Is keeping a hamster in a cage cruel?

Is keeping a hamster in a cage cruel?

Keeping a hamster in a cage is not cruel. A cage is a place that gives a home-like feeling to the hamster. The hamster needs to stay in the cage for most of the time in a day. You cannot put an eye on hamsters all day long. You have to keep them in a cage, so that he may remain safe all the time.

Is keeping a hamster in a cage cruel? No, it is not cruel to keep your pet hamster in a cage. It is recommended that you also allow your hamster to come out from the cage in play with you. You should add toys in the hamster cage to keep him busy.

You have to consider it essential for the health of the hamster. The health of the hamster should be your topmost priority. You also have to keep your hamster out of the cage for some time in a day so that he may breathe in the fresh air outside.

You have to keep the hamster in the cage for the whole day. But always remaining in the cage make him irritated and cruel. So it is necessary for him to keep out of the cage for at least one to two hours daily. So that they enjoy the fresh air and run freely and feel independent, it is essential for their growth and healthy development.

When they are out of the cage, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on them. So you have to place them in a covered place so that they cannot run away and should remain there. For this purpose, you can use a large size tub, put them in it and keep that tub in the open air so that they feel free and enjoyed their life.

If you are keeping your hamster in a cage the whole day, then it will be a cruel act from your side. You need to judge it according to the prescribed rules for the pets. You have to take proper care of your pet to prove yourself a pet lover.

You have to keep hamsters out of the cage for one hour of the day, at least. You have to take proper care of the hamster to allow him to grow rapidly and adequately. Their rapid growth can lead you to inner satisfaction. You will be more than happy by seeing your hamster in a good physique.

Due to enjoying the open air, they feel relaxed, fresh, and active. During playing they become excited so enjoyed a lot. That one hour is enough for their healthy growth.

Is keeping a hamster in a cage cruel?

Hamster can stay in the cage for the whole day. But they need to enjoy out of the cage for at least one to two hours daily. All other times he can stay in the cage happily.

When it comes to daily time. Then you can change it according to your routine of the day. You have to consider it as an essential task daily but can improve the timing if you keep your hamster out of the cage daily in the early morning.

If you are going out daily with your hamster, then it will be good practice for both hamster and you. The walk of the hamster outside the cage daily for some time is essential for its health.

The hamster needs fresh air for breathing and walk daily. These things must be on your urgent to-do list every day in the early morning. You will feel fresh also by work for the betterment of your pet. It will pass you time on good terms. You should buy comfortable bedding for your hamster.

These things are good for your health and your hamster also. You will also feel better when your hamster is healthy and active all day. You can improve the way of living of the hamster by doing this daily.

He will feel more relaxed and calm. The hamster needs to have this exciting activity; otherwise, he feels lazy and cruel, which is not so good for you and your hamster.

Due to this laziness, he becomes irritated and cruel. In this cruelness, he may attack you, and his attack can be severe and dangerous for you. So to make him happy and healthy, it is essential to give him this enjoyment so that he can feel comfortable and enjoy his life and the freshness of nature.

The cage can impart a lot of effects on the hamster. He can be more frustrated by living inside the cage. Then he will do a lot to remove his frustration out of him. The hamster can be too damaging if he becomes frustrated. Your relation with the hamster will be affected a lot. It is recommended to keep adding fresh water daily for hamsters.

You have to take proper care of the hamster in this matter. You can look to improve the behavior of the hamster. The behavior of the hamster can be affected a lot by putting him inside the cage for a longer time.

Cage is good for the hamster in a sense, but on the other, he needs to feel free. Because the freshness that gives fresh air cannot be given by anything, so make him use to take food and water in the cage because the cage is necessary to teach him about living, but fresh air also necessary. Hamsters can get sick if they are not allowed to play outside of the cage.

Cage gives him protection and saves him from the harm of the weather. But in return, he snatches freedom. So I must say as both cage and fresh air both are very necessary and important for the growth and development of the hamster.

Benefits of keeping hamster in a cage

There are many benefits to keeping a hamster in a cage. The hamster will be drinking the proper amount of water inside the cage. He will also be eating an appropriate amount of feed in the day. He will be safer inside the cage. No animal like a cat can attack it. You don’t need to stay all the time in front of the cage.

You can also feel relaxed by putting your hamster in the cage if you are not letting him out of the cage daily for some time. It can be problematic for the hamster’s health.

It has many benefits for the hamster to keep in the cage. The cage of the hamster can become problematic for him if you have not let him move outside for some time.

There are many other benefits for keeping the hamster in the cage, such as its daily dose will be complete according to his need. He will be on the standards set by the specialists.

The hamsters need extra care at the start of their age. After that, he will become familiar with the daily routine. The cage will give you many benefits concerning security. Cage gives him protection and a safe place to live, eat, and sleep. It also protects him from the harmful attack of other animals. So, the cage is also necessary for him.


The disadvantage can be some adverse effects on the health of the hamster. His frustration can lead to the death of the hamster.

He must enjoy the beauty of nature. If they remain in the cage for so long, they will become cruel and frustrated. This frustration leads to the damage of brain cells. Due to which they lose their healthy activity.

Damage of brain cells causes the neurons to fuse due to which they feel cruel and angry. If you touch them, they may attack you, and their attack could be very severe.

The hamster will be frustrated to remove his frustration. He can see something that can damage the body of the hamster. The body of the hamster can be harmed with these small things. This damage can be fatal and life-taking. Also, keep a proper light in the cage; hamsters can not see in the dark.

Initially, they do small violet acts. If you ignore these acts, they become severe. At first, they deny to take proper food, peep and poop, again and again, take irregular sleep, feel lazy and unhappy. If you are going to understand these small acts, then it can be such a problem for them and you too.

If you initially notice these signs, take him to the doctor and follow his advice if you love your sweet little hamster. Or before going to the doctor to observe his behavior by changing the routine of the hamster. If you notice positive changes in his attitude, then make this habit routine.

Otherwise, these disadvantages can lead to some big problems. That problem will be affected both you and your hamster also. Your hamster will be needed much care and have to put some permanent eye on the life of the hamster. The hamster can be affected very much if the time inside the cage prolonged than the proper time.

Final words:

In the end, I am going to end my topic by saying this cage and freedom both are essential for the hamster and his healthy and proper growth. But everything must be in the appropriate ratio. Otherwise, an excess of both can be dangerous for your beautiful pet.

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