What to do if a hamster bites you?

What to do if a hamster bites you?

Hamsters can bite your hands. You can wear gloves when you are holding them. It will prevent any severe wounds when they bite you.

What to do if a hamster bites you? If a hamster bites you, you should immediately wash your hands, use soap to clean the germs and apply antibiotic ointment. If you notice swelling or pus coming from the wound, immediately contact your local doctor.

You need not panic in case they bite you. Just keep calm so that you can handle the situation in a better way. Hamster bites are painful, but overreacting can even worsen the situation.

What to do if a hamster bites you?

Hamsters are very affectionate and cuddly animals. They can adapt to any environment quickly. They are not dangerous and but sometimes they can bite your hand. You can also stop them from biting you in the future with some simple tricks.

Never shout at them. They will get scared and try to bite you even more. Place it slowly in the cage and let them go of you slow. Petting them can also make them relaxed; touch their back slowly with your palms and transfer them to the other hand.

Observe the wound for infection

The doctor may suggest a tetanus injection or rabies vaccine prevent the underlying illness. You can visit the doctor when you see the following symptoms and signs. 

  • Redness and swelling at the site.
  • Pain and inability to move the hand.
  • Pus coming out from the wound.

Usually, a hamster bite is harmless, and there is little chance of getting any infection. But in some cases, they can bite severely, and you can get ill or any skin infection with it.

The wound can get healed on its own within 3 to 7 days. But if the infection is severe, it can take months to heal. Here are some of the instructions and treatment you can follow to treat it.

Use a soap to clean the hands

Observe the wound for at least one to two days to know the severity of it. You can wash it with some soapy water two times a day. It will remove the germs from the wound, and healing will speed up.

Do not use any harsh detergent or soap; it will aggravate the situation after washing; wipe out all the water from the wound. Then you can apply any soothing lotion to it. There are various antiseptics available in the market that are effective in treating wounds. Do not rub or scratch the infected area with any object.

Apply antibiotic ointment

When the wound does not resolve after cleaning it, then go for some antibiotic ointment. You can apply a layer of it on the wound.

Then wrap it with a bandage for the whole day. Change the dressing daily for one week. You can also take some painkillers to treat the pain associated with the wound.

Why is my hamster biting me?

There are many reasons for their unusual behavior.

Unfamiliar with you

These animals are wild, and we buy them from any pet store. When they come to an unfamiliar environment, they become scared.

They take some time to get to know you. They also need sufficient time to get used to a cage. So when we try to approach them, they bite us. They do so to defend themselves.

They can not see through their eyes. They mostly recognize all objects by their peculiar smell. When they are unfamiliar with your scent, they bite as a defensive mechanism.

When you try to hold them and your hands smell some food, they nibble on your hand to munch on that food; they like to eat celery leaves.

Nibbling and chewing

Hamsters have a habit of chewing and nibbling on everything. No matter what is present before them, they start chewing it. Their teeth keep growing all the time.

They need to file them every time. So they chew hard things to make them short and sharp. When you can not find any apparent reason, then it is just nibbling behavior.

Irritated or hungry

They are always active and energetic, usually. They always need your attention and want to play with you; when they get bored, they bite you and cage to get attention. They also bite when something is bothering in the cage.

They always chew on things and need different treats per day. When they do not get the food, they nibble on your hand to inform you.

Give them their favorite foods and feed them with your hands. It will increase their trust in you. However, if they keep doing this, you can put a hamster for apoption.

Some hamsters will bite you no matter how you treat them. It depends on their personality that they are always angry. In such a situation, you observe their behavior when they are in the mood to talk or eat something. Crossing their limits can cause anxiety in them, otherwise, they are the best emotional support animals.

How to stop a hamster from biting you?

You can use these simple tips to stop them from biting.

Approach them carefully

When they are new in your home, they feel nervous and confuse. Don’t approach them in haste or immediately after bringing them home. Give them sufficient time to feel comfortable in the cage.

They take at least 7 to 10 days to get comfortable. Start playing with them and talk to them from outside the cage. Do not try to touch them. Give them treats so that they can recognize you.

Insert your hands in the cage daily without touching them. They will start recognizing your scent and body. When you feel that they are not in the mood to talk, do not bother them.

Hold them properly and smoothly in your hands. Never pick them up from above the body. They will feel compressed between your fingers. Pickup them on the palm of the hands and slowly scoop them out of the cage.

Do not disturb their activities

 They are very moody animals and get irritated quickly. They have a specific schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing. So do not disturb them when they are busy with their activities. Stay away from the cage when they are sleeping.

Do not make any noise at that time. Mostly they sleep during the day when humans are busy with different house chores. It can disturb their schedule a lot. Place their cage in a peaceful area. Give them any wooden object to make them busy chewing and nibbling it.

Wash your hands and clothes

Washing hands and clothes before approaching them can prevent this behavior. When you wash your hands, all the smell and scent rinses from the hands. Then they can not perceive your hands as food.

They can also smell the scent on your clothes. Do not use strong perfumes to avoid biting. Avoid visiting them immediately after working in the kitchen.

Associate with him gently

Hamsters are solitary, and they do not like any companionship in daily life. When you bring them to your home, it will be difficult for you to bond with him. You can associate with them first by observing which thing makes them happy.

Bring their favorite toys in the cage. Offer them their favorite nuts, fruits, and vegetables to get a sift corner in their heart.

Hold them gently in hands for little time. Keeping them on hands for too long can make them bored. By doing this, the hamster will start recognizing you as a friend.