common in the people.

Hamsters are looking so beautiful and pretty because they have beautiful colors of fur like brown, black, yellow, white, grey, and red. Hamsters are tiny in size. Children learn basic things from Hamsters, such as how to clean their cage.

It is essential before keeping hamsters is to know about their basic requirements like a wheel of exercise, hamster’s cage, playpen, dishes of food, appropriate toys, chewing items, water bottle, etc.

Are hamsters good pets for 9 years old?

In this article, we have explained the reasons that make 9 years old kids love to play with hamsters. Hamsters are one of the best pets for children. The most common types of hamsters are Syrian hamsters.

Hamster’s lifespan is short is from about 19 months to 3 years old. Some types of hamsters are introverted, and they do not like to live with other hamsters. But some are social and enjoy living with other hamsters.

Hamster’s diet is simple

Hamsters considered good pets also because their diet is simple and easy to feed them. You can purchase hamster food from pet stores in hamsters. Hamsters like to eat fresh fruit such as pear, bananas, apple, lettuce, and vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, cucumber, spinach. These foods are readily available and can be purchased at a low rate.

Hamsters need fresh water and food is also vital for them, but some foods are not suitable for them, such as raw potatoes, cabbage. Because these types of foods can disturb the digestive system of the hamster, they like to drink plenty of water, and you should change the water and food of hamsters daily.

You should keep a bowl or water bottle in his cage, so when he feels thirst, he can drink water quickly. Hamsters are active animals they want to play, running, and exercise with the wheel. These exercises and running make them happy, sharp, and healthy.

Hamsters are cute and fluffy

Hamsters are the cutest pet ever from dog, cat, or from another pet animal too. Hamster’s face is like a baby’s face, and their cheeks have pouches in which they carry food when hamsters live in the wild.

Baby hamsters are more cute and sweet than older hamsters, but it does not mean that old hamsters are not cut. Older hamsters are also cute due to their thick fur. Hamsters have big black eyes, and when they are walking or moving, their nose just looks like rabbits. Hamsters are smaller, cute, and fluffy pets that your children like most because they can hold them in their hands.

Hamsters are sleepy pets; hamsters are used to sleep all day and woke up at night. They awake when children go to bed, and they may bite when woken up at dawn or in the day, and they also bite when they are frightened.

Hamsters are clean pets

Cleanliness is the main thing you would know about the pet before keeping at your home. The cleanliness also depends on the caretaker of pets. They should place all the things properly in the cage that hamsters need.

The most strange or unusual thing about hamsters is that they regularly groom and clean themselves. Hamsters need less time to clean themselves because they are the smallest pet than other animals like cats. Hamsters are very clean animals, and they help you to keep the cage-free of stench and clean.

If you take great care of the living environment of the hamster, then you find the best pet with little or no odor pet.

They keep their food away from dropping in the cage or living place of hamsters. A caretaker of the hamster should change the bedding regularly. You should place the sand bath in the cage, so your hamster uses the bathroom.

Hamsters are inexpensive pets

The first thing you see before buying anything is your budget. You always try to buy that thing which is affordable. So when you are going to buy a pet, you look at the cost of a pet. Hamsters are the cheapest pet ever to buy than guinea pigs, dogs, and cats. They are cheap because they are small in size.

Hamster’s cost also depends on the variety of things that you are purchasing for hamsters such as food, housing, toys, bedding, veterinary, and holiday care.

Hamsters are cheap to buy, but when they ill or suffering from any disease, they require veterinary attention and medicine. These can be expensive, so when you are going to keep the pet, you should be financially strong to take care of them.

The cost of a hamster also depends on the hamsters and cage. Cages are of many types such as multi-level, one-level structure, and it is better to buy a cage with multiple rooms, so your hamster can easily walk and exercise in their cages.

Easy to keep

It is easy to look after the hamsters. The types of equipment to take care of hamsters are readily available in the market, such as their toys, hamster bags, food. Their requirements are simple and have a low cost.

It is not hard to look after the hamster. It is easy to maintain hamsters because he sleeps more time in a day, and stays more in its cage.

So only a few things are remaining to take care of hamsters is to feeding pets regularly, change bedding of it, and playing with hamsters whenever you want. But there is a need to tame the hamsters carefully because they get injured due to hard handling.

Hamsters love to play with 9 years old kids

Hamsters are the best kids for 9 years old children. Because hamsters are small animals, that’s why their cages are also small and do not take much space at your home. But cages space also depends on you that what type of cage you want like a big glass tank, plastic cage, wire, or a small cage. If you are living in a small apartment, then it is not hard for you to keep hamsters as a pet than other pets.

It also depends on your choice about the cage as multiple rooms, ground levels, and separate parts for airflow. The best and suited cage size of hamsters is would be 24 to 12 inches and would be tall of 12 inches.

The hamster’s cage should be as big as much as possible. After all, they love to walk or run because they are very active. But if you do not have much space for their cage, then it is not a problem because they can live in small cages too. Hamsters remember their home.

Hamsters make no noise

Hamsters make little noise as they have small sizes. Hamsters make a low noise, and it is an excellent point for them because noise is too irritating for everyone and people like those things and pets that are quiet.

If you are a calm person and a peaceful environment, then hamsters are best for you because they are the most silent animal in the world.

The quiet all day because they sleep during the day and awake at night. So when your sleeping time starts, their awaking time begins. They do most of the activities at night, and at that time they make noise but very little.

Hamsters do not shed hair

Owners want to confirm about the shedding of pets before keeping a pet. Kids do not like it when the hamster is losing hair on its back. Shedding can make the house dirty, and it also makes the child dirty or irritating.

So you would not worry about whatever the place they are playing, in your bedroom or guest room. If you get irritated or allergic to fur, then you will be safe in this situation.

Hamsters do not make you clean or brush carpets and beds regularly. If your hamsters start losing fur, then there is a health or disturbing situation for them.

In the spring seasons, your hamsters molt or begin to losing fur because they regrew new hairs. Lower shedding is normal, but excessive shedding is an alarming situation for your hamsters.

Hamsters life is short

Hamster’s life is too short and ranges from 2 to 3 years. Dwarf hamster’s life is long, while the life of wild hamsters is short. So it depends on your choice either it is good or bad for you. Most people considered a short life span is a good thing because they can not commit pets for a long time than cats or dogs.

But if you want them to live longer, then you can do plenty of things. You can do many things that help to make their life long, such as how you look after the hamsters, their food, exercise, their cage size, and try to make hamsters happy and active. These things may increase the life span of a hamster. But you can not fight with hamster’s inherited, and genetic factors.


As it is good to keep a hamster as a pet for 9 years old, but there are also negative aspects related to maintaining a hamster as a pet.

Since hamsters are small, restless, jittery, active, and jumpy animals, therefore, it is difficult to handle or tame them as compared to other pets.

Hamsters are lonely pets; they want to live alone, and they are not affectionate, cuddliest. They do not want to stay in your hands for a long time, but some hamsters are friendly too.

Hamsters are sensitive pets and can quickly die of a heart attack due to barking dogs.

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