Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus Stalks

Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus Stalks?

Hamsters like to eat asparagus; you should cut it into smaller pieces when serving to your pet. Here are 9 real facts about feeding it to hamsters.

Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus Stalks? Yes, they can eat asparagus stalks, it is safe and effective for tiny hamsters. The entire stalk should be rich green; the stalk’s tip is firm and thicker because the thinner part is usually delicate and flexible.

Can Hamsters Eat Asparagus Stalks?

To maintain a balanced diet, you need to serve these asparagus stalks to remain healthy, active, and robust.

They are omnivores; they can eat meat to get proteins necessary for their growth and development and vegetables.

To protect the freshness of asparagus, we should commonly wrap it in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator before serving it to the hamster.

It contains a high amount of folic acid. Some are used as ornamental plants like Asparagus Officinalis. It has a different color appearance like purple, white, and green. 

How much Asparagus can hamsters eat?

Following are the species of hamsters that eat different amounts or quantities of the asparagus stalks.

It is essential for the growth and maintains of the body. Newborn babies don’t need this type of food, or you should be given as in very tiny amount with gavages. 

If the asparagus is introduced first time to hamsters, we should regularly monitor them either subject to diarrhea after 12 hours of eating the food. For many pets, it can be a new thing, so they are not habitual to it, but after a time, they are accustomed to these types of food. They like to eat cantaloupe.

Syrian hamsters: These are large and very energetic and active. A small amount of roundabout one-inch quantity is sufficient for them once a day. 

Campbell dwarf hamsters: They are small in size and have a sensitive digestive system, so you should be careful while feeding them if the hamster’s fur change color.

Asparagus is beneficial and easily digestible for them. A little amount is added to their diet two to three times a day. 

Roborovski hamsters: These are the same as Syrian species, large in size and active in their movement. Once a daily feed is enough for them.

Chinese hamsters: They are also like dwarf hamsters, very tiny, so a little is required for them and given in intervals.

Nutrition value

It is a fibrous diet containing very low calories. It has 92% water, and the sodium amount is very low in it.

The nutritious value available per 100g, it contains different micronutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium 10 mg, Vitamin K 39.6 ug, Vitamin E.  

Raw Asparagus

They have usually preferred the raw form of asparagus stalks. Stalks are very fibrous and rich in water, usually 92%, and commonly chopped in a small form so that easy to chew and engulfed, and the stem is eatable and soft parts preferably used.

Cooked Asparagus

Cooked food increased the taste of the food; its fragrance will become more appetizing. 

The likelihood, in cooking, some changes occurs as composition changed, color variation, some nutrition value is reduced. But cooking availability of some nutrients is enhanced and retained their specificity. You can add celery leaves for a better taste.

The physical, chemical changes depend on the nutrients that are present; the way cooked heat exposure. Type of heat also affects the food, most probably steaming, and microwaving is the best way for cooking. 

Frozen Asparagus

Avoid using the frozen form. Always buy fresh food and wash it to remove the germs. However, if there is no other option, you may use it for once. 

Giving frozen stuff to your pet can make him ill, so you have to be careful while selecting food items for your hamsters. You can use these to train him to play dead and other tricks.

Others vegetables that are used with asparagus

Different vegetables and seeds are used for feeding. We can make a salad of asparagus with other vegetables to make an attractive and pleasant taste—vegetables like broccoli, cauliflowers, cucumber, celery, etc.

They are wild animals and mostly eat animals to get the meat to fulfill their protein requirements like fish, chicken, egg, etc. whole grains like boiled rice, pasta, cereals are the best thing for them by adding a small number of asparagus stalks.

Some veggies are avoiding like carrots, white rice, corn because they contain a high amount of sugar, some foods cause toxicity that may lead to an adverse reaction like potatoes, onion, and garlic, etc. You can add dried mealworms for better results.

Is asparagus harmful to hamsters?

It causes some side effects like diarrhea and stomach pain. Feed them in moderate condition and small pieces to chew at different intervals, and easy digestion will occur. Another problem also occurs, which is overweight. 

If they continue to eat daily, it will affect their teeth. Hamsters can not eat stalks like this; you have to arrange other food items for them.

Many hamster owners complain that after eating it, their hamsters start moving fast. It can be due to stomach pain; it is suggested never to forced feed your pet.


It is beneficial for them because it contained many nutrients, more fibrous, chewable, digestible, and easy to bite out.

You need to give it at different intervals to digest easily because their stomach is sensitive and delicate. It has a specific property to reduce inflammation. It is beneficial in weight loss because it has a large amount of water and very fibrous.