Can Hamsters Eat Apple Skin?

Can Hamsters Eat Apple Skin?

Hamsters love to eat apple skin. Apple is also an excellent treat for your hamster, and it has a lot of health benefits. Only feeding apples to your hamster is not enough; you should also feed your hamster other fruits like carrots and parsley.

Can Hamsters Eat Apple Skin? Yes, hamsters can eat apple skin by mixing it with honey, cheese, fruit salad, and cake. You can also make apple shake weekly for your pet hamster.

Most hamster owners got confused when it comes to apple to feed their hamster or not. If you are a hamster owner, then keep in mind that apples are safe for your hamster, and it will not cause a problem for your hamster. Feed your hamster apple without skin and seed, or else they will not love to eat it, and as a hamster owner, you should avoid the things your hamster does not like.

Apples are healthy food for the hamsters, so give your hamster small and few slices or pieces of apple in the beginning. After some days, your hamster can get more as much he wants. I hope you will get the reason. If your hamster stores an apple in his cage and he is not eating it, then don’t give him because the apple can be rotten.

Can Hamsters Eat Apple Skin?

In the beginning, feed your hamster apple two times in a week, but give only small pieces. After a few weeks, feed your hamster full apple in a day. But don’t forget, you can feed only small portions of apples to your hamster.

Wait until your hamster gets rid of diarrhea. Then start feeding him apples regularly. Apples are very healthy; it has several health benefits for your hamster, but give it to your hamster only in the small amount.

Before giving the apple to your hamster, wash that apple properly, because apple that you bring from the fruit stores has a lot of chemicals on its skin, and these chemicals can severely harm the health of your hamster.

I will recommend you to buy organic apples because they are grown without any chemicals or pesticides. Organic apples are entirely safe for your hamster, and you can feed an organic apple to your hamster without washing.

Apple shake

Apple shake is a very yummy drink for the hamsters. Hamsters love this drink very much. Make milkshake of half apple only so that rest is not lost. Apple shake can also be given as a treat to your hamster. It is also recommended to give to your hamster when he is in a good mood.

Give only five milliliters of apple shake to your hamster. Excess of apple shake will cause many problems for your hamster. Give this shake to your hamster when he is hungry, I am pretty sure that your hamster will love it. You can also add bananas in it, but add 2 or 3 slices only. Adding a banana will make it even more delicious. You can also add peanut butter in the shake if you want.

Your hamster will not like other foods when you give apple shake to him daily. In this case, you need to be careful, and you have to manage the diet of your hamster. You can also add more things like peanut butter and cheese.

Apple skin with cheese

Apple skin, with the cheese, is a very delicious dish for the hamsters. Your hamster will love to eat the apple with the cheese. There are many different ways to make apple cheese treat everyone, but the recipe for the hamster’s recipe is simple. You can make an apple cheese treat for your hamster quickly at home. Take a fresh apple and wash it properly. Cut this apple with skin into small pieces so that your hamster can easily.

Now cut small pieces of cheese according to the size of apple pieces you cut before. Put these cheese slices on the apple pieces and put toothpicks on all of these. Your apple cheese treat is ready now.

Feed this treat to your hamster when he is in your hands because a toothpick on this apple cheese treat can create many problems for your hamster. Don’t feed apple cheese treat to your hamster daily or the diet routine of your hamster will be disturbed.

It is recommended to give 10 pieces of apple skin cheese treat. Feeding too much can cause many problems for your hamster. Feed apple cheesecakes to your hamster twice a week. You can also add honey on it, but then you have to feed only 5 pieces to your hamster. You should daily change the food of the hamster.

You have to prepare this with full concentration. This treat will fulfill all the body needs of your hamster. It will also help your hamster to fight against many problems. If your hamster is becoming lazy, then feed him this treat daily.

Apple Salad for hamsters

Apple salad is a very delicious dish, and I am sure that your hamster is going to love this dish. Apple salad is very easy to make; you can easily make this at your home. First, you will need 3 cups of the cubed apples, one cup miniature marshmallows, two tablespoon lemon juice, two by three fat-free mayonnaise, chopped walnuts, or pecans and one cup chopped celery.

Cut all the ingredients into small pieces so that your hamster can eat it easily. Now take a large bowl and put the apple pieces in it with the lemon juice. Now add marshmallow as much you want. Also, add celery in it and mix properly. Now add mayonnaise and mix it well.

Put this bowl in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. And after 30 minutes, your delicious apple salad will be ready. Ingredients of apple salad contain a lot of protein, calcium, and magnesium; it will fulfill all the body needs of your hamster.

Feed only five tablespoons of apple salad to your hamster. Too much amount of apple salad can cause many problems for your hamster. Give apple salad to your hamster whenever he is in a good mood.

Don’t feed apple salad to your hamster when he is in the cage, feed only when he is playing outside. You can also add apple salad to the diet routine of your hamster. You can feed apple salad to your hamster only twice a week. It helps hamsters to grow back their whiskers.

Apple Cake

If you are a cake lover, then you would probably know how much apple cake is delicious. Apple cake is entirely safe for the hamsters. Apple cake contains many helpful nutrients, and it will help you to improve the diet of your hamster. You can add natural yogurt for your hamster.

You can purchase apple cake from a bakery, or you can easily make this at your home. Making an apple cake is not much difficult. You can make a delicious apple cake for your hamster just by following some simple rules.

Take four apples and wash them properly. After washing, remove their skin after removing skin cut the apples into slices. Every slice should be 1 inch long. Now cut these 1-inch slices into small pieces.

Now take a big bowl and put 1 cup flour in it and also put one tablespoon baking powder and one spoon of cinnamon in it. Now add a Tablespoon of salt and mix all the ingredients. Take two eggs and mix them well until they become light and fluffy.

Now add a tablespoon of sugar to the bowl of eggs, mix it well and wait for three to four minutes. Now add one tablespoon vanilla, three tablespoon apple juice, and melted butter and whisk it until combines. Now add apple slices to this mixture and mix well.

Put this to the oven at the temperature of 350F (175C) and wait for 35 to 40 minutes. Take your cake out from the oven and release it from the pan and let cool to the temperature. Now dust the cake with the sugar powder.

Your delicious apple cake is ready. Cut one slice and make small pieces of it so that your hamster can eat it quickly. You can put this cake inside the cage of your hamster. You are feeding only twice a month to your hamster.

Are Apples harmful to the Hamster?

Apples are considered completely safe for the hamster. As we know that one apple a day keeps the doctor away; this line is not only for humans. It also includes animals that can eat fruits. Side effects start only when it overdoses. Overdosing of apples can severely harm the health of your hamster.

Overdose of apple can cause several diseases like sugar and blood pressure, and overdosing will leave so many negative impacts on the health of your hamster. Your hamster can also become lazy by overuse of the apple.