How Were Hamsters Domesticated

How Were Hamsters Domesticated?

Here are 10 proven methods that are used for the domestication of hamsters. These are cute pets, and you should take good care of them.

How Were Hamsters Domesticated? People domesticated hamsters by giving them a comfortable environment, proper diet, leave for seven days, friendly signs, take care of a hamster, hygiene, picking, safety, veterinary help, allow the hamster to move freely.

You can domesticate wild hamsters by using these DIY  methods. Always show affection to your pets.

How Were Hamsters Domesticated?

Hamsters are very tiny and adorable; people keep them as pets in their homes and other places. The domestication started with the Syrian hamsters and is also known as golden hamsters.

People start keeping them at their homes by offering all the necessities and necessary things. 

Provide them a comfortable environment

Keeping a pet means you need to give it a comfortable and cozy environment. These are very tiny creatures, and a little change and discomfort can harm them a lot. Cages are like homes for them.

The environment should be cozy and pleasant in the cage. There must be a proper sitting space; the bedding should be smooth and suitable. It must have an absorbing property, so it should get the water inside it.

This feature gives them the best area to live and survive. Clean the bedding every day and remove the dust and all other material every week; otherwise, it will make noise at night.

Give them a proper diet

Provide proper diet to them every day in their feeding materials. Add a small water bottle with appropriate necessities like when they used to live in the wild.

They can eat animals’ food and vegetables as well. They like all kinds of food but in chopped form.

Dice all the food elements, place them in the food bowl, and represent this in front of them. There is specially designed food for them, buy them online or from the market. These are available as cubes of vegetables and fruits.

Give them at least ten to fifteen grams of food every day. Give them food two times a day and provide them a full diet.

Avoid harmful and citrus food, give them healthy vegetables. Prevent them from the poisoning of their stomach. Put food inside the living area and leave them alone with food. You can do the same for a pet rate, there are a few differences between rats and hamsters.

Leave hamsters for seven days

Give some time to him to get comfortable with you; they need to understand the bedding and cage .leave them for at least seven days by keeping an eye on them.

Allow them to feel secure and safe inside your home and in their cage. Do no interact with them during these days; otherwise, they get terrified. Some of them can take more time to adjust as compared to normal ones.

Allow them more time and give them much comfort and time, these dwarf hamsters live for 2 to 3 years.

Friendly signs

Make them familiar with your voice, they recognize the voice within days, and then it becomes a friendly environment for them.

Always use a soothing voice and tap the cage slowly and gently. This decreases the sense of fear, and they start feeling soothing and relax.

Just speak a few words with small words and voices. After a few days, open the lid of the cage and then directly interact with the animal.

It makes the friendlier with you but takes time of at least five days for this gesture. Do not allow the escape from the cage.

Take care of a hamster

Take complete care and then provide the most suitable environment. Supply them a small proportion of their favorite food after two to three hours. This makes them so friendly and exciting.

They get comfortable in the cage and remain happy and provide food to them by opening the cage’s upper portion and through the sticks.

The pattern of treatment helps it to feel secure with the owner. Accumulate the food on your palm and then allow them to eat these food chunks.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Hygiene plays a vital role in the comfort and friendly environment. Improper cleaning conditions lead to various diseases.

Wash and clean your hands before picking up the animal; otherwise, it feels uncomfortable. 

The handwashing removes the fragrances of food and other items from the human fingers; hence, it feels good.

In the presence of food smell, the animal bites humans, which is not acceptable in any way. 

Wear protective gloves before picking the animals; it saves the pet from disease and you from any bite.

Place hamster on your hands

Put your hands and fingers inside the cage; this step has a significant impact on insight and their memory.

Do not compel them to act the same way as you want them to behave. Allow them to sniff the hands and fingers. 

Never force them to act accordingly; otherwise, they get frustrated. The environment must be friendly and safe for them. Freedom is a necessity in such situations. Repeat this activity after three to five days.

Take the time of a week in case of any discomfort. Attract them with various foodstuffs.

In this way, animals feel less afraid and comfortable. Never scare them with spontaneous movements’ otherwise, it acts in a bad manner.

Relax him and make it friendly in a few weeks, then start the picking process. This feature makes them home-friendly, and they starts enjoy domestication.

Always hold him firmly so that it can trust you in all ways. Once you perform this action, then he can get on your hands by itself.

Do not tighten the animal in your hands; otherwise, they get frightened. They stop coming in the hands of the owner, which is not suitable.

Focus and act on their voice and put them back into place. This noise is a sign of frustration, and you should act on it immediately else wise they jump out of the hands, and it harms them. In such cases, give the pet more time to understand you.


Initially, they get nervous, but within weeks, it feels comfortable. Provide confidence to them and make them feel safe. Never scare it in fun even; this leads to the insecurity of the animals. 

Secure the cage by covering it with a cover. The sticks of the cage must be closer enough that no predator can enter the cage. Settle the bedding setup on the upside of the room. Set it on the supper table or a shelf. 

Veterinary help

In case of the disease on any discomfort, interact with the veterinary doctor. Take medication for your pet in any extreme conditions.

Never forget the pet for a few days; always keep an eye on them. Make sure that there is no problem with them. Remove any suffering from their body and take them to a vet for vaccination.

Allow hamster to move freely

Once it feels friendly inside the home, then it allows it to move freely everywhere.

Keep an eye on them while it is moving in every corner of the room. Make sure there is no harmful material around them.

Remove any predator as soon as possible. Protect it and give much effort and care. 

Freedom allows them to explore many different things and adventures. They learn to do big things in this way and feel wildness even at home.