Are Hamsters Good Emotional Support Animals

Are Hamsters Good Emotional Support Animals?

Many people keep hamsters as their emotional support animals. Here are 8 real facts that explain how these tiny hamsters can be your best friend when you are alone.

Are Hamsters Good Emotional Support Animals? Yes, hamsters are good emotional support animals because of their friendly nature, small size, easy to handle, and they help in anxiety and depression.

If you feel low and dry and do not want a huge pet, then Hamsters are just your perfect option as an ESA. These small fluffy balls of fur are cute and adorable, and obviously, holding them and taking care of them will take your stress away.

Are Hamsters Good Emotional Support Animals?

You might have heard about the term ESA or Emotional Support Animal. Well, these are the animals whose just presence may get their owner or any other person supportive whenever they are feeling emotionally down.

Reasonable and Low in Price

The first thing comes first, which is always under discussion whenever you purchase a pet, which is the price. If you are not Breed conscious, you can get a friendly Hamster for yourself as low as $14.

You can get a fresh batch of them for even free because pet owners are usually saving the extra effort of keeping them and feeding them for a low price. So this is just the best time for you when you can get your ESA at a reasonable price or even for free.

Easy to Keep and Feed

Now once you have chosen your Hamster, the next problem people usually face is to feed them and to provide them with a suitable habitat where they can grow all healthy and happy.

Although keeping a pet is the best choice of your life because now you need not worry about your life troubles. Furthermore, if you compare it with a Cat or Dog, you will find out that you can save money and space than you can imagine.

First of all, there is habitat, and for that, a normal-sized box of Plastic would be more than enough because this space is enough for them to move around quickly.

Next comes the food, and for that, you would be amazed to find out how much more you can save from there. A huge bag of its food will cost you around $7 to $10, and this much food is plenty for more than a month.

Hamsters take less space

The most challenging part of keeping animals like Cats or Dogs is that they cannot keep around when traveling. First of all, they need a lot more room and space due to their vast size, making some arrangements for them.

Especially when you are traveling, then tug them anywhere in the car with their cage, and that cage is enough for them to move around quickly. It does not matter how huge your pet is; still, they are tiny enough to carry around without any trouble.

Hamster Needs less care

Any pets such as a Dog or a Cat in your house requires your constant love, care, and attention because these are social animals. So, they always need a good company with them; otherwise, they can even go into Depression.

Whereas if you compare them with other ESAs, you will find them unique in every aspect. They are not social pets, and they do not care if you leave them alone for even a whole day.

They enjoy being alone and like to be left alone while they are in their cage. On the other hand, they also enjoy being around humans, and they are playful and Adorable with all those furs. You should feed them on time, they like to eat apples.

Perfect for your Kids

While taking in a pet, you also need to remember that there are kids in your house, and pets like cats and dogs are unpredictable with their scratches and bites.

There is no doubt that sometimes they do get aggressive in certain situations, but even that aggressiveness is not that harmful to your little one. You can read here about what happens if a hamster bites you.

Your little friend is at a disadvantage because when kids find something fluffy, they usually crush it in their hands. Besides, they are perfect for cheering up your kids. You should know that hamsters and guinea pigs are not the same.

Hamsters are perfect as Emotional Support Animal

While you are upset, you need something or someone that could release all that stress from your mind.

So here, you must understand that they have a calm personality, and people consider them as the best Emotional Support Animals due to this type of character.

They like to crawl on you and cuddle with you, and obviously, their small size and cuteness let people draw all their attention towards these small fluffy balls.

They can even sleep in your lap or arm while playing with them, which is lovely. Soon you will even forget the reason for Depression.

Hamsters can win hearts with a single look; because of their cute and fluffy look, they are so popular worldwide when people want to have them inside their houses.

First of all, their different colors and those long hairs on their skin make them attractive, then when you see them moving around your floor and trying to get up in your lap, there is nothing more charming than that. In short, this is an easy solution for a good mood.

Hamster help with Depression

Now coming to the reason that how exactly they will help you get out of Depression because just looking at a moving hamster is not enough.

So basically, when you are upset, you need someone to listen to you and do not complain back. So who else could be a better companion than a hamster?

Furthermore, while taking care of such a small animal will create a sense of responsibility and caring in you. 

There is nothing wrong with this, and this is even proved by several therapists and phycologists as well, that these tiny furry meatballs are helpful with Depression.

How to get an Emotional Support Animal Letter for a Hamster?

Most people go to different doctors to claim their ESA Letter, which is a wrong idea. A Therapist or Psychologist will give the only authentic ESA letter.

Still, just in case if your therapist believes in his therapy more than Animal Therapy, then you can get the letter from any other Psychologist as well.

This letter will include your name, the mental disorder or type of Depression that you are currently facing, a list of activities that you are unable to perform due to this Depression, a recommendation of any mental health professional, and finally, approval by the Federal Authority.

Once you have received this letter, you can now claim your Hamster to be an Officially ESA. 

So you need to remember that it is not an official process, so it does not matter even if you get an Emotional Support Animal Registry for your Pet or not.

Many companies would try to scam you just for the sake of money but never fall for any such scam.