How to teach your hamster its name?

How to teach your hamster its name?

You can teach your pet hamster its name with these easy steps. Hamsters love it when you call them by their name. It will take a while before your hamster recognizes its name.

How to teach your hamster its name? You can teach your pet hamster its name by playing, repeating its name, giving his favorite food, and spending time with your hamster.

Hamsters are nervous pets, and it can be a hectic task to teach hamsters their names. But it is not impossible; everything will be possible after little or hard work or after a given time. So you should give time to your pet for a satisfactory result.

How to teach your hamster its name?

In this article, we have explained 10 best and proven methods to teach your pet hamster its name. It is recommended to spend time on your hamster, and this will make him more confident and playful.

Before starting any training, you have to know about the personality or nature of the hamster. As human beings, hamsters are of many types and have multiple characters.

Some types of hamsters are friendly and love to play with other hamsters. But some types of hamsters like to live alone and do not want to interact with people or other hamsters. Hamsters are very selective to the people.

They may be comfortable with the company of one or a maximum of two people. Hamsters are the pets that take enough time to trust, and even they may bite initially. Give time to hamster to come to you and do not forcefully grab him. When he realized that he is comfortable with you, then he starts crawling on your hands.

Spend time with your hamster

Hamsters have a good sense of smell but do not have a good sense of sight. They recognize you only with sound or voice. You should simply hold the cage wire, not the hamster.

Gradually they realize they are safe for them and do not cause harm or disturbance. Gain hamster’s trust is most important before teaching him a name. Try not to do any sudden movement near the hamster because it can cause him frightened.

Hamsters are good at the sense of smell, so you should wash your hands before going near the hamster.

Become good friends

Becoming friends with small pets looks so strange. But it is good for you and your hamster’s healthy life. When you and your hamsters become good friends, then he relies on you for every need.

He may addict to you, and this helps to make strong bonding when you have a strong bonding with your hamster. This aids in the way that it can make all the things simple. It can make the training simple and helps to learn the name quickly.

Becoming friends with your hamster helps you to understand him, and you care hamster with more compassion.

It becomes useful that in this way, you provide a good friend to your pet to play. It is easy t make friendship with younger hamsters or trains than older hamsters. Older hamster already learns bad habits, and it is too difficult to retrain them.

Speak hamster name slowly

When you fully gain the trust of your hamster, then start speaking his name loudly in a soft voice. When he knows well about you, then you can begin teaching his name.

You should always speak in a calm tone. Once you started calling their name, you should give him a favorite treat as a reward.

You have to take care of one thing that your hamsters start bonding with another person. Because hamsters are very selective with the people, once he has bonded with another person, then it may cause difficulty to socialize with you.

Give his favorite food as a treat

Reinforcement can works great that helps the hamster get a reward for doing good. You can use the favorite food of the hamster as reinforcement.

When your hamster is performing well, then you may give him food as a reward. This helps him to do well because of curiosity. But before giving him a treat, you must know about the favorite treat of the hamster.

He only gives you a good response when you are giving him a favorite treat. Sunflower seeds, strawberries slice, cereals, cheerios, and broccoli are a favorite treat of a hamster. Make sure that treat has low in sugar and is safe for hamsters. You can also feed hemp seeds to your pet hamster.

Treat that contains too much sugar may disturb the stomach of a hamster. It is recommended you to buy hamsters treat from pet food suppliers.

Gently hold your hamster

It is essential to teach hamster its name is to hold him nicely. It makes your bonding strong to handle him regularly. When you handle the hamster, he realizes your love or affection for him. But make sure that you are handling him softly.

Try to handle it in a way that causes comfort or calm for your pet. You should not handle him hardly which causes discomfort or stress. Hamster is very nocturnal and shy pets, and they take time to use your voice or your presence.

But after time they will enjoy the company of humans and love to tame by them. Hold him regularly helps to introduce yourself daily to the hamster.

If you do not handle him regularly, it may forget you and take the time to remember. When you are holding him, you may start speaking his name continuously for about 10 times.

You should repeat this every day until he recognizes his name. Like humans, hamsters also need attention and affection. When they are tamed then they love to play or crawl on your hands or arms. Try to spend your leisure time to handle him with love.

When you are picking up your hamster, you should do it with confidence, swiftly, and do not causing any hurt or discomfort. Try to relax when you are holding your pet and when you are taking your hamster with you on an airplane.

Begin training with a simple task

Teaching a name to your hamster is a difficult task. You may start teaching or training with a simple task. When he successfully learns that task, then you may begin teaching their names.

The most straightforward training to teach him to stand on command, to teach him to stand, you should hold his favorite treat to of the head and say in a soft voice “stand.” Repeat this again and again, and you see your hamster begin standing on your command.

Do not give him a treat until he stands up. Hamster takes it as a game and understands that he can get a treat when he stands on saying.

The second easiest trick to teach is a rollover. If your hamster finds it difficult, then you can show him a video to learn. You just keep the treat on its back to roll over. It seems difficult but not complicated. You have to repeat this over and over and to reward him with a few minutes of training your hamster walk to learn to roll over.

Jumping through a hoop or only jumping without a hoop is another easy trick that you can teach him.

You have to place the treat far from the hamster, and the distance should not be large that the hamster can not jump. You can teach him various small tricks to the hamster.

Learning tricks make the hamster more exciting and loving. When your hamsters learn easy and small skills, then he is able now to learn his name. He will come when you call him with the name.

Hamsters can learn a few words

Hamster is a tiny pet though they can learn of few words. They can only learn their name with repetition or rehearsal. Learning is a thing that demands continuous or regular training. Make sure to teach him names to use the same words and the same tone. You can also teach him yes or no except his name.

When your hamster is doing something wrong, then you can say no. You can also teach him the yes word, and you can use it when he is doing the right thing. Try to teach him simple and small words. Regular training is essential after he has learned names.

Avoid shouting and always speak his name in a soft, happy, and calm tone. This encourages the hamster to learn more names. These pet hamsters can adapt to their environment.

Teaching or training should be interesting

Keep one thing in mind that training should not be bored. Everything interesting helps others to learn quickly. When you make curiosity and interest in your training, then it has 100% to get good results.

Like humans, pet also wants to do adorable exciting acts. When you are teaching a name to your hamster, you can also play with him. You can take a ball and push it towards the hamster and thoroughly call his name. You can play with him for about 15 minutes, and during play, you have to call his name again and again.

So in this way, your hamster learns his name. But it is not compulsory to play with the ball. You can also choose another game according to your hamster’s interests and choices. An owner should know about the habits of a hamster; this aids in his training or teaching.

After some practice, you will see that your hamsters recognize his name without the game. He will respond to your voice when you call him with the name.

Call hamster with name without the treat

After following all of those steps, in the end, you should call your hamster without a treat. This helps you to recognize that your hamster finally learns his name or not because calling him a name with a favorite treat is just for the reward.

He may respond to his name just to get his favorite treat. So when you speak his name without treat is telling you that he surely learns his name correctly. But it does not mean that you stop calling him the name because it may cause him to forget his name.