How to Treat Ringworm in Hamsters?

How to Treat Ringworm in Hamsters?

Here are 12 best DIY methods to treat ringworm in hamsters. Ringworm is a common fungal infection that occurs over the skin of the hamster. In this disease, the infection spread over the body in the form of rings due to which it is known as ringworm infection.

How to Treat Ringworm in Hamsters? You can treat ringworm infection in hamsters by proper cleansing, with dry anti-fungal shampoo, clean towel, tub, and alcohol swap, anti-fungal lotion, mustard oil, apple cider vinegar with coconut oil, and turmeric with black seed oil. You can also use various anti-fungal medicines like anti-fungal lotion for topical treatment.

How to Treat Ringworm in Hamsters?

Ringworm is a disease in which rashes appear over the body in the form of rings. It makes the skin scaly and hard. It spreads from animal to animal and also from object to animal and from human to animal.

Cleansing helps to prevent this infection. It includes cleansing your pet along with the cleansing of the cage and surroundings.


The primary and important step of cleaning is bathing. If you give a regular bath to your pet, he will be active and fresh.

You can give a sand bath to your pet; you should never use water to provide a bath for your pet. Put sand in a tub and leave your pet in it; he will take a bath by lying and moving in it. Use a towel to clean its body after the sand bath.

For bathing, always use a neat and clean tub. If you use the same tub for bathing other pets may be the germs transfer from one pet to another. Proper cleaning of the tub is vital.

To clean it properly, you need to take a small quantity of some detergent that is anti-biotic in action and spread it in the tub, and rinse the tub with open water. In this way, all the infection causing agents and dust removed from it.

When the tub is completely dried, add sand to it for bathing. Now you can give a bath in a neat and clean tub. This is also helpful to get rid of the smell from male hamsters.

Use of anti-fungal shampoo to treat ringworm

It is a fungal infection; the best way to treat it is dry anti-fungal shampoo. An anti-fungal agent is the primary and essential ingredient of this shampoo that can kill the causing agents.

Its application is effortless and simple, just like other shampoos. This dry shampoo is like powder sprinkle it over the body then spread it properly over the rings with the help of a brush so that it can show its effect correctly.

The only difference to apply it is that when you use it over the body, you have to leave it for 5 to 10 minutes so that it can perform its work correctly. After 5 to 10 minutes, leave it to show its amazing effects. While applying, you need to be very careful in such a way that it does not affect the eyes.

Use of clean towel

After washing your pet to clean him, always use a nice and clean towel. After cleaning, keep this towel in the laundry and reuse it after washing because of infectious agents from the body can transfer onto the towel.

So to clean his body, always use a clean and properly wash towel. If there is a chance of an exchange of sheets, you can separate them according to color. In this way, you can control the spread of infectious diseases among your sweet little pet. This is also helpful to comfort your hamster with a tumor.

Use of alcohol swab

The use of alcohol swab is best to clean wounds and infections. Alcohol swab has 50 to 70% alcohol that is enough to kill the fungus. Although the use of alcohol swab is slightly irritating and twinging for the infection because it kills the germs. When you use an alcohol swab to clean the infection, immediately apply mustard oil over it.

The use of alcohol swab must be cautious because its only purpose is to clean the wound if it has pus or blood after cleaning the wound with an alcohol swab and anti-fungal medicine over it.

Properly wash clothes for your hamster

After every bath change, his cloth and like a towel never wear cloth of one pet to others. If you keep taking proper care of cleanliness, the fungus will not be able to grow to spread, and in this way, your pet will become safe and helps them to lose weight.

Keep his cage clean and separate

Always keep the cage neat and clean so that no germs and infection-causing agents grow in it.

Similarly, if you keep his cage clean regularly, then you are also able to keep him healthy, otherwise, it can make noise at night.

Use mustard oil

Mustard oil has fantastic properties to fight with every type of infectious agent. It has great medicinal importance in treating all types of skin infections. Mustard oil is commonly available in every home. If once in a week you do massage with this oil, he feels active and healthy and also remains safe from germs. You should know the age of your hamster and use it accordingly.

Take mustard oil in a pot; heat it slightly adds few drops of water in it then. Mix it well, then add 2 grains of wheat to it. Heat it for a long time so that until it starts to boil and the color of wheat grains become black. After cooking, let it cool and take wheat grains out from it. Cool it properly and check its temperature by touching your finger.

When it cools down well, apply it over the infection. Before the application of this oil first, clean the infection with cotton. Don’t apply it with a bare finger, apply it with the help of a cotton bud, or if you have no cotton bud apply it with the finger by wearing gloves.

Spread it over the whole wound in such a way that this oil covers the entire ring. Similarly, apply it over all circles suitably, for better results apply it at night so that it can stay long over the body.

Use Coconut oil

Coconut oil also has amazing features because it has Caprylic and Lauric acid that has a fantastic capability to fight against fungus. However, you should use it carefully and dilute it properly.

The best way to apply apple cider by mixing is with coconut oil. Take two tablespoons of coconut oil, then heat it properly if it is in freeze form, then let it cool. When it cools down properly, add one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in it and mix them.

When both are appropriately mixed, then apply it with the help of cotton bud over the skin. The best time to apply it is night, and you can notice amazing results with 2 to 3 days of use.

Use of turmeric with black seed oil

Black seed oil and turmeric both are perfect for treatment because both have amazing anti-fungal properties. To use it as anti-fungal against this infection, you need to make a thick paste of both ingredients and apply it directly over the worms.

For this, take 1 to 2 leveled teaspoon of turmeric. Add black seed oil in it; the amount of this oil should be enough to make a thick paste. Then apply this thick paste over the wounds. For better results, use it at night because, at night, it can stay long over the body and show it’s good and amazing results.

Apply anti-fungal lotion

Along with these home remedies, you can also buy anti-fungal lotion from the market that will help in this situation. The active ingredient of this lotion is some good quality fungicidal, so its effect is excellent and fast. The dosage forms you choose must be according to the prescription of some veterinarian.

It is prepared according to the body’s demand weight. So there is no special side effect to use them according to the advice of the veterinarian.


Follow the treatment mentioned above carefully and take the right care of his proper cleanliness. When you are dealing with infectious pets, always wear gloves and masks.