How do hamsters get wet tail disease?

How do hamsters get wet tail disease?

Hamsters can get wet tail disease for a variety of reasons. Sometimes if the infection persists long and very high in severity there is a chance that hamster recovery is difficult from that disease.

How do hamsters get wet tail disease? Wet tail disease in hamsters is caused by bacterial growth, infection, stress, loneliness, and unhygienic condition of the cage. It is recommended that you identify the causes and treat the hamster for the wet tail disease.

Wet tail is a disease in which the tail of the hamster always remains wet due to any condition. This condition may be due to the attack of some bacteria. These bacteria cause infection in the rectum or any other lower part of the body due to which the back of the hamster remains wet and due to it the tail of the hamster is also remained wet. This disease is known as wet tail disease.

This occurs mostly due to your negligence. If you keep the cage at a watery pace. There is a great chance that the hamster can take his tail out from the cage. Due to the presence of water outside the cage, the tail gets wet.

The other reason for the wet tail is stress, stress may be due to frustration, loneliness or boring life due to no special change in daily routine. You should not keep hamsters inside the cage for too long.

How do hamsters get wet tail disease?

Hamsters can be affected by the disease of the wet tail. The wet tail can be caused by different things like diarrhea and other diseases. The hamster can get wet tail with the occurrence of the stress. These things can also be created with the help of many other things.

If this disease gets worse, it can also lead to the death of the hamster in one to two days. The hamster can be affected by this disease due to the problem of not cleaning the cage and surrounding property. This disease has to treat properly in order to get rid of this hilarious disease. 

This disease is very commonly present in the hamster of less age. The baby hamster are affected in large numbers as compared to hamsters of elder age. The hamster also gets infected from this disease due to a lot of persistent stress.

Stress is the main cause of the occurrence of this disease in many of the many cases. The other diseases can also lead to the occurrence of the wet tail.

Wet tail is a very dangerous disease for the baby hamster. Because they have a very weak immune system. They cannot bear this disease a lot. They will create a problem for the life of the hamster.

Causes of wet tail disease

There are many causes of the wet tail. Some of them can be controlled, some have happened without any restrictions. Some work can be done in order to prevent the hamster from these diseases. Wet tail is caused by stress to the hamster.

The stress to the hamster can be caused because of many reasons such as you are not holding your hamster properly while feeding him and cleaning the cage and also many other times. You have to rethink the way you are holding. It can be the major cause of the wet tail.

The wet tail can be caused by changing the environment of the hamster in which he is living. In order to get rid of this disease, you can continue with the same environment in which the hamster is living. The dirty cage can also lead to the problem of stress.

Stress may be due to loneliness. It may occur when the hamster is at the same place for many weeks and months. It also may be due to loneliness and some kind of fear.

If the hamster is new at your place he may afraid due to the change in the environment. From where you buy it; if there are many hamsters and you put it alone at your home.

He may feel alone at your home due to which he feels stressed, which will ultimately cause the wet tail to the hamster The hamsters go into heat often, and they keep looking for their fellows.

Hamster can also lead to stress if his mate is died due to any reason. Due to the death of the mate, the hamster can get stressed. You have to keep the hamster with his family, so that he may not be stressed due to these things.

Symptoms of wet tail

There are some symptoms of the wet tail by which you can identify the wet tail disease. Wet tail symptoms are very clear to look at that your hamster is suffering from the disease of the wet tail. These symptoms are the bad smell coming out of the hamster.

A tail covered in feces is also the symbol of the wet tail. The wet tail can be very dangerous for the hamsters. Hamsters are very sensitive so they need much care. If your hamsters are too much sleeping in a day. 

Other symptoms of the wet tail are lack of appetite, a lack of energy and enthusiasm, folded ears, and hunched back are also the symptoms of the wet tail. The wet tail can be very much dangerous for the hamsters and his owner also.

Constant diarrhea is also the cause of wet tail disease. In this condition continuously the drops from the rectum coming out due to which the tail of the hamster remains to get wet. Diarrhea also a cause of severe weakness and dullness in the hamster. This can also result in rectal prolapse in hamsters.

The other common symptom of the wet tail is aggression. If your hamster remains aggressive and depressed it may also the symptom of a wet tail. Due to the wet tail, the aggression of the hamster is very high. In this condition, he may start biting his owner and can give any other harm to the other partner hamsters.

These things are to be noted in the body of the hamster. The hamster needs much care to get rid of the wet tail disease. The symptoms have to be considered important for the health of the hamster. The symptoms are very easily visible to you in order to prove that your hamster is suffering from the wet tail.

If you notice that your hamster is no so foody and he is losing weight more than the normal condition it means that he is suffering from the wet tail disease. If this condition lasts long it means he is anorexic. If the situation becomes clear to you check the tail and it is wet immediately to plan a meeting with the doctor.

Wet tail is the disease that is the root cause of many other diseases. Wet tail attacks the immune system and destroy it completely.

Due to which the hamster prone to many other diseases because the resistance capacity of the hamster completely vanished. This can also make your hamster to lose hair.

Wet tail is dangerous for the infected hamster and the other fellow hamster also. The wet tail is very dangerous for you also. Because the bacteria that are the cause of the wet tail also cause infection in or at your body.

If you touch a wet tail with the naked hand it causes infection at your hand and if you touch your hand to your mouth or nose it will also cause infection in your nose and throat and also have severe side effects.

If your hamster has wet tail try to treat it and also start your regular checkup so that the infection cannot spread in you. To remain safe from the problem if possible start the prophylactic treatment that is the best for you to remain safe from any kind of infection.

Treatment of wet tail in hamsters

Treatment of every disease is very necessary. If your hamster is suffering from any type of disease immediately book an appointment for him. Otherwise, if the condition gets worsen it is very difficult for the survival of the hamster. If you notice that your hamster is suffering from wet tail start the treatment as soon as possible.

Although, the wet tail is very difficult to treat. Many hamsters do not recover from the disease of the wet tail. It is a very dangerous disease. It can only be cured if it is spotted at an early stage. The early stage can be cured by minimizing the symptoms.

If the condition of the tail of the hamster is worse. There is no chance of treatment and recovery of the hamster. So that try to treat it immediately so that your little beautiful pet can be recover soon. Before starting any treatment try to find the main cause of the stress. If you are able to treat the root cause of the problem occurrence then the medication will be effective.

This point has to be focused too much. Because without quarantine the hamster may cause disease to the other partner hamsters and the spread of this disease is very fast.

After quarantine, you have to clean all the objects that are under the use of the infected hamster. It can be too dangerous to get viral from others also. After completing the process of cleaning you have to wash the hands properly in order to get rid of the spread of disease.

Then you have to start feeding dry food to your hamster. You must not provide that food that contains much amount of water. These types of foods are too much dangerous for the health of the sick hamster. Then you have to do all the things that you can do in order to minimize the effect of the wet tail as much as you can.

Final words:

Hamsters are little pets having very poor immunity so it is your duty to take great care. You have to provide them the same environment in which they born. Otherwise, they feel stressed and may suffer from the wet tail disease. This cal also results in hamster peeing blood.

Stress is the basic cause of wet tail. If you notice wet tail disease try to treat it on a priority basis and also remain yourself safe. The hamster who is suffering from a wet tail puts him in quarantine and keep the other hamsters away from the diseased one. Hamsters need great care if you give it to them they will remain safe and secure.