How to Help Hamster Lose Weight?

How to Help Hamster Lose Weight?

Here are the 6 best DIY methods to make your hamster lose weight. We have also added the best foods that will help your pet to have an ideal weight.

How to Help Hamster Lose Weight? You can help your hamster lose weight with regular exercise, adding a wheel, and a ball in the cage, making a proper diet plan, and serve him less food.

You should provide him with a significant habitat with many exercise options, including tunnels, cork logs, and grapevine wood.

How to Help Hamster Lose Weight?

Most pet owners do not have a good diet plan, and their pets start gaining weight. We have explained all the details in this step-by-step guide.

Get a proper diet plan

They usually live in forests, eat vegetables, seeds, fruits, and many other things there. Wild hamsters live in a completely different habitat, and they are not much sensitive as pets.

They have a more sensitive digestive system; many think that they can eat any fruit or any vegetable or seed.

This is an entirely wrong myth, there are some fruits and vegetables which are not suitable for them, and they can severely harm their health.

If you not much knowledge of their diet plan, then go to a vet. Tell him about the situation, he will give a plan, and you have to follow that plan strictly.

Pelleted foods are a completely balanced diet; these do not support weight gain. Usually, there are three types of pelleted foods. The first one is biscuit, the second one is cookies, and the third one is cereal.

Buy high-quality food

High-quality food contains fewer calories. If he eats too many seeds, fruits, or vegetables, it will gain too much weight.

These foods are completely healthy for him but give these foods in a small amount. Also, these foods should not be a significant part of their diet, otherwise, they can make a lot of noise at night.

Kaytee Fortie’s diet is fantastic food for them. If your hamster has any problem with his digestive system, try using this product.

Oxbow essentials are one of the best store food made with high-quality ingredients. One pack of oxbow contains thirty meals. It contains every vital nutrient he needs for better growth, which does not cause weight gain.

There are also more pros and cons to this food. Its fur will get flossy, and it also tastes too good, and you will notice better results.

Dwarf hamsters do not like this food so much. Pieces of oxbow are bigger, so they face difficulty while eating this food. Before serving this, cut the oxbow into small pieces.

Wild harvest is also one of the best delicious food. This food contains many healthful elements which are very important to maintain good health.

He will be filled with energy, and he will love eating this. It contains all the vital nutrients which are very important for their better growth and development. This is also used to treat diabetes in hamsters.

Serve less food

They have a very high metabolism; they always need to overeat the amount of food to keep their energy level high. If he eats less food, then he will never become fatter. If you are serving him pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds, then give the only tablespoon.

One tablespoon will be enough for one-time food. But if you are serving him fruits, then provide only half a tablespoon.

You can give him the same amount if you are giving him store-bought food. Also, one tablespoon of mixed food will be enough for him, as dwarf hamsters have a short life.

One tablespoon for one-time food will be enough. Serve food only when you are around him and make sure that he is not storing food. So if he stores a small amount of food, then do not stop him. This also if they have a rectal prolapse.

Place a hamster wheel

They love to run, and a running wheel provides them the opportunity. According to scientific research, these can run eighty kilometers on a wheel. 

This gadget is essential for the better growth and wellbeing of the pet because, in the forests, they spend most of their time searching for food.

Hamster’s wheels are budget-friendly, and you can easily buy them online or from a store. This product has solid surfaces, and it comes with a stand. Also, some wheels can be attached to the cage. Usually, there are two types:

The first one is the surface wheel, and the second one is a wire wheel. The surface wheel is much better than the wireless wheel. It is recommended to buy a surface wheel. The wireless wheel can be dangerous because his nails or legs can be stuck between the wires.

Hamster Ball

A hamster ball is the easiest way to do the workout. You need to make sure that you buy a perfect ball for him. It is recommended to take your pet with you when you buy a ball for him so that you can find a ball according to his size.

Check ball properly; make sure that it has only one opening, and jump through it. Also, make sure that the ball has air holes for ventilation.

You can also place a ball inside his cage. Usually, the ball comes with a stand, so you do not have to attach it with the enclosure. He will discover it, and he will do it on his own.

Keep an eye on him when he is in the ball and playing outside. It will not be effortless for you to adjust him to the ball. Do not force him, or he will get scared, and he will try to escape. When you put him in the ball, then seal it properly and allow him to explore your house.

When he is inside the ball, do not allow your children to play with the ball. It can die because of the accidents that happen when he is inside the ball, so keep checking him when playing independently. Also, keep his ball clean, wash it every day after every 30 minutes of exercise.

Put your hamster in a bigger cage

If there is not enough space to walk around, it will not be easy for him to burn calories by exercising. Keep in mind that these are active pets, and they always need a large place to remain healthy.

The cage should be around 450 square feet. A small cage can lead him to aggression and bar biting.

If you have less space or cannot afford more space for the cage, you can go for a taller cage.

Some of these have 2 to 3 stories. It is recommended to buy a cage which has 2 or 3 floors. These floors will allow him to go up and down. These little creatures love to burrow in, and to burn some calories. You can make a playground by putting a hideout in his cage.

Also, put a playpen in his cage. Avoid fatty foods and add green to his diet. You can add dry grains to his diet. You will see a clear difference in a few days if you follow these tips.