Can Hamsters Eat Raw Pumpkin Seeds?

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Pumpkin Seeds?

Hamsters are small pets and they like to ear raw pumpkin seeds. You should always make a healthy diet plan for your pet hamster. Never force-feed seeds to hamsters, they like to eat slow. In this article, we have explained the benefits and methods for feeding seeds to hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Pumpkin Seeds? Yes, you can give Pumpkin seeds to your hamster. You can feed 3 to 4 pumpkin seeds to your pet hamster on a daily basis. It is recommended you give pumpkin seeds as a treat to your hamster. If you feed your hamster more than 5 seeds then your hamster can face problems in their digestive system.

If you have a pet hamster in your home you must be worried about his diet. Hamsters eat many seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Seeds are a favorite food of hamsters. Hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and mixed seeds only. Some fruits like grapes, strawberries, and other fruits contain seeds and hamsters love to eat these fruits.

Hamsters love to eat seeds. But now the question is which seeds you should give to your hamsters that are beneficial for him. The Answer to this question is that, although hamsters like several kinds of seeds like sunflowers seeds, pumpkin seeds, and strawberry seeds. You can provide these seeds to your hamster for his diet.

Pumpkin seeds have their importance. Seeds of pumpkin contains lots of vitamins and other nutrients that will help you to balance the diet of your hamster. I will recommend you to give a small amount of pumpkin seeds to your hamster every day for better growth and development.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Pumpkin Seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are good for your hamster’s health, you can give it to your hamster daily if he is liking it. If your hamster is not liking pumpkin seeds then don’t worry feed him other seeds like sunflower seeds, grapes seeds, and orange seeds. These seeds also contain a lot of nutrients which will be helpful for hamster’s growth. You can also add sesame seeds in the diet plan of your hamsters.

Seeds of pumpkin is the greatest source of vitamin c and vitamin a. Both vitamins are very necessary for the growth of pet hamsters. Pumpkin seeds also have Vitamin C which will prevent your hamster from many diseases like swollen joints and immune system problems.

Seeds of pumpkin also contain a huge amount of fiber which helps your hamster to remain active all day. Give a limited amount of pumpkin seeds to your hamster, if you are giving it your hamster daily or else your hamster will phase disease like diarrhea.

Wild hamsters usually eat seeds, but they grow up in a different environment. The digestive system of hamsters works according to the habitat in which they are living. The digestive system of wild hamsters are stronger than pet hamsters.

I will recommend you to make a healthy diet plan for your hamster, if you have not much knowledge about how to make a diet a plan for your hamster, then visit a vet. He will deeply guide you about your hamster’s diet. If the vet gives you any suggestion to change the diet plan that you are currently following, then do that.

If you want your hamster to not get any kind of disease then strictly follow vet advice and his given diet plan. Treat your hamster in a way in which he remains happy. If you are strictly following his diet routine or you are giving him fresh food to eat then your behavior should be also good with your hamster.

If your behavior is not good with your hamster or you always hold your hamster tightly then it is very sure that your hamster will not grow properly. In other words, if the food you are giving to your hamster and your behavior is directly proportional then your hamster will have good growth.

Don’t feed your hamster packaged seeds. Packaged seeds can cause many problems for your hamster. Feed your hamster fresh seeds of fresh fruits and also don’t put seeds inside his cage, feed him when he is in your hands.

Hamsters love small treats, give him his favorite seeds when your hamster is in a good mood. Also, don’t feed your hamster any seed about which you have not any knowledge, your carelessness will put your hamsters into danger.

Correct way to feed Pumpkin seeds to hamsters

The pumpkin seeds are not just fed to the hamsters, they are prepared and made able to eat for hamsters in a specific way. We have the best way to feed the pumpkin seeds to the hamsters. Using this way, the seeds will serve the best meal and will prevent some amount of side effects.

The first thing to do is to get the seeds out from the pumpkin and clean the seeds from the flesh of the pumpkin. To do this, take out the seeds from the pumpkin and put them in a vessel. Put water in the vessel and clean the seeds with your hands.

When you are cleaning the seeds make sure that no flesh of pumpkin remains on the seeds as hamsters may not like the taste of it. After washing out the pumpkin flesh from the seeds properly, boil the water in a pot and put seeds for at least 2 minutes when it is boiling.

Then, take out water from the vessel and dry out the seeds. To dry the seeds, put the seeds within the tissues and get all the water from it. After drying the seeds, put the seeds on the tray of the oven and make sure to put paper beneath the seeds so that they do not get stuck on the tray.

After that, put the seeds in the oven and roast it for a while. When the seeds get roasted and become a little crispy, you can feed the seeds to your hamster. Do not just feed the pumpkin seeds to the hamster. Let it cool for a bit in the normal temperature, after when it is cooled off, serve it to the hamster. You will see that the hamster is enjoying the seeds.

They chew is continuously and lick it to enjoy the taste of hamsters. But always remember, never give a lot of seeds to the hamster. You can make seeds a part of their diet, but not a larger part as more and more seeds will affect their health and body. Recently hamsters are banned in Hawaii because they can damage things.

Side effects of pumpkin seeds

It is scientifically proven that there are no side effects of pumpkin seeds on a hamster’s body. Side effects of pumpkin seeds arise only when they are given too much to pet hamsters. If you are giving too much pumpkin seeds to your hamster then it can be very harmful to your hamster. Treat of pumpkin seeds should be properly planned or you can give it your hamster when your hamster is in a good mood.

You should not be careless in terms of feeding extra seeds to your hamster. Hamster sometimes create noises and mess in their cage when they want to eat. There can also be a case when you are busy and you get annoyed by your hamster’s hunger, you may feed seeds to the hamster again and again.

If you are giving an overdose of pumpkin seeds to your hamster then it can lead your hamster to dental problems. Dental problems can also take your hamster to many other problems. Your hamster will start behaving lazy and it will also affect his diet plan.

Do proper research on your hamster’s diet or visit a vet. Harms of the pumpkin seeds can lead your hamster too many diseases like tooth decay and stomach problems. Feed your hamster two or three pumpkins daily.

There are no harms of pumpkin seeds of if you are giving it to your hamster in the lowest amount and if your hamster love to eat these seeds. Pumpkin seeds are necessary for your little and cute hamster because it has many nutrients. They also like to eat tomatoes and you can add these with pumpkin seeds.

Which seeds Your Hamster Can Eat?

If you went to a pet store to buy seeds for your hamster you will see a large variety of different seeds there like apple seeds, sunflower seeds, and mixed seeds. But you need to be very careful because some of these seeds can badly harm the health of your hamsters.

I will recommend you buy sesame seeds because it contains a lot of protein and they are so small and soft that your hamster can eat them easily. Sesame seeds also contain Omega and lignans. This seed is natural stimulant for healthy hair growth. You can also feed dried cranberries to your hamster.

These seeds also contain zinc and calcium which will help your hamster to promote good dental health and it will also help your hamster to reduce blood pressure. Quoina seeds are also very beneficial for the hamsters because it contains the amino acid that helps hamsters to jump high.

If your hamster is sick or he is not active then I will strongly recommend you buy these seeds and give these seeds properly to your hamster. You can also add sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and mixed seeds in your hamster’s diet.

Flex seeds are also one of the favorite seeds of the hamsters. Flex seeds contain calories, protein, calcium, and carbs. If your hamster is diabetic then this seed is a cure for your hamster. This seed will also help your hamster to slow radical cell damage.

Which seeds Your Hamster Can Not Eat?

Hamsters love to eat several kinds of seeds. But some seeds can cause your hamster many dental problems. Packaged seeds, dried peas, and dried seeds are poison for the hamsters. Apple seeds can cause stomach problems to your hamster. Soya beans seeds are harmful to the hamsters because they can contain a lot of hormones. Also, avoid dried beans and peas. Beans contain a lot of starch and it is poison for the hamsters.

Seeds of apple and apple skin can be also harmful to your hamster’s health. Seeds of apple contain cyanide and hamsters are very small so seeds of apple can easily harm your hamster`s health. Grape seeds, chocolates, almonds, onion, garlic, and eggplants can be also harmful for your hamsters. We will recommend you to make a diet plan for your hamster with the help of a nutritionist.

Final Words

Pumpkin seeds are one of the favorite food of the hamsters. Most hamsters love pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds have no side effects until you are giving in a small amount to your hamster. Always give two to three seeds to your hamster as a treat.

Overdose of pumpkin seeds can cause many problems for your hamster. Pumpkin seeds contain many nutrients that are very important and beneficial for your hamster. I am pretty sure that you will find what you are looking for in this article.